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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Greg Warner has written to me again:

"Mike & Greg Warner make an important breakthrough with their photographic evidence and some important pieces of the puzzle begin to fit"

The video should be used in conjuntion with the photographs referred to in the 'research file' found at http://www.bigsnakes.net/Research.htm

I have never made a secret of the fact that I am unimpressed with the Warners' findings, and don't think that they add anything to the canon of cryptozoological research. However, unlike other people that we might mention, the CFZ have always attempted to behave in a gentlemanly (ad ladylike) manner, and so we do them the courtesy of giving them a platform from which to speak.

However, the claim that their Amazon expedition is "The Search for Yacumama & Mokele-mbembe" is somewhat confusing as is the fact that they are posting pictures of the sirrush of the Ishtar Gate. I think that Mike and Greg are in danger of losing sight of their original objectives in a wallage of misplaced over-enthusiasm.

1 comment:

yacumama said...

Hi Jon,

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, do us the courtesy of making an informed opinion.

Our theories are based upon 23 years of in-depth research and an expedition to the Amazon where we learned much more. Most of this evidence is now in the open domain at www.bigsnakes.net for all to consider and contribute to.

There is a vast array of data including an updated expedition report with supporting evidence, annotated photos, videos, research files & analysis from respected biologists, scientists & cryptozoologists.

It might be helpful to point out that we are not saying that the creature investigated at site 2 is Mokele-mbembe but we are saying that it is similar in description. We have tagged it the South American Dragon to avoid confusion.

Also, Bernard Heuvelmans make mention of such a creature in 'On the Track' and refers to a dinosaur-like creature in Africa which was reported in the Daily Telegraph.

There have been other sightings and reports in areas such as Bolivia (which borders the Peruvian Amazon) and some of these have been attested to by your own Dr Karl Shuker.

Walter Winans also made the connection between the Sirrush of the Ishtar Gate and Mokel-mbembe.

The account which inspired us to search for the South American Dragon at Site 2 of our expedition deep into the Pacaya Samiria Reserve was the encounter described by Franz Herman Schmidt & Rudolf Phleng in 1907.

We successfully located the thermal lake they described in their account and have published photographs which may indicate the presence of a large aquatic creature in the area. We are preparing to release video footage of site 2 with a commentary of the Schmidt/Phleng encounter. We will of course send it to CFZ when it is complete.

Our ground expedition in August 2010 hopes to bring back detailed photographic & DNA evidence for both locations and a new site at Moronocoha.

We welcome all comments and some of them from CFZ have been helpful but please, let's have informed discussion.

Kind regards

Mike & Greg Warner