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Saturday, December 28, 2013


In an article for the first edition of Cryptozoology Bernard Heuvelmans wrote that cryptozoology is the study of 'unexpected animals' and following on from that perfectly reasonable assertion, it seems to us that whereas the study of out-of-place birds may not have the glamour of the hunt for bigfoot or lake monsters, it is still a perfectly valid area for the Fortean zoologist to be interested in. 

So after about six months of regular postings on the main bloggo Corinna took the plunge and started a 'Watcher of the Skies' blog of her own as part of the CFZ Bloggo Network.


The hunt for British Big Cats attracts far more newspaper-column inches than any other cryptozoological subject. 

There are so many of them now that we feel that they should be archived by us in some way, so we are publishing a regular round-up of the stories as they come in. 

The worldwide mystery cat phenomenon (or group of phenomena, if we are to be more accurate) is not JUST about cryptozoology. At its most basic level it is about the relationship between our species and various species of larger cat. That is why sometimes you will read stories here that appear to have nothing to do with cryptozoology but have everything to do with human/big cat interaction. As committed Forteans, we believe that until we understand the nature of these interactions, we have no hope of understanding the truth that we are seeking. 

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  • CRYPTOLINK: Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth & Discovering the Truth

    A word about cryptolinks: we are not responsible for the content of cryptolinks, which are merely links to outside articles that we think are interesting (sometimes for the wrong reasons), usually posted up without any comment whatsoever from me. 

    "Bigfoot are naturally going to be seen in remote places," state Bigfoot experts Burnette and Riggs (In the Big Thicket) to open this examination and potential explanation for the existence of the legendary creature. 

    The duo go on to relate a number of eyewitness accounts, as well as their own experiences, before bringing in other experts to corroborate their hypotheses and aid in documenting the elusive beast, leaving with only some footprints to show for their efforts. Skeptical readers will find the book's first half to be informative but predictable. 

    Read on...

    CRYPTOLINK: Mink Creek Idaho Bigfoot- FB/FB

    A word about cryptolinks: we are not responsible for the content of cryptolinks, which are merely links to outside articles that we think are interesting (sometimes for the wrong reasons), usually posted up without any comment whatsoever from me. 

    DALE DRINNON: Ogopogo

    I just managed to get this one out (It had been wiped the first time and I did it over again and put it out a second time).



    The Gonzo Daily - Saturday
    The forthcoming year is the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World War and I wonder how the media are going to deal with it. I don't mean the documentaries, the political analyses and the special tie-in book from Downton Abbey, but the entertainment business and more particularly, the music business. Ever since 1984, when everyone went Orwellian at least once, I have been expecting another big cash-in year. OK it happened in 1999 for the millenium, but I was expecting everyone to embrace fictional space travel, or at least make documentaries about Arthur C, Clark in 2001 and do a remake of Raise the Titanic in 2012, but the first didn't happen at all and the second was somewhat muted. Both my grandfathers fought in the First World War: one in the Royal Flying Corps and the other in the Royal Horse Artillery. The latter was seriously injured and finally died of his condition in 1954. One of my grandmothers was a Land Girl, and the other a schoolgirl who saw Zeppelins fly overhead, and so my childhood was immersed quite strongly in family memories of the conflict.
    So what's going to happen? In 2014 will we be too immersed in our own sense of self importance or preoccupied with our own problems to care about what happened 100 years before? Or will Simon Cowell present a Salute to Passchendaele and The Spice Girls reform again to sing 'Keep the Home Fires burning' while an inner city grime artist will name herself Dolly Gray (getting the war completely wrong) to present an urban version of Eric Bogle's elegiac 'The Green Fields of France.' Or will no-one care, and will "time, like an ever rolling stream" have indeed borne "all its sons away"? Ask me again in another 12 months.

    Another visit to our old friend Thom the World Poet
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