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Monday, August 06, 2012

ANDREW MAY: Words from the Wild Frontier

News and stories from the remoter fringes of the CFZ blogosphere...

From Nick Redfern's World of Whatever:
From CFZ Canada:
  • Oh The Drama! — The internet gets excited about a decomposing animal...

HAUNTED SKIES: Times (The) 6.11.67.

CFZ PEOPLE: Lizzy Bitakara'mire

Happy Birthday honeypie...


I am running a bit late today because I am doing all sorts of non-bloggystuff at the same time as the bloggystuff. Everything is going OK, especially as I am listening to the Elizabeth Frazer concerts on YouTube as I work, and they make EVERYTHING better. I am sorry Mr Curtis. I don't agree with you...

Arco Duo are a Brazilian duo. I am really enjoying my meandering anabasis through the Gonzo Multimedia back catalogue. I am still on 'A' and have found this band, of whom I have to admit, I have never heard. I am now doing my best to remedy this omission.

I am very much a fan of Helen McCookerybook. So are a lot of other people, and it is sad to report that if you were planning to go to her gig tonight that you appear to have a disappointment in store.

Michael Des Barres is one talented guy. Ever since I started writing about him on a regular basis I have been inundated with links to interviews, reviews and articles about the man and his music. But he is also an actor, and it was interesting to find an article about the rocking Marquis that totally ignores his music.

I am currently continuing with my enormous job of editing and tidying up the voluminous artist pages on the Gonzo Website. I am still on the artists beginning with A, and (me being me) I am taking far longer than I should because I keep on being sidetracked. Today, for example, I reached Annie Haslam's artist page and I ended up not only listening to loads of stuff by Renaissance, which I hadn't heard for years, but also checking out her exquisitely designed website from which I took this little news snippet because I thought it would interest you.

What happens when two much loved ex-members of one of the world's foremost progressive rock bands collaborate as a duo? Magick. That's what. Musical magick. In 2010 Jon Anderson, the singer with one of the most distinctive voices in rock music, was a founder member of the band, but had left in the early 2000s because of health reasons, and Rick Wakeman, the keyboard player who had been in the band on no less than five different occasions, decided to team up for a joint venture.

In 1967 as a knee-jerk reaction to the ever-growing power of the pirate radio stations and  (one suspects) concerned by the milieu of lawlessness surrounding some of them, the British Broadcasting Service launched Radio 1 – the first legal pop music station. The first DJ on air was Tony Blackburn, and the first song that he played was by The Move. Now, as part of the acclaimed 'Lost Broadcasts' series, here is a wonderful selection of Move recordings from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

See ya!

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today

On this day in 1964 the oldest known non-colonal organism in the world., a tree in America nicknamed Promethius, was cut down for “research” (i.e. vandalized by scientists looking to make a name for themselves, and who really should have known better). The tree was a Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) and is thought to have been over 5000 years old.

And now the news:
New species of fruit bat discovered in Indonesia
Humpback whale freed from Queensland shark nets - ...
Mai-mai rebels sack Upemba National Park HQ in Dem...
Two years later, alien-like sea creature gains Int...
Bears, Scavengers Count On All-You-Can-Eat Salmon ...
Predatory Beetles Eavesdrop On Ants' Chemical Conv...
Lord Howe Island to be cleared of rats
One of the UK's rarest spiders discovered in Haina...
Canadian whale activist Paul Watson on the run, vo...
40 Blue whales sighted off San Diego coast
Clive's going Jurassic with DNA
Dog 'sniffed out cancer' in her owner's breast
Puss In Boot: Stowaway Cat Turns Up In Kent
Climate change brings blessing and curse to Wester...
Survival of New Zealand sea lions in jeopardy
Growing Threats to Biodiversity ‘Arks’ - via Herp ...

How to recognise different types of trees from quite a long way away:


African lungfish

After reading an interesting cryptozoology post on the CFZ Bloggo re the buru, which mentioned my theory that this remarkable Asian mystery beast may be a giant lungfish, here is my full coverage of this subject, excerpted from my book Extraordinary Animals Revisited (2007) after it had debuted in my book's original edition Extraordinary Animals Worldwide (1991). (Incidentally, I had originally posted this particular article on ShukerNature back on 31 January 2009, but in attempting to update it yesterday, it somehow was republished in its entirety here, thereby obliterating the earlier version.)

DALE DRINNON: South America's missing mammals/Korean dragons

A Biogeographical puzzle on Frontiers of Anthropology,
With evidence for sunken lands in the Atlantic from a recent Scientific American:

And another long-delayed blog article on Frontiers of Zoology posted at last:

Best Wishes, Dale D.



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7=. The Owlman and Others by Jonathan Downes (-)
7=. In the Wake of Bernard Heuvelmans by Michael Woodley (-)
7=. Sea Serpent Carcasses: Scotland by Glen Vaudrey (-)
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1. When Bigfoot Attacks by Michael Newton (2)
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10. The Cryptid Creatures of Florida by Scott Marlowe (-)

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