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Friday, August 31, 2012

LINK: Hayley writes - Steve Feltham has the hump from the latest Nessie photo

I wrote previously that skeptics were being too quick to label the latest Nessie photo as a hoax without any supporting evidence, and how this was illogical behaviour. Yesterday a comment was left on my post by Steve Feltham about the photo and how he’d discovered that it was not a genuine photo containing something unidentifiable, or something naturally occuring that had been misidentified. Steve said
That was my first impressions of Georges photograph [quoted in this blog post], pubished exclusively by the Inverness courier. I have since then spent a lot of time getting to the bottom of what actually went on here…. i can quiet catagorically, with no fear of him ever daring to sue me, that George Edwards has deliberately punted a photo that he know to be of a fibreglass prop from a documentary as a real picture of something unexplained… no question. I now have this hump, i also have film of it being used in the water, and i also have film of it on the DECK OF HIS BOAT!
I sat in shock for a moment or two before processing what I had just read before rushing onto the Facebook page as instructed where I found a timeline of Steve’s discovery written out before me. I personally know what it is like to believe something is genuine only for doubt to start creeping in when you think about the subject a bit more. Steve posted several photos on his Facebook wall on August 19th showing a Fibreglass hump that had been used in a Documentary by National Geographic for Channel 5 called ‘Truth behind the Loch Ness monster”.

LINK: Is Bigfoot On The Loose In The Ohio Woods?


So a YouTube video (recorded in April) shows a creature covered in thick, dark hair bolting across a path in North East Ohio’s Grand River area.
The person filming appears to be riding a motorbike or scooter down the forest path, taking in the scenery.
Then all of a sudden, ‘Bigfoot’ crosses the path from left to right, holding what appears to be a stick in his right hand.
The unnamed rider immediately veers off into the bushes before turning the bike around and driving off in the opposite direction.
Do you believe? Free tickets to anything you want if you capture Big Foot and bring him/her to the Q104 Studios…ALIVE! LOL

Read more HERE

LINK: Bigfoot Trackway Found in the Cotswolds of England

Bigfoot News | Bigfoot Lunch Club: Bigfoot Trackway Found in the ...
By Guy Edwards
The Cotswolds are a range of hills in southwestern and west-central England, an area 25 miles (40 km) across and 90 miles (145 km) long. The area has been designated as the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Recently a local ...

Cotswolds footprint next to a size 7 welly (boot)
“They went over some really rough ground but there was quite a distance between each print almost as if they where avoiding the really wet mud,” -- Melanie Aston, teacher and print witness

The Cotswolds are a range of hills in southwestern and west-central England, an area 25 miles (40 km) across and 90 miles (145 km) long. The area has been designated as the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Recently a local English paperm announced the discovery of a trackway that seemed to have very large steps and strides.

Read on...


Another jolly day lies ahead. Once again I am expecting the imminent arrival of the lovely Ms Heard, probably accompanied by a spaniel of some description. This will certainly make my world a little less dreary. Hooray!

Starting off with another visit to the singular universe of Thom the World Poet.

There is something about Helen McCookerybook's prose which I find massively entertaining. I make no apologies, therefore, for having nicked a whole chunk of a piece from her latest blog post in which she reviews a gig featuring her partner, the Daintee dude, Martin Stephenson.

Once again we have a sublime review of the new Live CD/DVD by our favourite prog rock Viking http://gonzo-multimedia.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/link-erik-norlander-review.html

I have always been a fan of the various incarnations of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship, and so it is a great pleasure to be able to post about them. Today, an insightful overview of their new live album.

And so the Michael Des Barres publicity machine trundles on towards world domination. By this time next week Michael will be the most famous man on the planet. And that's official!

I am very proud of my work on the new Rick Wakeman biography by Dan Wooding and it is gratifying to see it getting such acclaim.

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DALE DRINNON: Bigfoot, Taniwha and Benny's Blog

HAUNTED SKIES: Daily Mirror 14.5.68.

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1914 the last known passenger pigeon died in Cincinnati Zoo in the USA, making the species extinct, only decades previously they flocked around in such large numbers they were considered a pest. Trouble was they were quite tasty and the whole large flock thing made them easy to catch in nets...

And now the news:

Predictable song time:


ANDREW MAY: Words from the Wild Frontier

News and stories from the remoter fringes of the CFZ blogosphere...

From Nick Redfern's World of Whatever:
From CFZ Australia:

Karen Gensheimer writes


I know of a man in 'Anglo-land',

a scientist by trade,

Part naturalist, bit botanist,

detective of the glade...

He seeks what others cast aside,

to find what lives within,

To taste the music of the earth,

to feel what makes it spin...

For little bugs or tadpoles,

to nasty demon stew,

He marches through the countryside

with all his crypto-zoo...

Geologist, mythologist,

and even part demonologist,

He brews it in his crazy lair,

apologist? No! if I may say,

just my favorite cryptozoologist...

Best Wishes...

Karen Gensheimer