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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

CRYPTOLINK: Melba Ketchum strikes back: “There is a conspiracy to suppress our findings”

A word about cryptolinks: we are not responsible for the content of cryptolinks, which are merely links to outside articles that we think are interesting (sometimes for the wrong reasons), usually posted up without any comment whatsoever from me.
Earlier this week I wrote about my experience with Melba Ketchum and the DNA evidence she claims proves the existence of Bigfoot. In short, I had the DNA material tested by a credible Texas scientist and it showed no evidence of a new species.
Ketchum has since responded.
First, she did so on Facebook, offering several possibilities as to why the lab didn’t find evidence of Sasquatch:
One, there is a conspiracy to suppress our findings. Two, they just didn’t care and didn’t believe that there is even the possibility that Sasquatch exists and therefore just wanted to be done with it because they had other projects. Three, they themselves suppressed it for fear that their careers would be damaged. The things that I know for sure are that it was not an adequate analysis, they did not even try to double check or recreate our findings. If they really had an interest, they would have jumped at the chance to resequence the raw samples. Funny thing, I offered the samples to three other places also and nobody was willing to test. Something is just not right. I also offered several people an opportunity to visit a habituation site including this reporter and his lab people so they could have a sighting. Of course they didn’t want that either. Bottom line, nobody except a few of you here even care about the truth. Most would rather perpetuate that BF is a myth or an ape.
Then, in an interview with the Huffington Post, she was more direct:
Ketchum was outraged by Berger’s article, telling HuffPost Weird News this morning, “He’s just out there to create drama.”
She bristled at the criticism and said Berger’s work is scientifically flawed.
“This is unbelievable — my study is a legitimate study,” she said. “There’s no credibility in his study whatsoever … There’s jealousy out there.”
I’ll get to the legitimacy of Ketchum’s study in a moment.
First, let me address the issue of “drama.” I was done with this issue after writing about it last February. However after that time Ketchum reached out to me. After what I felt was a reasonable interview, I decided to offer her a chance at vindication.
We made a deal in which I would have a highly experienced and reputable geneticist test Ketchum’s DNA samples in his lab. If the evidence backed up Ketchum’s claims, I had a blockbuster story. My geneticist source would have a hand in making the scientific discovery of the decade, or perhaps the century. And Ketchum would be vindicated. It was in all of our interest for the DNA to come back as Sasquatch.


This is a classic bit of Forteana from 1934,a case of a girl born with a tail in London,with comment by myself in square brackets. I found the story in Stockport library about 10 days ago,from the Cheshire Echo of January 31st 1934.

Theory of "Throw-back" to Ape Ancestors

A baby was born in London a fortnight ago with a tail two inches long [there is surely something like this in one of Corliss` books] Such an amazing freak is bringing many doctors to the Metropolitan Hospital, Kingsland Road,London [is it still there?] N, and most of them convince(?) themselves completely unable to account for the strange deformity.

One pathologist has expressed the opinion that the explanation is that the child is a "throw back" across the countless centuries to our ape ancestors.

Another theory held by doctors who have examined the phenomenon is that it was produced by an association of ideas for the mother`s mind during pregnancy .[This is remarkable if taken seriously.I thought such ideas had died out by the end of the Victorian era! This came out as the cause of the Elephant Man`s deformities in one film version]

The Secretary of the Metropolitan Hospital said to a reporter to-day:- "The child ( a girl) was brought to us when a few days old.


"The parents told us that the tail was evident from birth. It is about two inches long, tapering to a point and is curly. Its position is the same as that of a monkey`s tail.It has sensitivity and is apparently formed by normal flesh. Apart from this deformity the child is a perfectly healthy baby - and quite good tempered [well of course, probably thinking of the millions she`d make as a traveling freak!] "Doctors who have seen the child - and we have had numbers visiting us - tell me that they do not know of any recorded instance of such a deformity. It is something new to medical science." The parents,healthy working-class people, who have one child apart from this strange little girl, were aghast when they made this remarkable discovery. It will be a relief to them to know that surgeons are of opinion that the tail will be removable without affecting the child`s health in any way.(1)

1. Cheshire Echo  31-1-1934 


Dear Jon,

Next time you see your old mucker Larry Warren could you ask him...."Was it to the left or right?"



CRYPTOLINK: Charlie Sheen: I raised hell... and now I’ll raise Nessie

A word about cryptolinks: we are not responsible for the content of cryptolinks, which are merely links to outside articles that we think are interesting (sometimes for the wrong reasons), usually posted up without any comment whatsoever from me.

Charlie-Sheen-and-his-crazy-antics-will-be-taking-a-trip-to-Scotland-to-find-the-Loch-Ness-monsterCharlie Sheen and his crazy antics will be taking a trip to Scotland to find the Loch Ness monster
The Anger Management star, 47, is convinced he can solve the mystery of what lurks in the loch.

He revealed his madcap plan on Twitter, posing for a snap in what he called his “hunting gear”, a bronze battle helmet, along with friend Brian Peck.

Sheen was soon flooded with encouraging messages from fans all over the world wishing him the best of luck with the mission.

Marilyn Halley wrote: “its about time Nessie was found!! Thanks Charlie.”
Susie Sunshine added: “u are two great archeologists. let’s get ready for #lochness and take me with u!! :)” 
But Alice Smith warned: “my dad’s house looks into Loch Ness, didnae see your monster lol.”

The first recorded sighting of a monstrous creature in Loch Ness was by St Columba in 565AD.

But it was Aldie Mackay who launched the modern myth, in 1933. A hotel manageress from Drumnadrochit, she reported “something resembling a whale” and months later, Hugh Gray saw an “object of considerable dimensions, making a big splash with spray on the surface of the loch”.

Read on...


In an article for the first edition of Cryptozoology Bernard Heuvelmans wrote that cryptozoology is the study of 'unexpected animals' and following on from that perfectly reasonable assertion, it seems to us that whereas the study of out of place birds may not have the glamour of the hunt for bigfoot or lake monsters, it is still a perfectly valid area for the Fortean zoologist to be interested in. So after about six months of regular postings on the main bloggo Corinna took the plunge and started a 'Watcher of the Skies' blog of her own as part of the CFZ Bloggo Network.

DALE DRINNON: Mediterranean merhorse, tusked megalopedus and sukotyro, Benny's Blogs

New at the Frontiers of Zoology:
New at Benny's Other Blog, The Ominous Octopus Omnibus:
More blogs are forthcoming but there are still bugs on Blogger which are making things difficult at present.
Best Wishes, Dale D.


Forgive me for posting tomorrow morning's blogs tonight, but I have a hospital appointment at an ungodly hour in the morning. It is part two of their quest to find out if I have glaucoma, which as my grandmother had it, it skips a generation, I am a diabetic, overweight yadda yadda yadda, is somewhat of a possibility. Tomorrow I shall be emulating an experimental beagle, having chemicals put in my eyes, but without the vague possibility of a bunch of crusties coming to rescue me, so by the time I get home I shall be in no state to do bloggifications. Hence they are being done tonight instead...
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OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today

Yesterday’s News Today


On this day in 1981 Mario was born when the ground-breaking Nintendo arcade game “Donkey Kong” was released.

And now the news:

This is to my knowledge the highest scoring game of Donkey Kong that's on youtube and it's not even the world record any more! Donkey Kong players can be very competitive: