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Sunday, July 15, 2012


LINK: Mo-Mo 40 Years on

The Sasquatch-like creature stood tall like a man — just bigger, stinkier and hairier — cradling a dead dog under one arm and growling. The stench from ole' Big Foot was horrific and sickening before the creature darted back into the rural Missouri woods.

Or, none of that happened and teenagers pranked the world.

Either way, for a couple of weeks 40 years ago, tiny Louisiana, Mo., was the center of attention as people traveled there from across the nation to help search for the mysterious beast. People in this historic old town on the banks of the Mississippi River are still debating whether the creature dubbed "Momo the Missouri Monster" really existed.

Read on...


And so another working week begins. I woke up bright and early, and although it is no longer bright and early, I am the only one awake. I quite like these early mornings. I have the house to myself and can get on with my life without having to interact with anyone apart from my fish...

Michael Des Barres sure is a busy chap at the moment. We have news here of an upcoming interview. It is introduced with the following lines: "At 5pm Thursday I will be talking to Michael Des Barres. Actually his full title is Lord Michael Philip Des Barres (aka Marquis Des Barres). I will have to watch my P’s and Q’s, it is not everyday that you get to to talk to a real life member of the British Aristocracy!" C'mon Michael pull a Nancy Mitford on him....

I am always surprised at how far across society the cutural tentacles of Captain Beefheart stretch. I had a very distincguished visitor the other day who got vey animalted when he saw that I was reading John 'Drumbo' French's book about his time with the good Captain. So, this is for you - an extract from the new DVD in the 'Lost Broadcasts' series...

I have always been a fan of Rick Wakeman, both solo and with Yes. I am particularly fond of the new Live CD that has recently been released by Gonzo, and I am pleased to see that I am not the only one. This particular review is particularly ardent, and I am pleased to say that the author and I seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet...

We have John Shuttleworth tour dates. Yup, the man who once was 'Jilted John' is on the road again. His Manager writes: "Without further ado, it's my great pleasure to announce the following live dates for my next door neighbour and client (for which I am sole agent), Mr John Shuttleworth. The tour is called OUT OF OUR SHEDS, and it will feature new material and new songs, plus all your old favourites (well, favourites written by John, that is. I can't imagine John will be playing "Iron Horse" by Christie, or a Roger Whittaker medley, for instance, but oo, I do wish he would do.. )" How can one possibly resist an endorsement like this?

Galahad are set to headline the Proguphoria festival. The organisers write: "It is with the greatest of pleasure the The Ministry of Prog proudly presents, for your delectation and delight, the inaugural PROGUPHORIA festival to be held at the rather spiffing Mr Kyps rock and roll venue in Parkstone, Poole, Dorset, England on Saturday 20th October 2012 from 4pm onwards."

Did you know that Erik Norlander had a mellotron? I don't think that I did, but when I found out I asked him to write something about it and he was good as his word. Here, with an exclusive piuc, is a prog keyboard fetishist's view of last night's gig by 'Asia featuring John Payne'

And finally we have the winner of the Mimi Page remix contest, and jolly good it is too. Well done to everyone involved:

And that's it for today. On with the show...

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1969 Apollo 11, the first manned mission to the Moon, blasted off. Some conspiracy theorists contend that the moon landings were a hoax and filmed on a sound stage, but even if that were the case to have so many people fooled for so long would be almost as breathtaking an achievement as going to the Moon anyway, so whichever side you choose to believe the Moon landings were amazing.

And now the news:

Thunderbirds are go!


DEREK GREBNER: Illinois puma sighting

Tonight at 2am I was driving IL Route 26 between East Peoria and Lacon. I was about six miles outside of Lacon when I caught eye-shine on top of some round haybails. The eye-shine was that of a predator and the shape of the body was large and feline. The distance between the eyes would be no less than three inches. I saw ears and a tail curled up around behind it. I believe what I saw was a cougar. However, on slowing down from 50 to 0 so I could back up I was unable to see it again.

DALE DRINNON: Giant Owls and mothman

Holding back on this one a while, but the case just got a new twist:New on Frontiers of Zoology:


Markus Hemmler added a mention of this piece of South African rock art to a discussion in one of the Cryptozoology groups on Facebook:


It appears to correspond to the description of the Dingonek and such. It might be a sort of large otter with exaggerated fangs, or it might be a composite. No known type of sabertoothed cat has a long tail like that, or much of a tail at all in most cases.

I also have some more Bigfoot tracks and such to add. I have been adding a lot of stuff on my Facebook wall recently and not so much here, so I suppose it's time for some trickle-down. Benny and I both have ongoing medical problems so things are not so good here. According to my last checkup I am edging towards a prediabetic condition (no real cause for concern yet) and so it's time to cut back on the Little Debbies (Something Benny has been telling me for years) and get back into a regular excercise routine. I had pretty much got to the point where I would write on the computer for a shift, walk across the living room to the easy chair, and nap until the next shift, back and forth at all hours. Right now on Facebook I am branching out and trying new and different things instead.