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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HAUNTED SKIES: Times (The) 15.8.67

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today

On this day in 1977 the “Wow!” signal was received by SETI.#

And now the news:
Shocked schoolboy lands record-breaking 187lb tuna...
Spider Found Living In Woman's Ear Canal
Chimp escapes Las Vegas backyard _ again
Geckos Lose Sticking Power With Wet Feet
Rat and Ant Rescues 'Don't Show Empathy'
Climate change may boost frog disease chytridiomyc...
US duck populations reaching record levels
Outrage as World Bank funds power lines linked to ...
Huge pumice rock 'island' seen floating in South P...

Stephen Hawking talks about the “Wow!” signal:


And so the busiest week of my year continues. The phone doesn't stop ringing, and the rain is pouring down. Tomorrowevening I am expecting anything up to 100 people coming into my garden to drink Margaritas. God help us all.

I know from my conversations with Michael Des Barres that he was at school with Mitch Mitchell. I also know that the opening lines of the title track of Michael's smashing new album (I still find myself almost referring to it as an LP) are "I was 19 in 1967" from which one can extrapolate that he was 11 or 12 in 1959, which would make him the same age as the schoolboy pictured with Jimmy Edwards. So, the question remains. Michael - is this schoolboy the dude who played on Axis Bold as Love or is he just some random bloke? (which would mean that this whole blog post was completely pointless...)

Jefferson Starship are a band of whom I am very fond. Their music provided a great deal of the soundtrack to my late adolescence, and I became far too obsessed with some of Paul Kantner's side projects than I should have been. I am greatly enjoying rediscovering albums like Baron Von Tolbooth and the Chrome Nun now I am well into middle age, and so I grab every opportunity to post about them on the Gonzo Daily...

We are always interested when Gonzo artists make guest appearances on other records, and this slice of jazz-fusion featuring our very own Jon Anderson sounds particularly groovy...

I have been remiss! I had no idea that Chris Thompson's website had been given a revamp, or - indeed - that there was a new personal message from Chris on it. All you CT fans out there, please forgive me. So, six weeks late, here it is...

When John Lord, erstwhile keyboard maestro for Deep Purple died earlier this year, it was a sad day for music. However, the music lives on, and in October, the third version of his groundbreaking Concerto for Group and Orchestra is released. I heard version one when I was a schoolboy, a few years after its release in the early 1970s, and I received a copy of v2 when I was the music editor of the short-lived Planet on Sunday newspaper in 1999/2000. Now there is a third version, and in my lunchtime pootling about the internet I found an interesting article about it...

And finally, we have another visit to Thom the World Poet:

The eagle eyed amongst you will probably have noticed that my comments are shorter than usual. This is because we are only a few days away from the Weird Weekend www.weirdweekend.org.uk . We shall be posting as normal, but the posts are likely to be a little bit more perfunctory than usual this week. If you want to know what all the fuss is about - there are still tickets available, and we would love to see you. Only £25 for the best Fortean Fun you can have with your clothes on. And there's free cake!



A couple of days ago Bob Skinner passed on some information to me about Chinese Alligators in Shanghai although this report (from Chinacartimes.com on August 7th 2012 of all places) erroneously describes them as Crocodiles.

Forget New York, Shanghai Has Its Own Crocodiles Lurking About.

Rumours about Crocs and Alligators have been doing the rounds in New York for as long as anyone can remember, the problem with New York is that its actually quite cold in the winter so any man eating reptile would have to find a nice warm place to spend the winter. Shanghai is a little different however, it gets cold in winter but not overly so, throw in the fact that exotic wild animals can be bought relatively easily either for dinner or for amusement and you have a potentially dangerous situation

[The creators of this web story don`t seem to realise that the alligator is/was a native of the Yangtze which joins the E.China sea at Shanghai).

Shanghai Daily has an interesting story on the third crocodile caught in Shanghai`s creeks and rivers this year:

“Wild animal protection authorities said they caught a 1.5m long crocodile in a creek in a suburban residential area after terrified residents saw it swimming near the creek bank yesterday afternoon.

It is the third crocodile that officials said they have caught in the Pudong New Area this year.

The crocodile was seen by residents swimming in a creek near a supermarket on Changqing Road in Pudong at about 2pm yesterday. The unusual scene attracted a group of residents to a nearby bridge to watch, witnesses said.

“I was going home after shopping at that supermarket when I suddenly saw it under the bridge”, said a witness surnamed Wang. “ At first I thought it was just a big black fish but when its head floated onto the waters surface – I realized it was a crocodile!”

An official surnamed Tang with the Pudong Wild Animal Protection Station told Shanghai Daily at first they tried to use a tool to clamp down on the crocodile`s head.But the crocodile went below the surface. Tang said.

They then used a big fishing net to catch it about 4pm.

Local police were still investigating where it came from. On May 12, a crocodile was seen in a suburban creek in Pudong`s Kangqiao Area. Police said they had to kill it after failing to catch it. On January 15, a dead 2.1 meter-long crocodile was found in a creek in Pudong`s Yangyuan Area. Wild aniaml experts said it might have escaped from a restaurant (1)

1 http://www.chinacartimes.com/2012/08/07/forget-york-shanghai-crocodiles-lurking/

DALE DRINNON: Bigfoot and Benny

Benny Also posted a blog to the memory of cartoonist Joe Kubert. Joe Kubert had an art school which I had attended briefly in the mid-1980s before my financial aid got all screwed up. So I had a personal connection there as well:

Bigfoot Evidence has come out with the results of Justin Smeja's polygraph reports on the Sierra Kills. http://frontiersofzoology.blogspot.com/2012/08/justin-smejas-official-polygraph_13.html