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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


NEIL ARNOLD: The Satanic Ape

The Satanic Ape

In the case of some zooform phenomena, it seems that we are dealing with negative energy as a conjurer of monsters. For instance, the county of Essex has several cases of weird manifestations presenting themselves, but they are forms which clearly are not of some biological or zoological order. At Wallasea Island there was once a place called the Devil’s House which sat on the bleak marshlands flanking the River Crouch. The house, was more for a farm-like abode and took its sinister name from its owner, a chap named Daville, although author Eric Maple notes that’, according to the old records it was known as Demon’s Tenement as far back as the time of Charles II.’

At first the building seemed like many a haunted house in that local folk would refuse to stay in it because of the strange atmospheres and sudden drops in temperature. On other occasions weird sounds were heard, such as the flapping of wings and an overwhelming sense of dread would follow. Such a fear seemed justified when a sergeant, serving in the First World War decided to put the legends to bed and stayed the night in the building. The following morning the sergeant was found in such a terrible state, his pale complexion and refusal to speak had locals worried. Another man claimed that he had heard to sound of wings flapping suggesting some giant yet unseen bird was soaring above but the ghostly reputation of the place took a knock when one evening it was reported that a hideous spectre with horns and a long tail was explained by a stray bullock which had sought shelter in the hayloft after being pursued by a dog. However, during one particular harvest a local labourer experienced a terrible creature whilst working in one of the barns. He had heard his name being called on several occasions and the sudden drop in temperature told him that something wasn’t right. Although spooked, the man continued his work when suddenly he felt as though he was possessed and had a sudden urge to commit suicide. The labourer found a piece of old rope, fastened it around his neck as a noose and climbed a ladder to tie the rope around a beam. A voice rasped, “Do it, do it” in his ear but then something even more bizarre happened. Looking upward the man saw a terrible ape-like creature swinging from the timbers. The phantom ape had bright yellow eyes that glowed in the gloom. It appeared rather slim in form and was completely black in colour. This hideous apparition seemed to jolt him out of his suicidal trance and scrambled down the ladder and fled the barn.

Locals believed the ghastly experiences that had taken place in the building were the product of Devil worship which had taken place years before. Such negative energy, depending on the individual who experiences it, seems to have the ability to prey on the human psyche and cast out weird, absurd holographic-type entities which feed on fear. Such devils can take on many forms, either as unseen poltergeists which hurl items around the place or attack their victims, to nefarious familiars ranging from disfigured demonic cats, headless black dogs, and goodness knows what else.

CFZ PEOPLE: Emma Osborne

SHUKERNATURE: Karl on Mongabay

Karl on Mongabay, Wayhay, Go and read it there today... Its not quite a haiku but it will do... http://www.karlshuker.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/my-interview-with-mongabaycom-on-new.html

DALE DRINNON: Mokele mbembe, Dogman, Little Rascals

New at the Frontiers of Zoology:

Tyler Stone's Followup article on Dogman can be found at: http://titanoceratops.blogspot.com/2012/03/dogman-product-of-popular-culture.html 

And Benny's blog has a Feature on Jean Darling of The Little Rascals (Somebody he had actually corresponded with over the internet)


It started a few weeks ago when this entry appeared on Bideford Freecycle:

OFFER: Blue and Gold Macaw i cannot continue with her.
Blue and Gold Macaw i cannot continue with her. females she is prettytame and seven years old now. comes with papers, sprays, cage, perch,food and toys. We don't want any re homing fee because we want her to goto a loving home.

It may be unrealistic but I have always wanted a macaw so I repliued. Two days later we received this:

Hello dear,

I am sorry for the late reply. The Parrot is still available .She is home train, hand fed and well tame.. She loves to be pampered with her and above all keeps to instructions especially in English. She is DNA tested and will be coming with all vet documents and with cage food toys and food. She is very friendly and loving. She loves the company of kids and other pets at home. She has been hand raised since She was 14 days old and is played with every day, So she is very well socialized for human interaction! She will make an excellent companion to the responsible bird lover.She has been fed only with high quality foods. This lovely parrot has been weaned onto Zupreem Avian Maintenance Pellets, Nutriberries, Avicakes, fruits, veggies, Hempseed, homemade parrot foods, and more! She is called Tina and her nick name is Buddy and she is 7 years old.she vocabulary consists of hello, I love you, look at me, Thank you, goodbye, ok, ouch and loves dancing when you sing to her. She loves giving kisses and getting kisses back. She is constantly surrounded by my children 3/5/6 and a dog, cat and a pup. She comes with all her toys. She is not a plucker ,We want her to go to a good home. I love Tina and I'm trying to place her in the best home possible. If you don't mind i will like to know a little about you:

1) have you had a bird before ?

2) will you send us monthly pictures?

3) where is your location ?

God bless and waiting to read from you soon. Extend my greeting to your family. Regards Brenda

And then after I had replied to it, another letter claiming that she lived in Glasgow and needed my bank information....

Oh well.

It looks like the Nigerian Bank Scam has sprouted a new variant.