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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

WEIRD WEEKEND 2010: Latest news

* Let's face it, I am an idiot. Not only did I totally forget to take Nicky Redfern off the speakers list on the WW website, but I completely forgot to add Carl Portman on. Never mind, this has now been rectified. For details of the wonderful Mr P go here

* We had the WW meeting last night, and there is still some confusion as to how to register for camping. So, in the meantime if you want to camp at the hall (non speakers/crew are £5 a tent) email me and I will pass your details on as soon as I know.

With less than two weeks to go, now might be a good time to buy your tickets to the best crypto-fortean event of the year....

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RICHARD FREEMAN: The legends of Lincolnshire Part 12

The Phantom Hare of Bolingbroke Castle.

"One thinge is not to be passed by, affirmed as a certaine trueth by the inhabitants of the town upon their owne knowledge, which is that the Castle is haunted by a certaine spirit in the likenesse of a hare; which att the meeting of the auditors doeth usually runne betweene theire legs, and sometymes over throws them, and so passes away. They have pursued it downe into the castle yard, and seene it take in att a grate into a lower celler, and have followed it thither with a light ; where notwithstanding that they did most narrowly observe it, (and that there was noe other passage out, but by the doore, or windowe, the roome being all close framed of stones within, not having the least chink or crevice) yet they could never fynd it. And all other tymes it hath been seen run in at iron grates below into other of the grotto's (as their be many of them) and they have watched the place, and sent for houndes, and put them in after it ; but after a while they have come crying out. G. HOLLES 1660"

CFZ AUSTRALIA: Albino Macropods no Bush Myth

Weekly Times reader Malcolm Thompson was driving along the Manangatang-Ouyen Road in Victoria when he spotted this albino kangaroo and friend grazing in a paddock.

"I couldn't believe it," Malcolm said. "I've been knocking around the bush for 40 years and I've never seen a white albino anything, let alone a white albino kangaroo!"

Albino kangaroos and wallabies are not as uncommon as you might think.

In Australia's infancy they were considered to be prized gifts to other countries and frequently shared headlines with world leaders.

The sighting brings to mind the famous meeting between Winston Churchill and 'Digger' the albino kangaroo at London Zoo in 1947.

The CFZ have come across several old clippings about albino kangaroos and wallabies.

We also know Taronga Zoo founder Sir Edward Hallstrom also used to breed albino kangaroos at his property in Sydney, and gifted one to President Truman in 1952 - poor 'roo! Or was it a case of 'hoo-roo'?


On Monday there were at least three different red admirals (Vanessa atalanta) in the CFZ garden. But the big butterfly news is that when David B-P came to take his silly old uncle out for a drive in the mid afternoon, we saw a peacock (Inachis io) on the buddleia planted on the border between his late grandmother's house and the CFZ carport. It is the first peacock that I have seen for several years, and it lifted my spirits greatly.

Still on the subject of Nymphalids, whilst I have only seen two this year (two more than last year or the year before), small tortoiseshells do seem to be making a comeback in parts of the UK. David Lacey writes in the latest ELG Newsletter:

"ALL OF A SUDDEN there is a veritable profusion of Small Tortoiseshells in Durham. The buddleia is all a-flutter. And the first signs of a repeat performance by Peacocks are evident - they seem to be about a fortnight behind the Torts. I wonder if the cold winter killed off parasites but helped the hibernating butterflies to stay inactive until nectar became available. Whatever the explanation is I'm delighted to see these little friends back again in such numbers."


The comments on this sea hare in a bucket are outstandingly stupid, writes Richard F..

"Its like a cat"
"It could sting you to death"
"Its from Outer Space"
"Does it want some bread?"

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1892 the bodies of her parents were ‘discovered’ by Lizzie Borden.
And now, the news:

Scientists find 'oldest' dog remains
UK's Biggest Wasps' Nest Found In Pub Roof
Shark Video: There's Some Fin On The Beach
Pair to swim 500km with pet ducks
Beat stress by spending time with your dog
Monkey adopts toad

The nature of The Monkees was irrepressible…