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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BIG CAT NEWS FROM THE UK: Scotland, Carlisle and a bloke dressed up as a tiger

The hunt for British Big Cats attracts far more newspaper-column inches than any other cryptozoological subject. There are so many of them now that we feel that they should be archived by us in some way, so we should have a go at publishing a regular round-up of the stories as they come in.

It takes a long time to do and is a fairly tedious task so I am not promising that they will be done each day, but I will do them as regularly as I can. JD

I have been very remiss in recent weeks, because Weird Weekending has taken over most of my life. However, things are almost back to normal now, and so I herewith present an enormous round up of the last few weeks' sightings.

Big cats reported on Ashdown Forest
This Is Sussex
The Midhurst cat pauses and looks at people, but the Ashdown Forest cat never does that. "People say it's panther-like, but we just don't know what animal it could be. It's a mystery." The two sightings describe the cat running across the forest ...
  1. IS IT OUT THERE?  Reporter Sam Satchell on the hunt for a big cat in Ashdown Forest
Sadly, no pictures except for this one of the journalist. Our next stop is Scotland where there has been a spate of sightings...

Mystery cat sighting
Dumfries and Galloway Standard
Samantha isn't the only person to have spotted big cats in the region. In January, Aaron Halliday and Nathan Crosbie spotted a big cat similar to a panther in a field near Dalbeattie. And last year, three mysterious cat sightings were reported in the ...

'It unnerved me a bit' — Cupar woman reports big cat sighting at Castlehill ...
Scotland Courier
It comes weeks after a 'big cat' was also apparently spotted a few miles away over the hill near Ceres and follows years of sightings around the country. Mrs Low told The Courier: ''I was walking my dog near the cemetery and I happened to glance over.

castlehill primary school cupar

Big Cat Sighting at Castlehill Primary School, UK -- Society's Child ...
Cupar woman Susan Low saw what she believes to be a black puma-like animal in North East Fife on Friday night. Mrs Low, of Sandylands Road, was walking ...

This next one is just silly. The idea that a police alert comes about after some drunk in a tiger costume is seen wandering around the West Midlands makes you question the values of our current society.

Kingswinford cops cat-ch feline felon after a walk on the wild side
Stourbridge News
KINGSWINFORD cops were hoping for a big cat-ch in a case which took a walk on the wild side. Officers were this morning (Thursday August 9) thinking they were coming to the end of a quiet shift when a call came in reporting a 'tiger' on the loose.

Now to the far north of England...

Sighting of 'beautiful black cat' near Carlisle
News & Star
He added: “The same week I was in the same area with another guy, and we saw a red deer at the fence, desperately trying to get through; it was panicked and I thought maybe it had smelled a big cat.” The incident happened about five or six years ago but ...

Skeptic News: Big Cat sighted in Carlisle - The 21st Floor
By Skeptic News
Skeptic News: Big Cat sighted in Carlisle. 9 August 2012 No Comment. On Saturday, Raymond Sant and his wife Vera were driving from their home in Thursby towards Asda, Carlisle when they spotted what they believe was a panther. As they ...

And now. Are these the footprints of the fen tiger?

Alleged footprints of the Fen Tiger

'Fen Tiger' on prowl beside country road
Cambridge News
He said it walked beside a fence “without a care in the world” and the company director was “convinced” it was a big cat. The sighting occurred at about 7.30pm on Friday, August 3 on Cambridge Road off the A10. Mr Bates, 65, said: “I was the passenger ...

And back to Scotland for a story which happened 25 years ago...

Fire breaks out in workshop
Forres Gazette
Mystery big cat back on prowl – The Moray “big cat” made a midsummer appearance in the heart of Forres last week. The animal was spotted on overgrown waste ground between the Royal Hotel and the main Inverness. Aberdeen railway line and was ...

CFZ PEOPLE: Thank you my friends

Thank you to all of you who have send me kind words on my birthday. Bloody Hell, I am 53....


Whilst the focus of the CFZ Mystery Cat study group is predominantly the search for proof of the British big cats, it would be unrealistic to forget that this is only part of a global mystery-cat phenomenon.

Here are a selection of mystery cat related stories from around the world.

I will be the first to admit that I have been neglecting the big cat news round ups over recent weeks. The Weird Weekend tends to take everything over.

Our first tranche of news is from Canton, Ohio, where a Savannah cat was recently found dead..

Act of compassion
Canton Repository
I want to thank the caring person who took it upon himself or herself to bury the beautiful Savannah cat (“No solution to dead cat mystery,” July 26). He didn't deserve to be thrown in the trash. It was a shame that the person who should have taken him ...

More big-cat reports in area - Canton, OH - CantonRep.com
Since Saturday, police have received more reports of a possible large cat in or near the city.

Paranormal: Big cat sighting opinion.
Canton Repository (blog)
Paranormal Journeys · TV and Hollywood have spawned an interest in ghosts, vampires and zombies. Horror is in. Take the journey. Posted 10 hour(s) ago. Paranormal: Big cat sighting opinion. Print Comment. By Ken Roberts. Daily Blog. See you tomorrow ...

Large Cat-Like Animal Sighted, Interim Law Director Hired & More: Week in ...
Large cat-like animal spotted: Three different city residents called North Canton Police after seeing what looked like a cougar or mountain lion at or near their homes, prompting Chief Stephan Wilder to issue a public safety alert. Check out the photos of a big ...

More large cat sightings in North Canton, Plain
Canton Repository
Police responded Thursday morning to another unconfirmed sighting of a large cat, a dispatch log said, the latest of at least five reports of a big cat-like animal wandering through the city. A woman called police at 10:57 a.m. and told a dispatcher she had just ...

Paranormal: new photo “Big Cat “sighting
Canton Repository (blog)
Their claim is that this big hairy guy came up to them looking for some spare change to buy an ice-cream cone since it was a hot night. They chatted for a little bit and said his name was the, “Big Cat”. They gave him some change for the ice-cream and ...

Paranormal: Local big cat sighting
Canton Repository (blog)
Thinking also about this big cat sighting began to really get our adrenaline going when all of a sudden we heard a loud noise outside. All of us went outside to check it out and we saw something moving along the edges of the yard. We initially determined that ...

More big-cat reports in area
Canton Repository
Since Saturday, police have received more reports of a possible large cat in or near the city. At 11:22 a.m. Monday, a woman who lives in the 600 block of Fairview Street SE said she had been walking on the Hoover Nature Trail around 9:55 a.m. near 1325 ...

Here is a selection of other North American big cat news. Some of them are of bona fide mystery cats such as black 'panthers', others of encounters with North America's one large felid; the puma. However the puma seems to be rapidly recolonising areas where it has not lived for many decades, and the reaction of the humans who live there is as interesting as the expansion of the cat population...

Aggressive Mountain Lion is Killed
By Steve Fullerton
When you encounter a big cat, pick up any small children and remain standing. Do not run from nor approach the lion. Talk in a calm voice, and if the lion attacks, fight back. Filed Under: KLYQAM, Montana, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, ...

Big cat reports cause for concerns at college campus
SW Iowa News
Whether the big cat people are reporting is a mountain lion is yet to be determined, but no one is taking the alleged sightings casually. A couple of weeks ago, the first reports of people seeing a mountain lion started to trickle in at the college, said Don Kohler, ...

Reports of panther in Portage keep sheriff busy
Ravenna Record Courier
A Mantua resident reported seeing a large black cat in his driveway in early June, and at least two eyewitnesses placed the predator in that area at the same time. Witnesses said a big cat attacked a mule in the 3200 block of Frost Road in Shalersville around ...

Mountain lion crashes through Baker home's glass door, is killed
Billings Gazette
The mountain lion was crouched. Jacobsen's dog, a handbag-sized bichon frise named Queen, was in full bark just two feet from the big cat. Jacobsen, whose bare feet were bleeding from the broken glass, looked over the mountain lion and concluded that it ...

Stamford Man Discouraged From Bribing Bobcat to Porch with Steak
A bobcat is spotted on Dagmar Rd., an Alaskan Malamute plays the role of big bag wolf and a perfectly wonderful Princess needs a home, even if it's temporary. Tweet. Email ... We discouraged that particular activity and suggested he leave the cat alone." ...

Pet owners on alert after mountain lion spotted eating cat in Davenport
San Jose Mercury News
Bock said she is not afraid of mountain lions, she just wanted her neighbors to know that the big cats were active. "I think we all feel that they have a right to be there. It is their territory," she said. The big cat did not appear to be tagged for ...

Large, wild cat attacks horse in Aitkin County
Brainerd Daily Dispatch
Steve Kohls/Brainerd Dispatch Aitkin County resident Lori Hart washes a laceration on her horse Molly's leg Monday at her home near the junction of 210 and Highways 169 north of Aitkin. Her horse was attacked Friday night in a pasture near their home ...

Patch Reader Tells About Her Ironic Sighting of 'The Big Cat'
As Steve (my husband), Michele (my daughter) and I had just finished dinner, I was reading them the article in the paper about the robbery at the Huntington Bank (we were there when police, FBI, etc. were there) and then I read the article on the big cat ...

Cougar trapped and killed
Bend Bulletin
One domestic sheep was killed Wednesday, prompting involvement by the federal Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services. The big cat was trapped overnight Thursday. George says it's believed to have killed a second sheep before entering the trap.

Mountain lion spotted in San Mateo Highlands
SAN MATEO, Calif. -- A mountain lion was spotted Friday morning in the San Mateo Highlands, San Mateo County emergency officials said. The big cat was seen near the 1700 block of Lexington Avenue in unincorporated San Mateo. The animal was walking ...

More cougar sightings reported
The Chronicle Journal
Thunder Bay police and Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officers were searching the bush near Pioneer Ridge nursing home on Monday after an injured black bear and a large cat, possibly a cougar, were sighted in the area. City police were ...

Search for big cat, bear continues
The Chronicle Journal
The search continues for an elusive big cat and injured black bear spotted over the past three days in Thunder Bay. City police said that officers were called to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre early Tuesday to investigate a possible ...

Police union questions wildlife role
Nevertheless, in the interest of public safety, Thunder Bay officers continue to track the recent wildlife sightings in the city, including a big cat and an injured bear. Greg Stephenson said recent cuts to the Ministry of Natural Resources mean police ...

Mountain lion spotted on Early Round Dr.
The Friday Flyer
Canyon Lake resident Kevin Siepker went out on his driveway Monday evening and was surprised to see a large cat walk across the corner lot on Early Round and Champion. "I first thought, dang, that is a huge cat," says Kevin. "But then, as I stared a ...

Mountain lion sighting reported in Mountain House
Tracy Press
A suspected mountain lion spotted on a roof in Mountain House kept residents indoors as San Joaquin County Sheriff deputies searched for the cat on Monday August 13. Two residents on ... “We think it's a very, very large feral cat,” George said ...

Puma at home in LA's Griffith Park
After a remote-controlled camera in the 4300-acre park photographed a big cat in February, Sikich and his crew captured the mountain lion they call "P-22", the "P" meaning "puma," in a humane trap. After installing radio signal technology and a GPS ...

Time to stop 'denying' cougars exist, researcher says
A Lakehead University professor is sending a message to the province about cougars after the recent sightings of a big cat in Thunder Bay. Harvey Lemelin, the research chair in parks and protected areas, said there are stories of cougar sightings in ...

In 2013, big cats will be prowlin'
Bennington Banner
Bennington Select Board Vice Chairwoman Sharyn Brush, speaking Thursday on behalf of the town, welcomed the large cats. "It seems that after talking with the moose and after learning what a wonderful place Bennington is, he (the cat) has decided to ...

Cougar shot after boy hurt
The Province
Officials say the big cat was found not far from the site of the incident, and was destroyed. There's no indication, yet, why it might have attacked the young-ster. The boy and his father were walking along a riverbank just before 8: 30 Wednesday ...

Mountain Lion Spotted in Portola Valley
The big cat was seen near Bear Gulch and Oak Creek roads at about 11:20 a.m., county emergency officials said. Officials warn residents who may see a mountain lion to not approach it and avoid confrontation. To learn more about mountain lions and how ...

I saw a mountain lion, central Newfoundland man claims
"I looked ahead and a pretty big cat walks from the left to the right. I knew it was a cat as soon as I saw it, I just didn't recognize the colour. It was a real light tan brown," recalled Rose. He estimated the animal was about six feet long from its ...

Possible Mountain Lion In Eureka Area
Multiple reports have come in about a big cat near Eureka. Bonnie Serr was not expecting to see what she did. "Right away I even thought to myself, 'Am I going to tell anybody because they're going to think I'm crazy,'" Serr said. Serr was driving down ...

Mountain lion startles Kimball residents
York News-Times
"(Mountain lions) are big cats and are unpredictable," Simpson said, saying that the public was in danger because of the cat's location within the city limits and its proximity to the public. "We are blessed not to have had anybody hurt." Sam Wilson ...

Big cat caught on camera near Payson : News : ConnectTriStates.com
Big cat sightings are not new to the Tri-States. In fact, every few months we get wind of a new photo or two surfacing from area landowners.


I have always been particularly interested in stories of U.S jaguars..

American Jaguars To Roam US Lands
Global Animal
The proposal comes after a long fight to protect the big cats, wildlife officials arguing that in order to save the endangered species, their habitat must be protected. Read on for more on this promising news. — Global Animal. Photo credit: Odm ...
See all stories on this topic »

This next story is particularly interesting. If it is a bona fide sighting, is it a Florida Panther increasing its range north, or a cat from the north increasing its range south? If the expansion of pumas across the United States continues at its present rate, will the Florida Panther be bred out of existence? And does this matter?

Big cat or tall tale? Fla. wants to know
The News-Press
Search in. News Archives. Local Deals Local Directory. ADVERTISEMENT. Big cat or tall tale? Fla. wants to know. Reports of female panthers and their babies in central, northern parts of state lead FWC to set up site to post footage of their presence there.

And, in other news from around the world (and yes, I know sand cats are not big cats):

Rare Snow Leopards: Big cats found in mountains of Afghanistan ...
By Nick Dutton
And for the first time ever, the big cats have been fitted with satellite collars.

Rare sand kittens, thought to be extinct in Israel, settle into new ...
Daily Mail
'Sand cat is an extinct species in Israel, although in the world it's not extinct, it's nearly threatened,' said Keren Or, Zoological Information Coordinator in Ramat Gan Safari Park. 'But here in Israel it has been extinct because it was pushed away ...

Hunt for big cats, including cougars, panthers or pumas, in Victoria begins ...
Herald Sun
"The study will review existing literature, reports, correspondence and other evidence for the presence of big cats in Victoria, and it includes liaison with relevant community groups and individuals who have reports or records of possible sightings ...

Despite some of the nonsense claimed, it is highly unlikely that sabre toothed cats still roam North America. But they did once...

Prehistoric exhibit at county museum of history highlights early natural ...
Chesterton Tribune
There were other things around too that were a little more peculiar – a big cat with 12-inch long canines and a ground sloth the size of an elephant. In its newest featured exhibit, “Prehistoric Porter County”, the Porter County Museum of History in downtown ...

Saturday at the Weird Weekend 2012 in Woolfardisworthy.

Saturday at the Weird Weekend 2012 in Woolfardisworthy.

Bry Tania Poole - (the only member of CFZ Australia who could make it to North Devon this year.)

While I sleep in a conservatory next to a tank of rare caecilians, the household of Myrtle Cottage, headquarters of the CFZ, was readying itself for the second day of the Weird Weekend.
At the Woolfardisworthy Community Centre where they hold the event, everyone gathered at midday for the next instalment. Jon began with the question ‘What is cryptozoology’ in which he asked the youngsters, (some who are crew or just ‘gophers’) and they could not answer – or were too shy to. Even I asked for the microphone to give 3 categories of it – I was right, except for another category – the study of out of place animals.
Nick Wadham was back with his bugs – dangerous ones (or just creepy looking ones) – consisting of large snails, spiders, tarantulas, centipedes, cockroaches, stick insects and scorpions, even an Argentinian Boa. He got the kids up the front to hold the creatures and described how their victims were killed and eaten.
After some lunch, Max Blake spoke about the Analysis of the Borley Bug – Margaret Wilson, an artist, saw a strange creature one day in the garden of the Borley Rectory (the most haunted house in Britain), describing it, and sensing that it was supernatural, and getting a friend to paint the creaures (right), Max’s talk was to perhaps work out exactly what kind of bug it was, the closest thing it could have been was a dragonfly.
Jon McGowan did a talk about large cats in Britain – focusing on his location in Dorset. Jon is one of those very few people that can prove big cats do haunt the British countryside because he goes out into the wilds three times a week and watches their movements. His findings were amazing, and knowledge of big cat behaviour is brilliant.
Glen Vaudry spoke about Scottish Sea Serpent carcasses, and spoke about many findings that occurred in previous centuries as well as the more recent ones – quite often the carcasses turn out to be rotting basking sharks, complete hoaxs, or made up.
Jan Bondeson, who I also saw talk at the Fortean Times Unconvention in London, in November 2011. He’d spoken then about Talking dogs. This time it was another dog - Greyfriar’s Bobby. Most people know about the small mongrel that apparently mourned his master’s death and sat by the grave in the kirkyard for several years around the 1860s and 70s, but Jan had wanted to find out whether that was true – indeed he had existed – a dog called Bobby did indeed live in the Kirkyard, but it was not known that he mourned by the grave. He was well fed, even attending a restaurant where he got fed, at 1 o’clock after the gun went off daily at the castle, and had many friends in places he used to visit. It may have been romantic story tellers or journalists that made Bobby a loyal dog that never left its master’s grave. He may have not even had a dead master!
After Jan was the annual award giving – people who have been incredibly valuable in the CFZ, a great helper, or a great speaker and explorer get acknowledged by being given a Golden Baboon award, and certificate. It’s typical tongue in cheek CFZ humour and honour.
The night ended with a documentary called ‘Heads!’ about the Hexham Heads and other mystery stone heads of North England. It must have gone for close to 2 hours. Some more raffle prizes were handed out, and then Silas Hawkins read out another ‘Bedtime story’ from Richard Freeman’s book ‘Green Unpleasant Land.’ It was my favourite story – Drakes Briar – which I found out was everyone else’s favourite too. Including Richard Freeman.
The Saturday Weird Weekend of 2012 ended at midnight, yet most people went straight to the bar. Another successful day!

LINK: Does Sasquatch (Yes, Bigfoot) Roam the Forests of New England?

Over the years, the majority of sightings of the elusive Sasquatch have been limited to the American northwest. In the last three decades, however, many more encounters have occurred in the northeastern sections of America, particularly upstate New York and New England.

Actually, these sightings are really not new to the area; they just haven’t received as much publicity as other occurrences in the Pacific Northwest. The Algonquin Indians for hundreds of years have reported creatures they named Stone Men and Giant Men. The descriptions rarely varied; about 7 feet tall with glowing red eyes, a putrid smell and sounds that resemble a pig squealing.

Author Paul Bartholomew and his brother have researched the Bigfoot question meticulously for decades and have published their findings in a book released earlier this year entitled: Bigfoot Encounters in New York and New England.

In his own words: “It’s a global phenomena and it’s here in our own backyards…This whole area (Whitehall, NY) is rich in traditional reports of this creature…”

DALE DRINNON: Cadborosaurus/Crested cobra

New at Frontiers of Zoology:


And I have two more apiece coming along at both Frontiers of Anthropology and Cedar and Willow. After that, we shall see what develops.


Hi! And in some cases, “Long time!”

Below is my latest “Bytes of Pye” newsletter, sent out last evening. I don’t know if you get it or not, but I assume you’re still in England or Europe, so I want to be sure you know I’m coming over for the whole month of September to lecture about the latest results regarding the Starchild Skull. I’m trying to arrange more lecture dates during the month, so if you know anyone who might be interested in hosting me for such a lecture, please ask them to contact me ASAP.

I’m also sending this to you because it contains three of the more interesting links I’ve received in a long time! The first two are especially wonderful, so don’t miss them! Lloyd

My month-long lecture tour in England/Europe is taking shape!

I will arrive in London August 28th, and return here Oct. 3rd. The schedule is not complete, I still hope to add more venues, but here they are as of now:

Sept. 4, Lewes, England

Sept. 8, Manchester, England

Sept. 9, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sept. 14, Newcastle, England

Sept. 15, Essex, England

Sept. 16, Liverpool, England

Sept. 18, Birmingham, England

Sept. 24, Paris, France

Obviously, I still have several dates open, so once again, if you know anyone in England or any other country in Europe who might be willing and able to sponsor this lecture, please ask them to contact me, lloydpye@gmail.com. Anyone who attends will have the very rare opportunity to watch history unfolding in a way that history almost never unfolds. Don't miss it!


The first of the isotope results are in, and they indicate the human and the Starchild lived in the same general area and ate the same kinds of foods, which included very little meat. A more detailed analysis is now underway.

The initial report covers only the broadest outline of the case, and is not surprising if the human and the Starchild spent enough time together to develop the powerful emotional bond they obviously shared, which caused her to bury the dead Starchild and then lie down beside it to commit suicide.


I've sent each of these links to my friends, and have never received back so many complimentary remarks. Each in its own way is spectacular. And with the first one, once you learn to "fly," prepare to lose a few hours doing it!

1. Go to the "Airpano" website, below, which allows you to view any of dozens of the most interesting places in the world, and in ways no possible tour will allow. A partial list of sites follows the Airpano link.

Once you understand how the Airpano site works, either type "Giza" into the search bar, or click on the link here, below the partial list of sites. When you see the Pyramids in a left and right view, click the smaller "Low-Rez" version at the right. It's adequate for nearly all computers and laptops.

Giza is a nice "open" space that will allow you to "safely" learn to "fly" the small round helicopter that goes skyward to take the incredible 360 degree panoramas. Place your cursor anywhere on the screen, and slowly drag the picture in any direction--left, right, up, down, slow, or stop.

Once you learn to "fly," you will almost certainly lose a few hours "touring" each of these places. Everyone LOVES doing this, and I bet you will, too!


V ictoria Falls, Zambia • Venezuela, Surroundings of Angel Falls, Venezuela • Angel falls, Venezuela • Kalyan Minaret, Bukhara, Uzbekistan • Miami, USA • Las Vegas, USA • Lake Powell, USA • Manhattan, New York, USA • Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA • Millennium UN Plaza Hotel, New York, USA • Oahu, Hawaii, USA • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA • Millennium UN Plaza Hotel, New York, USA • Golden Gate Bridge, USA • Statue of Liberty, New York, USA • Manhattan, New York, USA • Hollywood, California, USA • San Juan and Colorado rivers, USA • Goosenecks, Utah, USA • Mono Lake, California, USA • Millennium UN Plaza Hotel, New York, USA • Chicago, Illinois, USA • Los Angeles, California, USA • Kiev, Ukraine • Ay-Petri, Ukraine • Dubai, UAE • Dubai, Islands, UAE • Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE • Bangkok, Thailand • Sankt-Moritz, Switzerland • Cape Good Hope, South Africa • Cape-Town, South Africa • Moscow, MSU, Russia • Moscow, Kremli n, Bolotnaya Square , Russia • Moscow, Russia • Moscow Kremlin, Russia • 55.748765;37.540841, Russia • Moscow City, Russia • Kremlin, Moscow, Russia • Moscow City, Russia • Trinity Lavra of Sait Sergius, Russia • Saint-Petersburg, Russia • New Jerusalem Monastery, Russia • Saint Petersburg, Russia • Novodevichy Convent. Moscow, Russia • Ramenki,Moscow, Russia • MKAD, Moscow, Russia • Moscow, Russia • Moscow, Russia • Krokus Expo Center, Moscow, Russia • Moscow Region, Russia • Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand • Fiordland, New Zealand • Nepal, Nepal • Maldives, Maldives • Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia • Grimsvotn, Iceland • Amsterdam, Holland • Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany • Egyptian Pyramids, Egypt • Hong Kong, China • The Iguassu Falls, Brazil • Twelve Apostles Marine National Park, Australia • Sydney, Australia • Buenos Aires, Argentina • Egyptian Pyramids, Egypt


2. I don't think I've ever seen a more inspirational 5 minutes in my life. The feedback I'm getting from it is remarkable. Many people found it profoundly touching, and very relevant to the difficulties they face in their lives. If this guy can do what he does, then ANY of US can do absolutely ANYTHING!


3. I assume we all think we know what the limits of "crazy" are. I certainly thought I did before I viewed this 4.5 minute clip. Now I realize I was very wrong. There are always new depths of courage/insanity to be plumbed....


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HAUNTED SKIES: Times (The) 28.10.67


Today is my 53rd Birthday, and I have all sorts of exciting plans, which mostly involve doing very little. My sleep patterns are completely banjaxed after the past few days, so it is 2:35 in the morning and I am up working late. That means I shall go to bed when I feel like it and get up stupidly late. Ha!

I am getting increasingly fond of the work of Thom the World Poet. Today he goes to the pyramids. What a diamond Giza!

Peter McAdam is a very funny chap, and from these reviews on Amazon it is becoming increasingly obvious that I am not the only person who thinks so.

This review of Captain Beefheart hails from Germany, and has been translated in such a gloriously surreal way that I could not resist posting it as is..

I am supposed to be an objective journalist, but when it comes to a band as good as this I lose my objectivity. Galahad are a bloody fantastic band, and I am very pleased to be part of their publicity team.

Jon Anderson is being ridiculously prolific at the moment. Here we have two stories about his upcoming South American tour, and his Brazilian World Cup Tribute record..

That's it for today. See ya soon...

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 565 Saint Columba claimed to have seen a monster in either Loch Ness or the River Ness, which is widely claimed to have been the first recorded sighting of the Loch Ness Monster.

And now the news:

Goodness, what ever is that coming over the hill:


DALE DRINNON: Bigfoot posts

Next two blogs up, only took me 2 1/2 hours to finish today.
New at the Frontiers of Zoology:
Best Wishes, Dale D.

WW2012: Lee Fallows interviews Lars Thomas