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Saturday, August 04, 2012

LINK: Ooops! The human genome does not exist! Part I. The notion of a type specimen

I am posting this, or rather posting a link to this article because I thought it was fascinating. Hereon I shall sit firmly on the fence, but would be interested in comments from those more qualified than I to judge it. (That means YOU: Doctors Naish, Shuker, Holdsworth etc, and Max if you are reading this...)

René Magritte: This is not a pipe.
It's a painting. But a painting of 'a'
pipe--but not 'the' pipe, which doesn't
actually exist in the real world. Or does it?
Despite many claims to the contrary, that The Human Genome project sequenced the human genome and thus set in motion the most exciting era of fundamental new scientific discovery since Galileo, it has turned out that the HG doesn't exist, after all. It no more exists than does 'the chair' or 'the dog' as Plato once asserted. He said we have dogs and chairs but they are only imperfect instances of the real true dog and chair.


It's Sunday lunchtime, and it's time
to do the Gonzo stuff in rhyme,
don't ask me why (answers I lack)
I've made a rod for my own back,
though it might make some people barf,
I do it cos it makes me laugh
so now there's nothing more to do
than to see what posts I have for you..

ERIK NORLANDER - A Portuguese interviewErik Norlander is a talented guy
his grand melodies make one cry,
(like pepper sometimes makes you sneeze)
Here's an interview with some Portuguese..

IONA: Tour DatesIona are a smashing group
their Celtic music makes one whoop
with sheer delight at their cultural traits
so here's some autumn tour dates..

MICHAEL DES BARRES ON AMAZONI love the record but hadn't expected
Michael Des Barres to be so respected,
but he has a following of devoted fans
he really is a much loved man

AUBURN: Press release and two (very nearly) exclusive pics
Your sunday would be much much worse
without four lines of Auburn verse,
so here's a Press Release (so Music Biz)
and two exclusive pics of Liz...

(OK, one isn't quite exclusive 'cos it appeared on Facebook, but who cares?)

LINK: Strange Things are Happening - Captain BeefheartA singular man was Don Van Vliet
and in the middle of the night
I often play his crazy stuff
until my wife has had enough...

RICK WAKEMAN vs J.J.BURNEL: Has anyone got a copy?In early 1977
there weren't that many punks in Devon
I was in an exclusive scene
so I gotta read this magazine

And that is it my Gonzo friends,
where today's blog notification ends
but before you get lost in sorrow,
without the rhymes I'll be back tomorrow


HAUNTED SKIES: Times (The) 6.1.67.

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today

On this day in 1930 Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, was born.
And now the news:
The late, great Scatman John pays tribute to Armstrong through the medium of scat (lol, I said scat) :

DALE DRINNON: Two postings we missed yesterday

There were two postings on Frontiers of Zoology from Bigfoot evidence last night, the second one of which was http://frontiersofzoology.blogspot.com/2012/08/temagami-ontario-bigfoot-photographs.htmlAnd then the notice on the latest Loch Ness Monster photo was posted this morninghttp://frontiersofzoology.blogspot.com/2012/08/latest-loch-ness-monster-photo.html

SHUKERNATURE: The truth about Brazil's amazing 'Penis Snake;

During the past 24 hours, the world media has been full of stories concerning the supposed discovery in Brazil of a 'new species' of 'blind snake' that 'resembles a human penis'. As is so often the case with media reports describing unusual, little-known animals, however, the truth is very different - as I shall now reveal in an attempt to set the facts straight regarding this beast once and for all.

Read on...


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture is worth many thousand...s of bison. This photo from the 1870s shows a man proudly standing in front of a mountain of tens of thousands of bison skulls - an iconic American species that was systematically slaughtered by the millions as European Americans settled the west.

The US Army actively endorsed the wholesale slaughter of these animals for two main reasons: to remove any competition with cattle, and to starve Native American tribes who greatly depended on the bison for food. Without the bison, the resisting tribes of the Great Plains would either be forced to leave or die of starvation.

More than a century after this dark period in our history, the bison is making a comeback. After living on the brink of extinction, this American icon is slowly but steadily returning to the Great Plains - one baby bison at a time. You can watch a video of how Native American communities and conservation groups like Earthjustice are fighting to bring back the bison on our website: http://ejus.tc/Ovv8lV