In my last post I was really pleased to report that my balcony birdcam had finally captured some images of  a visiting bird (a solitary great tit) following a 'drought' of photos during the previous eight months. Well, it seems that birds visiting my balcony are a little like buses: you wait around for one for ages and then two turn up at once. These two great tits have been daily visitors to my balcony bird feeder table since the beginning of March, often visiting twice a day, to feed on the peanuts, fat ball and mealworms I'd put out for them.
Hopefully, this pair might well take up residence in the bird box I've attached to the outside  my balcony.
It just goes to show that If you've got a tiny balcony its still entirely possible to attract birds to it as long as you put out the right food for them and remember to regularly replenish it and of course dispose of any remaining food once it starts to go off.
For great advice and tips on attracting birds to your outdoor space, have a look at this RSPB page