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Thursday, September 06, 2012

BRIAN REGAL: The Reading mystery cat that wasn't


I hope all is well out your way. Lisa and I were very disappointed we couldn't get out to see you and Corrina, and of course Prudence,  this year.

Anyway, while we were travelling on the train from Oxford to London on July 18th our train stopped outside the station at (I think) Reading. I looked out the window and in a field across from the tracks saw what looked to me for all

the world like an ABC; dark shape reminiscent
of a Puma. I yelled to Lisa then snapped off a couple of pictures before the train moved on. I attached two versions of it here for you.

The first is the cropped version, but the second is uncropped and shows somebody's cat wandering around. So close!

I thought you'd get a kick out of the pictures.



LINK: a Desman with a barrow in the marketplace

The BBC's Rebecca Morelle joined scientist Dr Yolanda Melero on the trail of the Pyrenean desman

It's the dead of night.

And while the rest of the world sleeps, a team of scientists is wading knee-deep through the fast-flowing streams that cut through the Pyrenees.

I've joined them on the trail of a creature that few have heard of and even less have set eyes on: the Pyrenean desman (Galemys pyrenaicus).

HAUNTED SKIES: Daily Telegraph 15.1.68.


Life trundles on. Graham is presently on his way to Barnstaple to collect my old mate Richard Freeman, and also my dear old Kenwood HiFi amp which gave up the ghost last week. However 'Mr Fixit' in Bideford has done something arcane to it and given it a clean bill of health. So, hopefully my hi-fi will be restored to its full magnificence sooner rather than later. However, if anyone has a single B&W DM110 speaker floating around that is surplus to requirements, I would love to sign the adoption papers...
I am indebted to my brother-in-law, a stalwart fan of the sort of music that I write about (who else would give me a copy of the first Quatermass album for my birthday?) for sending me this Led Zeppelin article which appeared in The Guardian yesterday. As it features interviews with two Gonzo stalwarts - Michael Des Barres and Tony Palmer - I have every excuse to repost it...
Another of our daily visits to the singular universe of Thom the World Poet
Jon is inspired by Michael Des Barres? Inspired to do what? Inspired to man the barricades and storm the Winter Palace. What else could I have possibly meant?
We have been waiting for this for ages, but finally Mimi Page's 'Black Valentine' music video is now visible. Back in the spring she told me "‘Black Valentine’, it’s kind of like, it’s the video’s struggle that darkness that takes over me and me fighting it off and, I don’t know, it’s ... I wrote the song in my apartment, but in my mind I had an alternate reality and it’s like, you know, this girl, the story of this girl who lives in this castle and has this huge kind of Edward Scissorhands-like studio with keyboards, and synthesisers and knobs." Right on sister.
I was going to blog about this, but my lovely wife Corinna beat me to it. She was a prog fan back in the day (still is) and she took exception to Messrs Collins and Wakeman (on the YouTube version of 'Prog Britannia') saying that there were no chicks in their audiences in those days. Criminy, the reason I first fell in love with her is because she had gone to see 'Henry Cow'...
And here is a link to Rick Wakeman's latest installment of 'Grumpy old Rick's rants', from his website..
This has very little to do with the main body of the Gonzo Daily, which is - after all - about artists who appear on Gonzo Multimedia, but it is a news item of great interest to rock historians, and as I am a rock historian I am reosting it. It has long been claimed that Rory Storm was one of the great lost heros of rock and roll, and now we are going to have the chance to find out if it was true...
The Gonzo Daily is a two way process. If you have any news or want to write for us, please contact me at jon@eclipse.co.uk. If you are an artist and want to showcase your work, or even just say hello please write to me at gonzo@cfz.org.uk. Please copy, paste and spread the word about this magazine as widely as possible. We need people to read us in order to grow, and as soon as it is viable we shall be invading more traditional magaziney areas. Join in the fun, spread the word, and maybe if we all chant loud enough we CAN stop it raining. See you tomorrow

DALE DRINNON: Australian sea serpents/Benny's Blog/Cedar and Willow

New at the Frontiers of Zoology: I have reprinted Malcom Smith's blog about Australian Sea-serpents and added some supplimentary materials for better understanding of the situation:
And Benny's blog retells of onetime tennis phenom Gorgeous Gussie, and her involvement with Thelma Todd's EX: http://benny-drinnon.blogspot.com/2012/09/gorgeous-gussie_5.html

Latest Tom Mopotherpucker and Chickie story on Cedar and Willow. This incorportates an important continuity change or two and has some surprising connections to DC comics. I have another related blog coming out later-it shall also be highly original and unexpected.

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 2003 Warren Zevon died. Zevon was most famous for his catchy and often quirky rock songs including Werewolves of London, Excitable Boy (a catchy ditty about a murdering grave-robber) and Rowland the Headless Thompson Gunner.

And now the news:

Well, he's just an excitable boy...


WEIRD WEEKEND 2012: Can anyone help Sally and me?

Does anyone remember my lovely cousin Sally at the Weird Weekend? She had a photograph taken of her with Bugfest's snake, but I am having
difficulty in getting hold of them. This (taken by Godson Greg) is the best I can find so far. But I believe that others were taken by other people. Please email me if you have some...