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Friday, March 11, 2011

CFZ PEOPLE: Rebecca (Ruby) Lang

Happy Birthday, my dear....

CFZ PEOPLE: Mary Downes (1922-2002)

Today is the ninth anniversary of my mother's death. Rest in Peace, Mum.


1. I have a strong dislike of domestic cats (wantonly destructive and stupid as well as being responsible for wholesale decimation of small mammals and birds) and common chimps (filthy and vicious). Pigmy chimps are fine, however.

2 I have a phobia of large moths

3 My favourite countries are Japan and Australia

4 I once closed down the BBC bar with Brian Blessed and Jon Downes.

5 At the Fortean Times conference in 2001 I met a man whose only claim to fame was that he was felt up by a tramp in Dorchester.

6 I once helped to dress a little girl up as Captain Beefheart for a tropical fish magazine

7 I’m allergic to Penicillin, blue cheese and seafood.

8 I once met a boy who thought he could create a ‘chicken man’ by impregnating an egg he had gently cracked into a plastic cup.

9 I believe in the literal existence of dragons and have written two books on the subject

10 I have been a Goth for 24 years man and boy

11 I have been bitten by a venomous snake

12 I used to be a zookeeper

13 I think tramps and bag ladies bring joy and wonder to the world

14 My favourite animals are crocodiles, rhinos and the Tasmanian marsupial wolf, thylacine

15 I love British Cult TV

16 I prefer World Cinema to Hollywood

17 I once had a dog named after Spike Milligan

18 I find football to be the most disinteresting subject in the world

19 I like Chinese food but I hate Indian food or indeed anything remotely spicy

20 My favourite bands/ artists are Echo and the Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes, Fad Gadget, Bauhaus, Klaus Nomi and Joy Division

21 I think Jon Pertwee was the greatest Doctor Who ever

22 I have never seen The Wizard of Oz or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

23 Of all the countries I have visited I liked Mongolia best of all

24 I think vampires and werewolves have been ‘done to death’ in horror films. Come on: let’s have some more interesting monsters

25. I was at school with a girl who would eat jammie dodgers after they had fallen on the floor and got ants on them.

TAXONOMY FAIL: The last one from Maxy for a while

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1976 Charles Hawtrey got his hands on a mechanical brass bedstead recovered from the Antikythera shipwreck. Although it was badly corroded experts were able to reconstruct a functioning version of the bedstead and it turned out it was an early form of computer. Hawtrey put it to good use playing an embryonic version of Jet Set Willy.
And now the news:

Rare Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish sighted off M...
Wildlife Officials Celebrate Fla. Panther Sighting...
Aging Rates, Gender Gap in Mortality Similar Acros...
Vermont Mulls Animal Hoarding Bill

No video today. Instead, here is a link to something you might like: the Monstrum version of Jet Set Willy for the ZX Spectrum:
^ I kid you not, a whole game based on Tony Shiels' Monstrum (soon to be republished by CFZ press). If you need an emulator so you can play it see the link below:

Corinna talks about eggs..


And to celebrate...



Karl Shuker has done it again. There is now a FOURTH photograph of Trunko, the one-time mystery beast of Margate, Natal. OK, the first two photographs that surfaced six months ago established its identity once and for all, and made sure that any idea that there was a gigantic, wooly, marine elephant lurking in the southern oceans was quietly expunged from the history books. However, the concept that there could have been at least four photographs of the carcass awaiting discovery in various archives is an exciting one for us Fortean zoologist types. What else may be lurking out there? Thunderbird photograph anyone?