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Sunday, March 18, 2012

BIG CAT NEWS: A miscellany of oddities

The hunt for British Big Cats attracts far more newspaper column inches than any other cryptozoological subject.

There are so many of them now that we feel that they should be archived in some way by us, so we should have a go at publishing a regular round-up of the stories as they come in.

It takes a long time to do, and is a fairly tedious task, so I am not promising that they will be done each day, but I will do them as regularly as I can. JD

By Magonia
Gorse Covert has had another big cat sighting. Bernadette Runciman of Hamserley Close, and her daughter Nicola, spotted the panther like creature in her back garden at 8.20 on Saturday morning. The pair said they were 'gobsmacked'...

This is the only new British story to come in for days, and even this is almost an afterthought at the end of a book review on the Magonia blog. It is interesting, however, and Peter Rogerson makes a good point. On the other side of the Atlantic, Nunez, Louisiana has a mystery black panther...

Unconfirmed black panther sighting in Nunez; experts say it's a house cat

KATC Lafayette News

Maria Davidson, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Large Carnivore Program Manager, says it is a common myth all around the nation that there are "black panthers". "There are 6 big cats in the world. Two can come in black, ...

I have always been a lover of lexilinks, and the radio station callsign has not escaped me. Finally - again on the other side of the Herring Pond, an interesting article on the legends of the lucifee.. (If you want to know the cryptozoological significance of this check out the oft repeated ABC sighting in Cobbet's Rural Rides...

ED COLEMAN: Giant cats – Legends of the Lucifee

Kings County Register/Advertiser

In the story, Baird told the tale of Ernest Trimper's experience with an extremely large cat. “I listened awestruck as Mr. Trimper related his experiences with the big cat,” Baird wrote. “Bobcat were practically unknown in western Nova Scotia in the ...

BIG CAT NEWS: From around the world (and yes, I know a serval isn't a big cat)

Leopard attacks security guard in Mysore, snared
Times of India

In the evening, forest officials released the big cat into the Anthara Santhe forest range in Nagarahole National Park, near HD Kote taluk, 50km from the city. It's perhaps the first time a leopard entered the city interiors.

Mass. zoo's cats benefit from Boston power loss
The transformer fire that knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses in Boston turned about to be a stroke of delicious luck for the big cats at a Massachusetts zoo. The Capital Grille donated 2500 pounds of steak worth $20000 to the ...

Mountain lion hit in downtown Preston deemed healthy, released
The Herald Journal
According to the Preston Citizen newspaper, Preston resident Louis Mendoza was traveling north in downtown Preston on State Street when the big cat ran out in front of his car. “I was going about 25 miles per hour and slammed on my breaks.

Langley serval still missing after storm

The African cat took off during a hailstorm Thursday night and now there is concern that people may be afraid. The big cat may look like something out of the jungle, but his owner claims he's harmless, but the feline's owner, Kelly Allen says...

Havoc as leopard returns; 1 hurt
Deccan Herald

However, unlike previous such instances, an elderly man suffered injuries when the big cat attacked him unaware. Abdul Rehman Shariff, aged 60 years and a watchman at an autorickshaw shed in A J Block on Udayagiri main road, came out of the shed after ...

Photo of Vladimir Putin with Tiger Staged! Gather
By *Carol ~Bronx Southern Belle D.In the now famous photo, we were led to believe that Putin had shot the beautiful big cat, and was tenderly sitting by its sleeping body, but in reality it was just a staged event. According to Yahoo News, "The August, 2008 photo shows Putin ...

Conflict with livestock farmers and disease has already taken a heavy toll of the big cat, sending its numbers plummeting by 90 per cent since the early Sixties. Today the most iconic creature on earth – which features in the Royal Coat of Arms as well ...


I don't think that we covered this? It is nearly a year old, so forgive me if this is something that has been solved elsewhere. I'm damn sure its not an alien. But what is it?

Spectacular shark feeding frenzy filmed off Australia


HAUNTED SKIES: News of the World 11.12.66.

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1955 Hollywood actor Bruce Willis was born. Willis has stared in several films with a Fortean theme including 12 Monkeys, the 5th Element and the 6th Sense. Richard Freeman is a particularly big fan according to his Wikipedia page.

And now the news:

An early spring drives butterfly population declin...
Biodiversity: Bat-killing disease spreading south
Surprising pine beetle breeding habits help explai...
Flower eating mammals competed with dinosaurs
Conservation group claims koala numbers fudged
Missing cats mystery
Tassie Tigers sighted locally
Rare bird breeds at Laysan for 1st time in century...
Snakes alive?: With drought, rattlesnake behavior ...
Sex-deprived male fruit flies seek solace in alcoh...
Developer to work for land swap to protect Mississ...
Giant squid eyes are sperm whale defence

The trailer for the 6th sense:


DALE DRINNON: Human giants and Coneheads/Cedar & Willow

More on Human Giants and Coneheads

And New on Cedar and Willow, Some Basics and some Character Recaps


I have been running the Gonzo Multimedia blog for seven days now, and although it has absolutely nothing to do with cryptozoology, or forteana or any of the other things that the main CFZ Bloggo is mostly about, I have strayed onto the subjects of mythology, urban folklore and other stuff of vague interest on a couple of occasions. I know a lot of you are devotees of this type of music, so in a vague attempt to get a few more hits, here is the story so far: