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Sunday, July 01, 2012



OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


Today is apparently World UFO Day where you are encouraged to watch the skies! No, I hadn't heard of it either but if someone says it on a blog it's true apparently... Which gives me a few ideas for future “on this days...” watch this space.

And now the news:

And by the power of the most tenuous link possible:



So, after a week of high strangeness, we return to normal. The weather is still cold and wet, but as soon as I have finished blogifying, and done a teensy bit of filming, Corinna, Mother and I are being taken out birdwatching by Prudence the dog.

Peter McAdam really does have a singular vision, and I honestly can say that his book has made me laugh more than anything else has for the past few weeks. The 9 Henrys inhabit a gorgeously surreal universe which - despite itself - makes perfect sense (at least to me). You must check him out. I insist upon it.http://gonzo-multimedia.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/real-9-henrys-book-launch.html

I have been writing about (and perforce, hanging out with) Rock Stars for much of the past thirty years, and although many of them have been very interesting folk, on the whole they are stand-offish and remote. Michael Des Barres is one of the nicest and most humble that I have 'met' in a long time...http://gonzo-multimedia.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/michael-des-barres-renaissance-man.html

Wally really are a superb band. It is a crying shame that a band of this calibre hasn't had the success that they deserve over the years. They really are magnificent, as this rendition of 'Sister Moon', one of my favourite of their songs, played live in Harrogate back in the balmy days of 2010, will attest.http://gonzo-multimedia.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/wally-sister-moon-live-in-harrogate.html

As well as being one of the most famous (and talented) keyboard players in Rock Music, Rick Wakeman is also a raconteur par excellence. He recently wowed the punters at the MIRC2012 conference...http://gonzo-multimedia.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/rick-wakeman-at-mirc-2012.html

Chris Thompson, one time singer with Manfred Mann's Earth Band really has got a fine set of pipes. His new CD/DVD live package is a great favourite here at Gonzo Daily, and we are proud to be associated with him. It seems that other people share our opinion of him as this fine fine review shows.http://gonzo-multimedia.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/great-chris-thompson-review.html

'Battle Scars' from Galahad, has become 'CD of the Week' on ProgLog AFTERglow: They describe it as “a strong album in the best tradition of neo-prog". I am afraid as I get older, the 'stamp collector' mentality leaves me cold, and I really don't understand all these modern genres. But 'Battle Scars' really is a cracking album...

The news that Jefferson Starship are bringing out a whopping 4CD live album, with guest stars like Tom Constanten (ex-Grateful Dead keyboard player. BTW, back in 1978 I shared a house with various people including a bearded, balding dude who claimed to once have been his keyboard techie) is exciting fans, and bringing all sorts of news items out of the woodwork. We are doing our best to bring you as many as we can - like this one...

And that is basically it for today chaps and chapesses. See you tomorrow...


This story ties in with the Kowloon kangaroo account which I blogged about two weeks ago and which was mentioned in the China Mail of May 7th 1921. What we seem to have is the development of one story into another involving different animals. But that doesn`t make much sense as the wolf was killed and about 2 weeks later a new set of animals appears. This account below is in The Hong Kong Telegraph of April 26th 1921.



After being described successively as a bear, a lion, an elephant, a kangaroo and a “beast that never was”, the Kowloon “tiger” has, following an untimely death, turned out to be a lone wolf. He was last seen prowling about the vicinity of the Chun Lung village, his preference for succulent pigs bringing about his downfall. With one accord, the villagers, who had witnessed with great mortification the havoc he created amongst the herds, rose in arms against the invader, and slew him amidst jubilant cries of “hai-yah”. The wolf proved to be a fine animal, weighing some thirty catties.

There are,however, still those who think that this is not THE Kowloon “tiger” , it being pointed out that Chun Lung is quite a long distance from Hok Un, where the strange animal was last seen. (1)

1.. The Hong Kong Telegraph April 26th 1921.

The following poem of mine is about the apparently real Teggs Nose lynx, near Macclesfield, in 1987.


“The cat had tufted ears” the stranger said
so it must have been a lynx obviously.
So I added this to my ever growing,geekish collection
of mystery cat sightings.
How pleasant to be blessed with this new curiosity despite me behaving like a jerk for a few days.

© Richard Muirhead 2012

LLOYD PYE: More on the Starchild skull

Things have moved ahead at quite a pace since we last communicated about the Starchild. In that interim, we've recovered 9.5% of its entire mitochondrial DNA genome, more than enough to be statistically significant. Also, we lucked into 8.5% of one of the most important genes in a human body, the FOXP2 gene. Again, more than enough to be statistically significant. What both partial recoveries tell us is that without a shadow of doubt, when the entire genome is recovered, whenever we have the funding to do that, it will read out as not even in the ballpark of human. So this really IS history unfolding for us, and it's as big as history gets.

To catch up on the latest information, please watch the video at the link below. It starts with a 90-second intro that is designed to intrigue "newbies" enough to make them at least start into the 17 minutes of video that follow. In those 17 minutes, you'll see an analysis of the DNA situation and the physical anomalies, plus responses to internet skeptics and critics desperate to keep a lid on every form of paradigm-busting information. I think you'll find it well worth your time, and please consider sharing it with anyone you think might be interested.

With such strongly convincing evidence in hand, it's time to use it to provide a major push out to those who are not yet aware of the Starchild, and who don't realize it is poised to demolish the mainstream assurance that we humans exist alone in the universe. Nothing could be further from the truth.