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Monday, August 20, 2012

WW2012: Day One

First day of the CFZ Weird Weekend...

Friday at the Weird Weekend 2012 in Woolfardisworthy

by Tania Poole - (the only member of CFZ Australia who could make it to North Devon this year.)

I arrived late on Wednesday night and slept in the lounge, promising to make cheese omelettes in the morning, which I did. The Thursday night cocktail party was a great success even though the wind and the rain tried to spoil the fun – all those who attended gathered under the marquee in Jon’s backyard, while Matt Osbourne and sometimes Max Blake mixed the margaritas nowhere near like Tom Cruise in Cocktail.
While the weekend appeared to hold the promise of rain, we began the talks at 7pm by watching a video done by Jon, where he told a story about a sheep, a chupacabra and an alien coming to Woolsery for the Weird Weekend, with a song that he sung himself. It was typical Jon-style music and video.
Richard Freeman began a talk about ‘20 cryptids you’ve never heard of’ due to a cancelled talk, and half way through his list, was told he had 5 minutes to go. There certainly were cryptids I’ve never heard of, so the talk worked for me.
After a dinner break, we went back into the Hall to watch Paul Screeton ‘s ‘The Quest for the Hexham Heads,’ which I enjoyed because he went into detail about a few of the particular incidents that surrounded the heads. He even had two heads there – a clay one made in art class by Colin Robson, one of the boys who found original two the heads – he had made it in art class a couple of months before he moved to the house where he and his brother found the heads – the irony of this was added to the mystery. The second head was a carved one from concrete by the man who claimed to make the heads originally. Screeton had been given these heads back in the 70’s when he researched this strange incident. He even went into detail about the strange cryptid sightings that occurred to the neighbours (the half-man, half-sheep animal in the bedroom) and the Anne Ross Werewolf that was seen in her house more than once.
Screeton’s book ‘Hexham Heads’ has also been published by CFZ press...

Read on..

ANDREW MAY: Words from the Wild Frontier

News and stories from the remoter fringes of the CFZ blogosphere...

From Nick Redfern's World of Whatever:
From CFZ Australia:
From CFZ New Zealand:



Today we take Lars Thomas and his son to Taunton so that they can begin their journey back to Denmark. Then we come home, and the madness really is over for another year. Tomorrow is my 53rd Birthday, and after that everything goes back to the nearest thing that we get to normal. Thank you for being forbearing whilst the last few weeks trundled to their conclusion. Normal service will be totally resumed within a couple of days....

A particularly interesting Michael Des Barres interview is the first item of note on today's Gonzo Daily. I have said this before, I know, but I am always impressed by how Michael consistenly says something new and fresh in each interview..

I don't know why I haven't come across 'Fireworks' magazine before. It seems to be a jolly nice little publication with interesting content and nicely sharp writing. Herewith a review of 'Galahad' from the current issue.

Another visit to the singular universe of Thom the World Poet:

I am very pleased to see what a positive reaction the Captain Beefheart 'Lost Broadcasts' DVD is getting. I am really rather impressed by it, and I am glad to see that others are to.

I have been a singer on and off for the past 35 years. You can check me out on spotify if you like. But I have always envied Chris Thompson his wonderful big, soulfull, expressive voice. His new CD/DVD set is fantastic, and it is good to see that I am not the only one that thinks so.

We first posted about Rick Wakeman's planned 2013 revival of his King Arthur show a few months ago. Now the word has spread and even the BBC arts pages have covered the story. So, being the kind of guy that I am, I have pinched this expanded story from the BBC. Check it out... http://gonzo-multimedia.blogspot.com/2012/08/rick-wakeman-king-arthur-june-2013.html

That's it for today guys. See you tomorrow....

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1967 Carrie-Anne Moss was born. Moss stared in the Matrix trilogy or as I prefer to call them the two Matrix films (on account of the 3rd one being too mank to be counted as a proper Matrix film).

And now the news:

Notorious wildlife dealer caught red-handed in Ind...
Police: Zoo not at fault in man's death
Unidentified Fluid Object baffles Scots boffins
Dozens of Dead Birds Fall From the Sky in NJ
Flexible Snake Armor Could Inspire Abrasion-Resist...
Asymmetric Warfare Between Earwigs Explored
Underwater Noise Decreases Whale Communications in..

The trailer of the first Matrix film:


The Nature Walk
Harriet's book signing

Joe Thomas and Nick Wadham

CFZ NZ: The Possiblity of Mosasaurs breeding off the New Zealand Coast.


WW2012: Silas Hawkins (2)

HAUNTED SKIES: Times (The) 27.10.67



My life is slowly getting back to normal. The Weird Weekend ended late last night, and nearly everyone has packed up and gone home. I went to bed at about 10:00 last night and slept for the next twelve hours. When I finish today's blogs I shall go back to bed and sleep some more, and tomorrow we get back to normal....

This review of Michael Des Barres totally gets it right. "...thoroughly unpretentious, hook-heavy songs -- plenty of heart". Right on brother!

Erik Norlander wrote to me asking me to do a favour. For the man who wrote 'Trantor Station', anything!

Another visit to Thom the World Poet:

A Captain Beefheart review which gives some insights into the psyche of the reviewer.

A link to an incisive Rick Wakeman review.

And finally for today. Chris Thompson is reviewed.

Guys, you may have noticed that the links are short and to the point. I am soooo tired after the last few days that I have no creativity in me. It will be back over the next few days, I am sure. But in the meantime enjoy the reviews and links.


OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today

On this day in 1890 H.P. Lovecraft was born. Lovecraft wrote several jolly stories for small children about kids going to strange lands in the clouds after visiting a David Cameron look-a-like in a big tree and about gangs of child mystery solvers of varying size... Oh, wait, that was Enid Blyton, Lovecraft wrote horror stories.

And now the news:

The adventures of Lil Cthulhu: