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Thursday, July 19, 2012

KARL SHUKER: Collecting crypto stamps

LINK: Revealed! The Incredible Reason Why Bigfoot Was in Bernal Heights Last Week

If you had asked me to describe my ultimate fantasy Bernalwood story one week ago, it would have been a celebrity Bigfoot sighting on Bernal Hill.
Well, as we all know, my wish came true last Tuesday, when Neighbor Frank did indeed photograph a genuine Bigfoot sighting on Bernal Hill.
That was cool. Yet it turns out that the only thing cooler than a Bigfoot sighting on Bernal Hill is the follow-up email I received the next day explaining what exactly Bigfoot was doing on Bernal Hill in the first place:
Read on...


The hunt for British Big Cats attracts far more newspaper-column inches than any other cryptozoological subject. There are so many of them now that we feel that they should be archived by us in some way, so we should have a go at publishing a regular round-up of the stories as they come in.

It takes a long time to do and is a fairly tedious task so I am not promising that they will be done each day, but I will do them as regularly as I can. JD

Big cat expert says there could be beast on the prowl in Tonbridge
This is Kent
THE discovery of a severed deer leg is the latest evidence pointing to the presence of a dangerous predator in the Tonbridge area, according to a big cat expert.Researcher and folklorist Neil Arnold...

'Big cat' spotted on Cumbria road
News & Star
A COUPLE claim to have spotted a mysterious panther-like big cat while on holiday in the Lakes. Howard and Lesley Anderton were on the B5278 north of Flookburgh on Tuesday when they claim to have seen the “monstrous” cat crossing the road in front of ...

Skeptic News: Big Cat Sighting in Cumbria - The 21st Floor
Skeptic News: Big Cat Sighting in Cumbria. 17 July 2012 No Comment. A couple claim to have spotted a mysterious panther-like big cat while on holiday in the ...

Martin Kirby Column; Big Cat Evidence, A Bad Boy and Causing A Stink
This is Gloucestershire
NOT MY IDEA OF JUSTICE FOR ALLAlmost anywhere you go in the UK and tell people you're from Gloucester, if they've heard of the place at all, they will either know it because of Fred West or 'The...
Ashdown Forest big cat sighted close by - BIGCATSINSUSSEX
The sightings are hotting up again for the Ashdown Forest big cat.Following on from last weeks sighting is another being reported 2.5 miles away and 51 hours ...

Big Cat Sighting In Sussex Possibly Lion. - YouTube
A very lucky escape for me, when Sadie my German Shepherd fearlessly chases the lion away. I ...


And so we come to another friday. As I get older, the days rush past so fast I really am not sure where they all go. A couple of nights ago we had a scene of extreme surreality as my 83 year old mother-in-law sat with us as we watched the new Gonzo Captain Beefheart DVD, followed by a documentary about Wild Man Fischer. Truly my life gets odder, but enough of my digressions and on with the show:

I have been a Yes watcher for many years and find the complex interpersonal dynamics within the band absolutely fascinating. This latest interview with Steve Howe just adds to the confusion but offers some valuable insights. I have also just noticed that I can sing the first like of this paragraph to the tune of Wild Man Fischer's 'Derailroaded'. Goodness me.

It is very gratifying to see such good reviews of Merrell Fankhauser. I have to admit that I had only vaguely heard of him until I first started doing Gonzostudd back in March (Golly, has it really been four months?) but I am rapidly becoming a fan. I am also presently editing a video for the title track of his new album, but he is a really nice guy and it is an honour and a pleasure to work with him.

Michael Des Barres' new album 'Carnaby Street' is one of my favourite albums of the year. Together with Jack White's first solo album it takes musical styles that I grew up with, and that I have listened to all my life, and reinvents them for the 21st Century. No mean achievement. 'Carnaby Street' is getting rave reviews all over the world, like this one from Portugal..

There was an in-joke amongst various New Wave ensembles that they were 'Big in Japan'. There was even a band (starring the immortal Bill Drummond) with that name. I think that Erik Norlander should form a band called 'Huge in Portugl', because for the second time in two days I am posting a rave review translated from the Portuguese (and for the second time in two days I have spelt 'Portuguese' properly). Manter-se nos irmãos e irmãs de balanço

I very much enjoyed watching Tony Hawks' first DVD the other night. Anyone who is stupid enough to go off around Ireland with a fridge (and then go and do it all again so he could make a film about it) is OK by me. He now has another film out, (which I have on DVD and will be watching soon) and I have great pleasure in bringing you a story all about it:

And now it is apparantly a once a year event, when the lovely and multi-talented Helen McCookerybook (and, BTW, I have not forgotten that I need to do a review of her excellent book, but I have been in a particularly strange place recently, and not up to academia) does a bunch of CD reviews. And these aforementioned reviews provide an insight into her own work!

Well boys and girls, that is about it for today. My Mens Sano in Corpore Whatsit is better than it was, although still not at its optimum condition, so I shall probably take the rest of the day off and do nothing much..

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today

On this day in 1969 the first men landed on the moon. In those days people thought that by 2010 there would be a permanent base on the moon (or at least Arthur C. Clarke thought so); however, lack of money to waste on such frivolous things like finding out how crystals grew on the moon soon put paid to that.
And now the news:
What do you do when you land on the moon? You run around in a circle and jump around a bit... Tax $s well spent, then:

CFZ CANADA: Thetis lake creature

BC has it’s own version of the Creature from the blacklagoon—or does it? Back in August of 1972,the Victoria Daily Times reported that two local teens claimed to have beenchased from the beach at Thetis lake near Victoria, British Columbia. The attacker? A 5 foot tall, 120 pound silver scaled humanoid with sharp fins on his head.

Read on...



DALE DRINNON: Scandinavian trolls, Cedar & Willow

New on Frontiers of Zoology:

And on Cedar and Willow, I have got up to the part that includes Lynda Carter: in fact it includes both Lynda Carter and Isis as offshoots of the same original overarching system:http://cedar-and-willow.blogspot.com/2012/07/misses-america-and-wonder-women-bronze.html