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Sunday, May 22, 2011

GLEN VAUDREY: Trail Cameras for Sumatra Part 6

Another advantage of the trail cam is that it is small enough to be well hidden; so well hidden that a passing animal may not even know it’s being spied upon. Once again Trevor will demonstrate this ability, cunningly hidden in the undergrowth he can take plenty of pictures of animals going about their lives, and who knows what surprising things he could spy.

Today it looks like he has found an orang pendek riding a bicycle; now you really wouldn't have expected that.

Many thanks to those who have so far donated. Your contributions are very welcome and much appreciated. Don’t despair if you haven’t yet donated, or if you wish to contact me about the trail cams, the campaign still has many more weeks to run.

Just to recap: to sponsor a trail cam will cost £100. If that seems a little steep why not get a group together to sponsor one of these trail cams; a group of five will pay just £20 each. Sponsors will get an update on any pictures and when something exciting is spotted your name will go up in lights alongside the photo.

Don’t despair if you miss out on Trevor; he has plenty of friends who also need help in breaking free.

Your sponsorship will pay for the release and upkeep of Trevor and kin, but sadly you will have no rights to take him home.

Now doesn’t that sound like a good deal? Armchair cryptozoology at its best. All the fun of an expedition without being bitten by scary tropical insects.

If you like the sound of this then please get in touch; we would love to hear from you.

For further information you can contact me at glen@cfz.org.uk

Donations can be made via PayPal to Trailcams@CFZ.org.uk

ROBERT SCHNECK: This is cute in a horrible, horrible way

I don't pretend to understand the market for poseable collector-quality vinyl orangutan toddler dolls, but according to the advertisement for Mollie' the Orangutan Toddler Doll:

'She's always dressed for fun! Make a play date with Mollie, an adorable orangutan doll created by master sculptor Simon Laurens - his Ashton-Drake Galleries debut! You'll delight in her exceptional realism, like the wrinkles around Mollie's pretty blue eyes and mouth, and the tiny folds and creases on the bottom of her feet, just like real orangutans. She has hand-painted nails, and wispy hand-applied auburn hair that is adorned with a big bow.

Mollie child doll is an Ashton-Drake Galleries exclusive. Her head and limbs are realistically sculpted, then hand-cast in collector-quality vinyl, giving Mollie a soft, huggable and poseable body. Her adorable bright summer outfit is fashioned by hand. Strong demand is expected for this first-of-a-kind orangutan toddler doll, so order now!'


The people at Ashton-Drake Galleries presumably know their business and that last part about strong demand is not wishful thinking. As for me, I don't want a play date with Mollie or to be in a room containing Mollie, and that's with the sun up. Can you imagine lying in bed watching the moonlight play across her wispy auburn hair and strangler's hands?

As Doug Shoop says, You can’t make this stuff up!

You can’t make this stuff up!


Animal communicator, Janet Roper, is founder and President of Talk2theAnimals, a division of Harmonious LIfe, Inc., a Minnesota based company which provides online and offline services and information about animals and animal communication.

Janet Roper has communicated with animals all her life and in 2008 decided to make that her full time business. She is the founder and President of Talk2theAnimals, a division of Harmonious Life, Inc, based in Shorewood, Minnesota specializing in animal communication through individual sessions, TeleConferences and TeleParties.

Roper trained for years as a spiritual director before she began specializing as an animal communicator in 2000. In her communication sessions, she holds heartfelt conversations with the pets, gets answers from the pets and renews the relationship between the pets and their humans.

Active in social media, Roper has created a unique venue for people the world over to experience animal communication. Her award winning blog, Talk2theAnimals.net, contains a wealth of information on animal communication and her popular Talk2theAnimals TeleParties allow people to talk with their animals in a fun-filled, unique and safe environment. Roper can be followed on Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, AllTop and Flickr.

Janet has appeared at the Celebrity Gift Mart of the American Music Awards, and has been featured in a number of news articles, on radio shows, and appears regularly as both a speaker and animal communicator at animal and charity events. She is a contributing author to the book “Angel Horses: Divine Messengers of Hope” by Linda and Allen Anderson. Visit her web site to learn more.

Ms. Roper conducts sessions with animals both living and deceased, in person, and via phone and email.

HAUNTED SKIES: The 1967, Martino Case




DAN HOLDSWORTH WRITES: How many other big cat hoaxes have involved cuddly toys?Perhaps the Weird Weekend ought to include a tongue-in-cheek competition for the least convincing cryptid photo?

We agree. Send us your nominations for the least convincing crypto photo that is in the public domain. We shall find something jolly as a prize!

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1701 Captain William Kidd was executed on the charge of piracy. Kidd was not technically a pirate but a privateer working for the crown, but the political tide turned against him. Kidd is also rumoured to have buried a large amount of treasure in an elaborate booby-trapped vault on Oak Island that later became known as the money pit.
And now, the news:

Catbeast - Four new sightings
Pilot whales leave Loch Carnan following death
Appeal to trace tiger toy owner after police alert...

Now, you see, I was going to post up a tiger video of some sort but I thought I'd post the best video on Youtube instead; it has little relevance but it will make you smile, even if you're having a really rough day:


Thank you to all of you who have sent best wishes to Prudence. At the moment she is only slightly lame, but we are doing our best to dissuade her from rampaging around the garden like a baby rhinoceros on steroids. We can only wait and see.