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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I suppose that it was inevitable considering that Richard and I have lived together on and off for about ten years (although not, thank goodness, in the Biblical sense) and collaborated on various crypto projects for the entire time,that he should be sneakily becoming our foremost Guest Blogger. He has always been obsessed with dogs, so it is not surprising that Derek's marvellous posting the other day on the subject of stray wolves in Illinois prompted not one, but two wolf-related bloggings...

Isn’t it odd, our most beloved animal is the dog, but one of our most hated is the wolf?

Has there ever been an animal so maligned as the poor wolf? Once the most widespread carnivore on Earth it has been mostly wiped out were ever ‘cilvilzation’has sprung up.

Wolves send whole communities into states of unbridled and uncalled for panic. The few wolves that were migrating back into Scandinavia from Russia were met with hysteria and panic. Most were killed.

The Florida black wolf was hunted into extinction by 1917. The Mexican wolf’s wild population is now only just above 50 individuals. The Red Wolf has a world population of no more than 300.

Talk is now afoot of reintroducing the wolf, along with the lynx and the brown bear, into the Highlands of Scotland. Vast amounts of land have been set aside and I can only hope this wonderful and exciting project is not scuppered by spineless politicians and the cowardly bleatings of greedy farmers and landowners, not to mention the increasingly ludicrous Health and Safety Mafia.

During her two years as governor of Alaska, the pitifully stupid and revoltingly spiteful, creationist nutcase Sarah Palin proposed a $150 bounty for the severed foreleg of each wolf killed. Last summer, Alaska wildlife agency personnel hunted down 14 wolves in helicopters and shot them. They then entered the wolf’s dens and shot the defenseless pups. All this to ‘protect’ reindeer whose numbers are already artificially high.

To make her know wow appalled you feel about this sickening act of cowardly eco-terrorism follow the links below

Sign this petition!

Contact Palin's office direct and tell the bitch that the CFZ sent you!

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