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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


'Shooting Bigfoot' review by Owen Hughes • Letterboxd
Having watched most of the documentaries shown during BBC4's recent Storyville season, I have to admit, Shooting Bigfoot (the last episode in the ...

Bigfoot Evidence: Watch Bigfoot Torments Family Captured on Video
Bigfoot Evidence Matt K.
According to this video, a family has been tormented by a group of bigfoot that lives in the woods across the street from their residential home. A book ...

The Peak
Sasquatch capture disappointingly easy
SQUAMISH – Local hiker Bob Jamison has finally found the Sasquatch, stumbling into him on a hiking trip. Bigfoot, or “Foot” as he likes to be called, ...

Kultus: The Bigfoot Novel: Did Ancient Giants Once Rule North America?
Here is Benjamin West's (above) depiction of the 1682 treaty between William Penn and the Lenni Lenape Indians. This Indian nation had members ...

Bigfoot Tracker News: Five Steps To Creating A Cult
People have an overwhelming desire to believe in some- thing. Become the focal point of such desire by offering them a cause, a new faith to follow.

Non-Urban Legends & Exploring the Bigfoot Legend in Yosemite : Beaut-Tree.net
The other week I had a revelation, I realized why the leave no trace mascot is bigfoot! Admittedly it should not have taken me this long, but in my ...

Bigfoot Evidence: Watch LA Bigfoot Sighting, Honey Island Swamp Creature, Bigfoot Transcendence
Join Rev. Jeff for a look at the weeks top Bigfoot Stories Like Bigfoot Sighted outside of LA California, New Doc on the Honey Island Swamp Monster 

Watch: Michigan BFRO Latest Bigfoot Report | Bigfoot Research News
Jim Sherman of the Michigan BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) brings us the latest Bigfoot report coming out of Michigan.

BIGFOOT: The Beast of Kentucky: 05/19/14
Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Field Report and Overnight Expedition 5-17-14. On 05/17/2014, the 3 primary investigators returned to the ...

BIGFOOT: The Beast of Kentucky: 05/19/14
Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Field Report and Overnight Expedition 5-17-14. On 05/17/2014, the 3 primary investigators returned to the ...

Perhilitan: Prints made by elephants
JOHOR BARU: The state Wildlife and National Parks Department has confirmed that the alleged Bigfoot tracks discovered near the Endau-Rompin

Canadian Bigfoot News- May 2014 | Miss Squatcher's Bigfoot Adventures
Harrison Hot Springs and the shores of Harrison lake have a long history of bigfoot activity and the elusive sasquatch is an important part of Sts'ailes 

Bigfoot Evidence: Watch Looking for Bigfoot with Super Blogger Sharon Day
The Looking for Bigfoot New Hour wraps up their current season with a great show and interview with special guest Sharon Day. Sharon runs the 

Bigfoot Evidence: Listen to Sasquatch Chronicles: Incredible Story of People Chased Out of The ...
We had seen The Legend of Boggy Creek a year before, so I guess that's why we settled on Bigfoot as the likely explanation. To make a long story ...

Bigfoot Evidence: This is an Awesome Female Bigfoot Illustration by Dredfunn!
World's Only 24/7 Bigfoot News Blog: Encouraging readers to draw their own ... This illustration is of the bada$$ female bigfoot named Nulas. Check

Prepare yourself for Florida's first Bigfoot Conference. It will be in September in the beautiful city Orlando, right up the road from Disney World and 

Big Foot Archives : MTL Blog | MTL Blog
Possible First Ever Live Sighting Of Bigfoot In Canada's British Columbia. We may no longer be alone. MTL Blog. Photos · Events · Contact Us

LiveLeak.com - Ketchikan Alaska Bigfoot Sighting HD (Enhanced)
If there is a BigFoot, Sasquatch, or Kushtaka I swear I saw him!! source : http://mysteryhistory.tv/bigfoot-sighting-in-ketchikan-alaska/ Original Video

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 1982, Chena River, Alaska: Hunter Shoots Bigfoot. Steve “Bucky” Calhoun was hunting goat in the Chena River State 

Muddy prints feed Bigfoot lore in Malaysia | Doubtful News
A set of huge footprints have made the news as possibly from the Malaysian version of Bigfoot. Man, it's A BIG FOOT. A Big deal about footprints ...

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