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Friday, July 20, 2012


Whilst the focus of the CFZ Mystery Cat study group is predominantly the search for proof of the British big cats, it would be unrealistic to forget that this is only part of a global mystery-cat phenomenon.

Here are a selection of mystery cat stories from around the world.

Biologists ID Holden mystery beast – Out There - BDN Maine Blogs
By John Holyoke
Instead, Newcomb watched as a large cat prowled up the edge of her 1000-foot-long driveway, stopping periodically to mark its territory. Newcomb grabbed her camera, hurried downstairs, and took the shot you're seeing today. “At first, you ...

Okotoks cougar sighting
660 News
RCMP say the cougar wandered into a garage on Friday; When the homeowner opened the garage Saturday the big cat ran into a green space area off the backyard. Mounties are asking residents of Okotoks to be on the lookout for the animal and take the ...

Amur leopard: Cameras catch ultra-rare big cat in north-east China ...
By admin
Amur leopard: Cameras catch ultra-rare big cat in north-east China. Related posts: Liger: Ultra-rare tiger/lion hybrid born at China's Yancheng Wildlife Park · Raw Video: German Park Shows Amur Leopard Cub · Cameras catch prize-fighting ...

Community sees fourth big cat sighting
Police are warning people in one community to watch out for mountain lions.

PHOTOS: Meet Whiting Ranch's Captive Cougar
The big cat, which was captured in Whiting Ranch early Tuesday, got the paparazzi treatment that afternoon at Lake Forest's Serrano Animal & Bird Hospital, where it was surrounded by wide-eyed shutterbugs as it reclined in a cage in a clinic backroom.

Cougar attacks horse near Lewiston
... Idaho Department of Fish and Game say a horse was attacked by a cougar just outside the north-central Idaho town of Lewiston. Conservation officer Mark Hill says the department has issued a kill permit for the cougar and a hunter is trying to track ...

Cougar attacks horse in Idaho; residents now worried about kids
Conservation officer Mark Hill says the department has issued a kill permit for the cougar and a hunter is trying to track the big cat. The 8-year-old bay mare named Dyna was pastured just outside the city limits when it was attacked on Sunday. The ...

Mountain Lion Captured: OC Cat Being Held In Exotic Feline Breeding ...
Huffington Post
A young male mountain lion is resting comfortably in a private zoo after officials from the California department of Fishing and Game trapped and captured the big cat Tuesday morning. The feline, which had first been spotted July 9 at the Whiting Ranch ...

First Snow Leopards Captured, Collared And Released In Afghanistan
The big cats will be tracked by WSC to better understand their behavior and range of travel. So far, the first snow leopard, Pahlawan, released on May 27 has traveled more than 125 kilometers; while the second cat, Khani Wakhai, released on June 8, has ...Cougar makes rare appearance in UP
The Detroit News
A rare daytime photograph of a cougar roaming in the Upper Peninsula is bolstering arguments of wildlife experts that the big cats are doing well in Michigan. The Michigan Wildlife Conservancy —a nonprofit organization formed in 1982 — released a photo ...Police Reports
Marinscope Community Newspapers
A resident reported a large mountain lion on the property. The cat took off before officers arrived. Woman down: Bridgeway. A woman who had been drinking was reportedly lying on the ground. A friend of the subject arrived and took responsibility for her.
Cheetahs escape from zoo
Austrian Times
The female big cat named Juvi fled its enclosure on July 1 and was able to run around the surrounding residential neighbourhood for a number of hours before being caught. And it wasn't the first time the wild animal had been given a taste of freedom.
Lion kills farmer in Amreli village
Indian Express
Forest officials said they have launched a hunt for the big cat, fearing the animal may attack villagers again. Jasadhar range deputy forest officer J K Makwana said, “Bhikha Jalu (50) was sleeping outside his home at his farm in Nagheri village of Jaffrabad ...Mountain lion captured in OC is moved to private zoo
Los Angeles Times
A battery of tests, including blood work, chemical panels and disease screens have come back normal, said Dr. Scott Weldy, the Lake Forest veterinarian who has been caring for the big cat since it was captured in Whiting Ranch. The mountain lion is being ...Possible panther sightings put Mantua on alert
Deputies set up trail cameras in the area, but they have photos of everything except the mystery cat in question. According to the sheriff's office, they believe the animal was a pet that someone released. The Portage County Sheriff's Office is working ...Biologists ID Holden mystery beast – Out There - BDN Maine Blogs
By John Holyoke
Kemper takes no pleasure in shooting down mountain lion sightings, or in refuting the claims of mystery beasts. The DIF&W fields “dozens and dozens” of reports of big cats each year, according to Kemper, and they take each seriously.
Ontario cougar mystery deepens
Nanda Guha, the owner of Guha's Tiger and Lion Farm in Utterson, Ont., near where a cougar attacked and killed a family dog before police shot the big cat dead, said he's been fielding numerous phone calls and repeated visits from the police, but the ...

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