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Sunday, May 01, 2011

LIZ CLANCY: Canine conundrum

We've been living in the new house a couple of months now and on the whole we like it very much but there's summat up with the dog. For the last three weeks he has been a colossal pain in the backside.

It began with our little Pal waking us up first thing in the morning (and progressively during the night as well) by diving on one person's chest before running in to the other and repeating the action. He pants as if he's too hot but is usually shivering at the same time like he's cold. He dribbles all over the house. We let him out in the back yard but he's not satisfied.

We've checked with neighbours and none have a female dog in heat that ours perhaps could smell. Besides, he's been neutered.

We've taken to keeping our bedroom doors shut so he can't annoy us in the small hours of the morning so he's taken to shredding the boxes we've yet to unpack or (amazingly for such a titchy dog) jumping up onto the kitchen counters to knock stuff over! In the last couple of days he's taken to doing this whenever we leave the house.

Any ideas, please???


Tabitca said...

sounds like he is very stressed by the move Liz. Try some serene calm ing tablets for dogs or similar.can buy them from vet/ pet shop or on internet(probably cheaper).If it was a cat I would say get feliway.Good Luck xx

Syd said...

Try putting some Lavender oil on his bedding and perhaps even rub some on the fur around his neck and chin.
It will do him no harm and should relax him. Even if it doesn't work, at least he will smell nice.