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Thursday, October 01, 2009

ON THE TRACK (Of Unknown Animals) Episode 25

JAN EDWARDS: Mystery Sheep Attack

We have been in contact with Jan for ages, and it is with great pleasure that we welcome her aboard, not only as a guest blogger, but as a Co. Durham representative for the CFZ. With Davy Curtis already at the helm in the county, the two of them will make a dream team par excellence....

A dog (we think) has attacked one of our sheep.

From the injuries, it looks like a very big dog. We have a rottie and my friends have an Irish Wolfhound. The marks on this sheep show a foot bigger than either of them. Sheep Ab
igail will hopefully be ok.

We have no real idea what did it, but it isn’t big cat. The claws that did this are blunt.


BLOG POST (WARNING, CONTAINS A GRAPHIC IMAGE!) - but basically concerns the recent rumours that a 'big cat' on the loose near London (which I knew anyway).


I am actually getting tired of the ongoing discussions about the Irish `Lake Monster` video. The trolling I received on YouTube is much what one would expect. I have broad shoulders (one has to have in this game) and most of it just washes over me. However, there is one allegation that I really must refute. I don't censor comments on this blog. If you read the comments on my posting of the lake video I think that refutes that allegation soundly enough.

On the whole, unless the comment is pure insult containing sexual slurs towards me or my family, (You ****ing **** fat ****, why dont you **** off) or is trying to sell something (I love your blog, now read mine and win a free ipod) or is that poor little bloke who tries to post something about refugees in Kurdistan every few weeks, it gets posted. The only time I have ever consistently censored anyone on the blog was back in 2005 when someone consistently made allegations that I was embezzling CFZ funds to spend on drugs.

There are an awful lot of idiots out there.

However, some of these latest allegations appear to have a more sinister purpose. Already one person has said that they will never buy any of my books if I censor what is in them! I am not quite sure what he means, but am sad if I have lost a potential reader, and a potential sale. However this is just part of an ongoing campaign that has been going on all year to discredit me and to try and stop people buying my books. I have a pretty good idea who is behind it, and all I will say further on this subject is that for so long as you hide behind a facile pseudonym nobody outside the canaille is going to take you seriously.

Now, I always blog under my own name, and am prepared to stand by everything I have written. From now on I will only answer criticism from people who have the guts to stand up and be counted using their own names. The sort of people who make snide remarks about the CFZ's `crumbling reputation` when we are achieving bigger and better things than we have ever done but hide behing a nom de guerre are just cowardly bullies, and beneath my contempt.

Now I wanna get on with the rest of my life, so I consider the matter closed.

LINDSAY SELBY WRITES: "I will no doubt also receive some abuse for this but I had to say it!"

The Irish lake video appears to have started a controversy. In case you missed it here is a news paper report about it:

SCIENTISTS believe this incredible footage could show a mysterious monster lurking beneath one of the deepest lakes in the British Isles. Jonathan Downes, 50, spotted the "creature" thrashing around in one of the Lakes of Killarney in County Kerry, Ireland, while on holiday last week........

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From `Broadcast Now`..

The picture on the left shows Jon, Corinna and Max out on their next trip to Ireland in search of material for YouTube trools to talk crap about. No it doesn't, of course; it is a still from everyone's favourite mildly crypto TV show, which despite being axed earlier in the year, has been brought back for at least two more series.

ITV has resurrected hit sci fi drama Primeval for two new series in 2011, after agreeing a ground breaking co-production deal that will see UKTV have the first run of the fifth series.

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday’s News Today


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