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Friday, July 29, 2011

LIZ CLANCY: 'No pets' no more

Promising news for all pooch pals and felid friends that don't or won't own their own home: the Dogs Trust have a campaign called Lets With Pets that's intended to make it less of a hassle renting a property for dog- and cat-owners. Like me, you may have been more than daunted by 'no pets' warnings in hosts of property ads and ended up renting a place not fit for the strayest of strays, just to keep the furry one of your family living with you. Lets With Pets encourages letting agents and landlords (and ladies) to welcome responsible dog- and cat-owners. The campaign provides advice and information so those with the keys won't mind handing them over to Rover. To help, you can fill in a survey (www.letswithpets.org.uk) about your own experiences.

Unfortunately, if you're partial to pythons or in love with llamas, you're probably on your own.
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ANDREW MAY: Words from the Wild Frontier

From Crypto Squad USA:
The CFZ's Weird Weekend - August 19-21
Micah & Manimals

From Nick Redfern's "There's Something in the Woods...":
Naomi's Nessie - The Continuing Saga
A White Bigfoot Caught on Film?
Hilary Evans RIP
Cryptid Fest
Weird Weekend 2011 - Details
Cryptid Fest Update

From CFZ Australia:
Here be monsters, says Dr Charles Paxton
Koala joey a bit hit at zoo
New mini frog species discovered in Pilbara
Australia a cryptid hotspot (but we knew that, right?)
Golden Bowerbird hovers on the edge of extinction
Wild Aussie visits the urban jungle
Weird Weekend 2011 *update*
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GEORGE: The biggest dog in the world?

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Beached Carcasses

This article on ten mysterious monsters washed up around the world is of interest for many reasons. But check out #5 - the skull of this dead seal is languishing in a bucket of formalin in the CFZ Museum....
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OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1932 Walt Disney released the first cartoon short to use three strip Technicolor, 'Flowers and Trees'.
And now the news:

articles on misidentifications of mystery aquatics...
People at darker, higher latitudes evolved bigger ...
Illegal Animal Trade: Eskimo Hunters Plead Guilty
Patches the dog on death row saves his own life by...
Video: Thylacine Sighting from Jan 2009?
Australia's fattest dog put on diet
Blainville's beaked whales enter stealth mode
Are they out there? Kent's big cat sightings revea...
Scientists warn of 'Planet of the Apes' scenario
Columba met a bear, not Nessie
'Missing snake' strikes fear into quiet Swiss town...
Okla. Officials Find Doughnuts Help Trap Bears
Dog nurses 2 ligers after tiger mom abandons them
Grand Cayman blue iguana: back from the brink
Extinct in Wild, Tiny Tanzanian Toad Thrives in La...

I could post something news related as the vaguely related video today but instead I'm sure you would much rather see 'Flowers and Trees'. Just before the 7 minute mark you can see a hoop snake caterpillar, so keep your eye open for that: