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Monday, January 21, 2008

I suppose it is irony really

I spent a large part of the weekend persuading a good friend of mine not to close down his blog. The hyaenas of the internet had decided to harrass the poor bastard, even going so far as to post his home address up on a web forum somewhere together with some veiled threats. I told him that over the years, such people have accused me of being:

1. A heroin dealer (false)
2. A drug addict (sort of true some years ago, but it was nobody else's business)
3. A child molester (false)
4. An alcoholic (depends on your point of view)
5. A satanist (false)
6. A government spy (I think my anarchist credentials stand for themselves)
7. An employee of MI6 (lololol)

and all sorts of other stuff that I really cannot be bothered to talk about. On this very blog I was accused of spending all the CFZ money on drugs and alcohol. Richard and the gang have been accused of only being involved with the CFZ to get free foreign holidays.

This is all bollocks!

However, I told him, these idiots will continue to do stuff like that whether he takes down his blog or not, and so the best thing to do was to ignore him.

However, I know how he feels. In recent months it has seemed that every time I poke my head above the parapets, some bastard takes a pot shot at me. The latest are those jolly nice people at Wikipedia. Apparently (although my entry has been up there for well over two years), I am not notable enough for inclusion, and - because they suspected that I had written my own entry - they wouldn't believe a word I wrote.


That is because a great deal of what had been written about me by other people was complete nonsense. I am NOT 65 years old, I am NOT engaged to someone called "Lisa",
I DON'T live in Essex, and I have NOT written a book called "Owlman and other stories".

I have been keeping my entry, the CFZ entry, the Weird Weekend entry and several others up to date, because I truly believe that what the CFZ does is important. Very important! I don't do it out of self-aggrandaisment because fame and fortune are truly compoletely unimportant to me.

As far as the `notability guidelines` of Wikipedia are concerned, they have a whole section for `Scatwhores` for God's sake! Although as far as this section is concerned, I suppose I have a certain amount in common with them: I, too, take an awful lot of shit from people whilst I am trying to get on with my life's work.

Now, don't get me wrong. I believe in Wikipedia. I think it is a great, and even a noble concept. A free encyclopaedia that arrives at a neutral viewpoint through consencus editing is something that should be applauded, and it is something that I will continue to support.

However buys and girls. I want you all to do me a favour. Can you all log in to wikipedia over the next few days and add references and external links to my poagfe, the CFZ page, Richard's page, the Weird Weekend page etc. If enough of you do that then it will prove once and for all to these people that I and the CFZ do indeed exist, and that we are not all a figment of my - admittedly deranged at times - imagination.

Thanks guys.

PS: This is the end of the rant......... for now