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Sunday, October 31, 2010

HARRIET WADHAM: Meece and Holidays

My dad is a gardener and you know the way gardeners like to tip their compost bins upside down? Well… he did this and out of the flying particles of rotting apples a full-grown mouse mother scampered off to leave her children to dad. Dad has done this before once and the mice were actual pink, furless newborns. Sadly, none of them made it and Dad felt very depressed, as did all of us. But this time the mice he found had fur and as their eyes were still closed they would be more comfortable when their eyes did open as this following piece of mouse logic suggests....

Big thing comes with eyedropper. Eyedropper has drink. Big thing comes with cotton bud. Cotton bud has food. Eat and drink. Feel satisfied. Go and snuggle with others.

Therefore, when we witnessed the mice’s eyes opening it was very sweet as they scampered around Dad’s hand and followed the mouse logic. Now they have a big tank all to themselves with a little warm hidey-hole. The furniture consists of cardboard tubes fashioned into ladders and tunnels and newspaper shavings, which have soya-based ink so it doesn’t harm the mice, which are lactose-intolerant. We used to feed them with a cotton bud but they’ve gone on to solids so now they just nibble on the raisins and nuts we drop down the hidey-hole. Unfortunately my sister and brother keep arguing over the name of one of the mice. Lily calls him Frodo and Henry calls him Chubby. I call him Frodo too so I don’t quite know why Henry doesn’t give up. It might be because he’s seven. I don’t know. I don’t know! I just don’t know. Ah yes, and we call them meece for some strange reason.

We were on holiday for most of this week and I am writing this blog about an hour after we got back. During our holiday we spent about an hour watching The Sarah Jane Adventures and I didn’t time it on my watch otherwise that would be just strange. Anyway, a summary would be swimming pool, playing Pool, arcade and making a holiday film on Mum’s laptop. It will be on here the moment it is finished! Actually, that would probably upset the space-time continuum and bring a paradox crashing down on us as the theory of time travel is light years out of our grasp. For people who didn’t understand a word I just typed (and that includes me), we wouldn’t feel very happy. I used Windows Movie Maker and there are a couple of clips in SLOW-MO. There’s one of Henry saying "…is the caravan we didn’t expect to get." In SLOW-MO. There’s another of Henry talking about his room in SLOW-MO. Most of the ones with Henry in are in SLOW-MO. It’s because he’s got a SLOW-MO voice. It works well in SLOW-MO.

Anyhoo, here is a piece of news I feel I should bring to your attention. At last year’s Weird Weekend some of the raffle prizes were SASQWATCHES. Or however you spell that word. And I crossed my fingers all the way through hoping for a SASQWATCH. Did I get one? No. So humph to all you lucky people who got a SASQWATCH.


Humph humph.
Humph humph humph humph humph humph humph.

RICHARD FREEMAN: Daemons of the Dreamtime #5

Whowhie was a flesh-eating monster the size of a whale. It had a frog-like head with big, dark eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth. It had a long tail and six legs. The monster lived in a cave beneath the Murray River. At night it emerged and searched for campfires to lead it to human prey. Whowhie could devour whole tribes in one night.

The Aborigines defeated the monster by piling up brushwood around all the entrances to its lair as it slept then setting fire to the tinder dry material and smoking Whowhie to death. Some think this monster is a distorted memory of the giant monitor lizard Megalania prisca that would have hunted early human settlers in Australia.

ARCHIVING PROJECT: General Forteana Part 30

As you know, Oll has been working on the archiving project since early February 2009 and he is now working on a general mish-mash of a section known as `General Forteana`. This 30th collection once again really is a collection of completely uncategoriseable stuff, including a green cat in Denmark, a rare Savi's pipistrelle saved from a cat, a two headed calf and a python in a lavatory. It doesn't get much better than this. Good stuff.



A week may be a long time in politics, but ten minutes can be an aeon in cryptozoology. I only wrote this a few minutes ago: 'The India expedition left the UK yesterday. They said that they would try to get in touch when they landed, but not to worry if we didn't hear anything. We haven't heard anything, and we are sitting here with collectively baited breath...'

Then the phone rang. For the first news from India, I strongly suggest that you scootle over to the expedition blog....



Once again, this story is courtesy Rick from the Paranormal Buffalo email group.

Horse Apparition
Joshua P. Warren sends us this photo of what Lynn Jackson, who operated a rescue in Lancaster, South Carolina, calls a "horse apparition." According to Lynn, after her pony named Noah died, his spirit would frequently run through the house. Lynn snapped this shot of Noah tearing through the living room one night. For more, visit JoshuaPWarren.com.

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1612 Michelangelo's paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel were unveiled to the public for the first time.
And now, the news:

Record year for endangered Colombian parrot
Warm weather sets lowland skink sex
South Uist whales 'now safe' at sea
Smugglers Now After Venomous Snakes
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