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Saturday, October 10, 2009


He would have been 69 Today


RICHARD MUIRHEAD WRITES: I thought orang-pendek had reddish fur? Could what was sighted recently be something completely different or a melanistic orang-pendek? When are the saliva results due? I have read some of the blogs. It's shameful how some people are treating you. Pure jealousy? More power to your elbow, as a friend of mine once used to say.

RICHARD FREEMAN ANSWERS: The orang-pendek is said to have mainly black fur. Some reports refer to 'honey-coloured' hair. Personly all the witnesses I have spoken to have said it had black hair. A Kubu cheif called Nylam said the one he saw had black hair tinted with red, whilst another Kubu cheif, Tarib, said the one he saw was black fading to blond and grey.

Adam Davies currently has the specimens. He will be splitting them up and giving half to us. His are going to Dr Scott Disotell of New York University whereas ours will be going to Dr Lars Thomas at the University of Copenhagen.

As for the vitriol, I expected no less. The people involved have never been on a scientific expedition in their lives; you can tell by the infantile comments they come out with like "a good photo is better than DNA evidence." The main protagonists are known to us. They wantonly attack anything the CFZ does because we have published excellent books by authors that they hate for petty and babyish reasons. This man and his tawdry little organisation have achieved absolutely nothing whereas the CFZ have mounted many expeditions around the world, published over 50 books (not vanity publishing; real publishing) and has successfully run a world renowned conference for ten years. I rest my case.


Interesting phantom feline link on the ghost club site: http://www.ghostclub.org.uk/frameset.htm


We have been in contact with Jan for ages, and it is with great pleasure that we welcome her aboard, not only as a guest blogger, but as a Co. Durham representative for the CFZ. With Davy Curtis already at the helm in the county, the two of them will make a dream team par excellence....

We saw a Thing the other night. Not sure at all WHAT it was, but both myself and Gareth saw it. We were driving back from Darlington to home at about 10pm on Wednesday 7th October, and just west of Harperley roundabout on the A698 to Wolsingham, when “it” flew in front of the car.

Whatever it was, was not a bird, and was not a moth or bat. It was approx. 3 feet long, about 1ft wide at the head, tapering down to a short tail. It was white and almost see-through – like a cloud, perhaps – pear-drop shaped, and moved very fast.

It rose from a hedge (or from the ground close to the hedge), which borders the road. Then it sped across the road at about 30ft high. Not sure how fast it was going, but a few mins later we saw a tawny owl flying across the road, and the Thing was much faster than the owl.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I am not suggesting that the Thing and the owl were connected in any way. It was incidental and only serves as an indication of air-speed.

The site we saw it at was close to the POW camp, which has recently been put up for sale on ebay. There are no street lights nearby, and it is a remote area of the high north Pennines. Very few dwellings, not much human activity, other than the fairly quiet A689. There was very little wind, and it was quite dark as it was cloudy/overcast. No rain.



The house seems awfully quiet this morning, because Lizzy went back to Lancashire (via London) yesterday morning.

It has been a delight having her here, and both Corinna and I have not only enjoyed her company but found her to be a great help, and are looking forward to her next visit.

And we both take back all the forebodings we now admit that we had. Lancashire cheese soup is delicious!


I have always thought that it was an unfortunate irony that whereas the biology of some species of fish - particularly tropical species that are common in the pet trade - are well known, the biology of other well known species, including British native species is remarkably obscure. I have actually always been fond of our native species, and wish that they were more widely kept in aquaria, and so I was particularly chuffed when I found this video of captive bred stone loach: a species that I kept (and bred) as a boy.



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Rhys Darby and David Farrier On The Air! (the Cryptid Factor)

posted 08 October 2009
George FM is proud to announce the addition of comedic heavyweight Rhys Darby and media maverick David Farrier to our weekly DJ lineup.

We'll let the boys explain how they're going to brighten up your Saturday mornings with…The Cryptid Factor:

From Rhys:
"If I ever had the time in my busy Hollywood schedule to listen to radio, this would be the show I would listen to, it's a show about mystery, adventure, monsters and bollocks. Two of New Zealand's greatest minds combine to bring you two hours of 'must watch' radio. This radio show is about keeping alive the spirit from the golden age of mystery and adventure and gives the public a rare glimpse at my serious side as I discuss things like the migration patterns of Yeti - arguably the most important thing to hit New Zealand radio since Bad Jelly the Witch. And the opportunity to work with David Farrier is...something I have to put up with to do this show."

From Farrier:
"The Cryptid Factor is a show about cryptids - that is, animals unknown to science like the Yeti, Loch Ness monster and the Mongolian Death Worm. It's an area of obsession for both Rhys and myself and we're both mutually tickled we've met someone else who's into it. And that a station like George will let us share it with New Zealand. So yeah, we'll be chatting about the subject in amongst playing our favourite tunes.

There's never been a radio show in New Zealand celebrating cryptozoology. This has always stunned me a bit, and when I found Rhys was equally passionate about the issue, planning a new show seemed pretty logical. Of course saying "planning" makes it sound really planned - all we've really done is given the show segments various names. We're a particularly proud of a segment called 'vocalisations'. This segment will be both sexy and chilling.

We'll be breaking a few radio rules... we're having a very visual section about cryptid art. The fact you can't see pictures on the radio won't be stopping us. As for music, well, Rhys has just this minute handed me his Daft Punk CD - what could go wrong?!?"

Find out what indeed could go wrong every Saturday morning on George FM.

The Cryptid Factor with Rhys Darby and David Farrier on George FM. Saturdays, 8-10am, George FM.

For interview opportunities, contact dean@georgefm.co.nz , 021997042

Follow us: twitter.com/cryptidfactor and search for THE CRYPTID FACTOR group on Facebook.

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday’s News Today


Saturday means the YNT song of the week so here we go with a nice mellow song today “Life is a boat” by Rie Fu:


And now, the news:

Prickly problem for animal lover who has adopted 24 mischievous pygmy hedgehogs

Tiny porkers with a big price tag: £700 'micro-pigs' are the latest celebrity pet craze

Sexy moths could help beat malaria

Bid to save crayfish in Wimborne river

Say what you like about the crayfish but they were really nice to their mother.