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Saturday, October 08, 2011

More than 200 reports of big cats to Devon and Cornwall police

More than 200 sightings of big cats made over the last decade have been reported to Devon and Cornwall Police, which has opened its own “beast” files for the first time.

The force has logged 205 sightings from all over the two counties since 2000, although numbers have tailed off significantly in recent years.

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The story goes on to mention us! Thanks to Penny in Laqunceston for pointing out this story to me


You will not be surprised to know that, being the person who invented the wheel, the umbrella and the anemometer, I was pleased to find in the depths of my ever expanding cuttings collection, the following long lost item relating to China`s early submarine:

SUBMARINES – Wang Kia , a Taoist priest of China (4th century A.D. .) in his `Shi-i-ki`, lib. Iv., when referring to the reign of Shi – Hwang-ti of the Ts`in dynasty (221-210 B.C) , says:-

“The people of Yuen-ku arrived in China after making the voyage in the lo-chau [lit., “ spiral-shell boat”], which was shaped like a spiral shell, and capable of being conducted near the bottom of the deep without incurring the intrusion of any water. Its other name was lun-po-chau [lit ., “ under-wave boat”]. The men of that country had the stature of ten feet, and clad themselves with the knitted hairs of birds and beasts. Questioned by the emperor as to the beginnings of the heavens and earth, they answered as if they had ocularly witnessed it.

Obviously, this idea of the spiral shell boat was the outcome of the observation of the submarine movement of such a shellfish as the nautilus or Argonaut. KUMAGUSU MINAKATA (1)

1. Notes and Queries 12 S. V. May 1919 p. 131

WE DON'T USUALLY ADVERTISE PIZZA HERE ON THE CFZ BLOGGO NETWORK (but my eldest stepdaughter, knowing my fixation for poultry, sent this along

Thank You Shosh!


Today is the end of an era. Oll Lewis leaves us to go and live with his girlfriend in Plymouth. Good luck Oliver...

HAUNTED SKIES: Haunted Skies, and a UFO over Dorset


OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today

Yesterday’s News Today

On this day in 1989 a UFO was reported to have landed in Vornezh in South Western Russia.
And now the news:

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Talking about UFOs, aliens and such-like here's some hazy cosmic jazz:



Max wrote to say that he is very glad that he caught Pentangle live last summer. I met Bert once twenty years ago at a gig in Totnes, he was an incomparable guitarist...


This morning I received a message from someone called 'emrufo' on the cfzTV youtube account:

I heard of a lynx sighting around the 26th September 2011 in Finedon, Northamptonshire UK and a couple of other times over past years. This latest was a very close encounter as in meter`s. Hope this helps. Also a badger with half its face missing same area and time span. maybe this could help chart movement.. :-)

If there is anyone reading this in or near Finedon, who can help us with any further details please get in touch by emailing jon@eclipse.co.uk