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Friday, June 25, 2010



Kithra is back online. I for one have missed her. However, the strains of her move have made her somewhat unwell and as she writes: "To those of you who have emailed me, I'll reply when I really am feeling better."

You can't say fairer than that!

CFZ ARCHIVING PROJECT: General Forteana Part 14

As you know, Oll has been working on the archiving project since early February 2009 and he is now working on a general mish-mash of a section known as `General Forteana`. This fourteenth collection really is a general mishmash of completely uncategoriseable stuff, including several Shakespeare-related articles, some out-of-place cranes and a two headed baby.. It doesn't get much better than this. Good stuff.



The other day we posted this story about giant earthworms, and Richard F. (who originally sourced the website) pointed out that we hadn't included this link to the pages about the deahworm including "loads of photos of giant earthworms that they are trying to pass off as deathworms!"

Never mind - it gives me an excuse to post another giant earthworm picture. Wayhay!


Dear Friends

We'd like to introduce you to Site 2, the preparation and execution of our expedition to Hamburgo Lake deep into the Pacaya Samaria Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon.

During this stage our expedition we retraced the steps of 2 explorers from over 100 years ago; Franz Herman Schmidt & Rudolf Phleng.

The link below will take you to videos of the lake survey, pre-flight preparations and some supporting data that suggests that the South American Dragon may still exist (look for the circular wallows that Schmidt & Phleng described and the floating caused by animal activity on the banks of the lake):


Kind regards

Mike & Greg Warner
24th June 2010


If you tried to email me on jon@eclipse.co.uk or mailto:jon@cfz.org.uk yesterday and were told that my inbox was full, or even just had your email bounced backto you, please try again. I was not well on Thursday and went to bed early, just as I was being sent a large amount of pictures. It is nobody's fault, and just one of those things. If you are in doubt as to whether I received your message, resend it anyway....

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1284 an incident happened in Hamlin involving the death or disappearance of 130 children. This incident was later retold as the legend of the pied piper. The story of a wronged rat-catcher leading the town's children off into a mountain by beguiling them with a magic flute is based upon a stained glass window in the local church that was made in memory of the incident and it depicts the children dancing as they are led out of the town in a parade and towards the mountains by a musician dressed in rags.

There are several theories as to what happened as the town's records only tell what happens as the day ‘we lost the children.’ Theories include disease, a serial killer or wandering army recruiters. To me, the most plausible theory is that the children were taken by disease (a possible link to bubonic plague with the mention of rats in the re-telling of the story) and that the musician depicted in the church’s window was meant to symbolise death leading the children away.

And now, the news:

Canada zoo appeals for stolen tiger and camels
2-year-old cow moose picks area man’s yard to lie down and die
Bionic feet for amputee cat

That’s good news; it would have been a ‘cat’-astrophe if the poor fellow couldn’t walk again.

LIZ CLANCY: Health update

Hello people! Just thought I'd drop a line on the bloggo to say I'm back (ish). I got out of hospital Tuesday evening and am back home at last.

The 'ish' was because although I'm back online today at least, I'm not really back in the sense I would like. Put bluntly, until further notice, I can do naff all. I actually shattered my ankle into lots of little pieces apparently, and had to have surgery to put lots of little metal pieces added to help it on the knitting back together process. I've been told that as this is quite a bad break, certainly till the cast is off at least, I've basically got to sit on my bottom all day, getting large and lazy.

The pain can be bad and by extension, very tiring, so I may not be as regularly online and blog-subbing as much as I'd like to.

Thank you to all the well-wishers; you're very kind. Thank you mainly, though, to my Mum and my lovely Paul, who have been and continue to be for that matter, amazing.