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Friday, January 16, 2009


Whether or not you believe that it is a bona fide alien relic, (and we don't) the `Starchild Skull` is a fascinating, and quite probably priceless, specimen. A day or so ago Lloyd Pye, the tireless custodian of the skull issued an updated newsletter. We are reprinting it here, together with a 2004 article that I wrote and comments from Richard and Graham who went to Glastonbury with me to witnes the first UK unveiling of the skull about seven years ago...

Lloyd Pye with the latest Starchild news

My article from a few years back

Richard and Graham's reminiscences


Richard: In so far as I can see there is no cause what so ever to associate the 'Star Child' skull with 'aliens'. For a start despite it's differences it is still too much like a human skull to be the product of another planet's evolution. I call this the Star Trek syndrome after the dull, huimanoid aliens in this un-imaginative series (not a patch on Dr Who with it's genuinlely alien looking aliens). The chances of anything evoloving on another biospher that looks remotly human are astronomical. Most of the public have a very Victorian view of evolution, that it is constantly trying to improve organisms and make them more intelligent. In this system man is at the zenith with the 'lower' creatures such as mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and so on beneath them.

Evolutions just dosn't work like that. It adapts organisms to best fit in with the enviroment at that perticular time and place not to human ideas of what is best. A case in point are suropod dinosaurs. As their necks grew longer it became harder for their harts to pump blood up to the brain. As an adaption their brains grew smaller so they needed less blood. This is an invertion of how the public expect evolution to work.

I think the Star Child skull is much more important than any 'little grey man'. It think it may be the skull of a rare and unkown form of homonid, an unkown relative of modern man, perhapse one adapted to a nocturnal existance. The recent discovery of Homo floresiensis in Indoneasia shows that this is far from imposable.

The new world is full of legends of small, hair covered creatures that go by many different names. In Guyana we heard many stories of a race of tiny homonids all across the country. We met many witnesses to these creatures.

I think that what we have here may be evidence for one of our closest relatives and that is far more exciting than twice told tales of flying saucers and alien 'gods' hybridizing with mankind.

Graham: Although I didn't then (and don't now) believe that the "Starchild Skull" is of extraterrestrial origin, I was still interested in attending Lloyd Pye's lecture on the subject. While Pye explained how the skull was found in a mine near Chihuahua, central Mexico, our eyes kept returning to the skull, on a nearby table. Pye then revealed that what we were seeing was a replica, the original being considered too valuable to cart around as a stage prop. So any hippies or mystics who were hoping to experience a "cosmic vibe" from touching a mysterious artefact were out of luck. The main thing I learned is not to use cigarettes as measuring references when taking photographs. A graduated ruler would look a lot more professional!
A couple of years ago an extraordinary man came to England. His name is Lloyd Pye and he is the keeper of what he believes is indisputable proof that aliens not only visit this planet but while they're here interbreed with human beings .

According to Lloyd, the story begins between 60 and 70 years ago when a teenage Mexican/American girl was visiting relatives in a remote village southwest of Chihuahua, Mexico. The mountains are honeycombed with complex cave systems and mines, and the girl was forbidden by her family from exploring them. However, being a feisty young thing she disobeyed them and went anyway.

According to Lloyd "At the back of a mine tunnel she found a complete human skeleton lying on the ground's surface. Beside it, sticking up out of the ground, was a malformed skeletal hand entwined in one of the human skeleton's upper arms. The girl proceeded to scrape the dirt off a shallow grave to reveal a buried skeleton smaller than the human one".

One of the skulls was definitely human but the other most definitely is not. It completely lacks sinuses, it has large, shallow eyes, its foramen (the hole through which the spinal cord goes to the brain), is in a completely different position and that of a human being which implies that its centre of gravity was completely different. there dozens of other differences as well which make this skull unique in the annals of science and medicine.

She took the two skulls back with her. Apparently, the tunnel caved in soon after, but the girl kept the skulls for the remainder of her life. On her death they changed hands a couple of times and eventually ended up with Lloyd Pye.
There are stories in Mexican folklore of people from the stars who visit villages in rural Mexico and breed with the people who live there. According to these stories the Star people return and take their children back with them when they're about six or seven years old. Lloyd has hypothesised that the two skulls tell a sad and very human story.

He has suggested that a human mother - heartbroken at the thought of losing her child when its alien father came back to collect it - preferred to go to a remote mine, kill the child and then commit suicide herself.

Since he obtained the skull in 1997 he has been raising money to carry out scientific tests on it. He has already ascertained that it is about 900 years old, and preliminary DNA tests suggest that it is at least partly human. Lloyd needs to raise a lot more money to continue his investigations. You can read all about the skull, the investigations, and Lloyd's campaign at http://www.starchildproject.com/ He is an extremely nice man and deserves your support.

This is your chance to be part of what - if Lloyd is correct - is possibly the most important scientific investigation of all time.

However, although I have the greatest respect for Lloyd, I believe that he is barking completely up the wrong tree. I believe that the skull is extraordinarily interesting but can be explained without recourse to men from another planet. There are other ancient Mexican legends of small dwarf-like creatures said to live in caves in the more remote parts of the country. In his book The Humanoids (1969), Charles Bowen describes modern-day encounters with such creatures across South and Central America. Although it is true that some commentators believe that these creatures are aliens, others - including yours truly - have suggested that they are more likely to be an unknown species of ape, or porssibly another species of human..

When I was in Mexico during 1998 I heard a number of accounts of therse strange hairy dwarves who supposedly lived in caves in the wilder parts of the country. They were said to be very shy, but harmless, and although I was initially disposed to assume that a new type of nocturnal monkey or ape is living in these desert caves, the local people with whom I spoke seemed to be convinced that these things were human rather than animals.

The folk stories describe a considerable degree of interaction between humans and these hairy dwarfs which might explain why the skull was found alongside another which is indisputably human. Rather than one dismissing the skull because one does not believe in aliens and especially not in them visiting Earth and interbreeding with our own species, I believe that one should instead consider the so-called "Starchild-Skull" to be one of the most important Cryptozoological specimens yet discovered – evidence that we are not the only species of human on the planet.

However, if Lloyd is right, then the implications are far far greater, and this is the first scientific evidence that we are not alone in the cosmos. Whichever of these theories proves to be true, this skull is certainly one of the strangest and most important specimens on the planet, and when its story is finally revealed to us it will force us to re-evaluate our whole position within creation.
Watch this space….
An update from our old mate Lloyd Pye on the latest developments with the `Starchild Skull`. I first met Lloyd ten years ago this summer, and whilst I disagree with his conclusions, there is no doubt that what he has is a fascinating, and possibly unique, cryptozoological specimen...

Because we used a new server for the Starchild Project's mailing list, a lot of them have been caught in anti-spam filters. I'm resending this to make sure at least my friends see it. If you already have it and have read it, then just delete this one. If you're not on the mailing list, please visit the Starchild website and sign up. I won't do it this way any more. This is much too time-consuming. Thanks for your consideration!


1. Update on one-hour Starchild skull documentary

2. Starchild skull to be featured on "UFO Hunters"

3. Upcoming article in Nexus Magazine

4. 100 copies left of hardback book

5. Starchild skull website has been updated

6. Note about "Everything You Know Is Wrong"

1. As we enter this potentially momentous new year, things are
accelerating with the Starchild skull. The last update announced that
a British TV documentary company had committed the $200,000 needed to
pay for the Starchild's DNA to be tested by the highly sophisticated
protocol developed by 454 Life Science technology. This test will be
done during three to four months in the middle of the year, and the
finished film will be shown on TV around the world in the latter part
of 2009. That hour-long special is still on track and looking good at
this point.

2. This coming weekend, on Sunday, January 18th, we'll be in Houston
filming a segment of the popular History Channel show, "UFO Hunters."
We'll be one segment among several that will examine the question of
Grey aliens. I'm told the finished episode could be broadcast as soon
as March or April of this year.

3. More widespread publicity will come from an extensive "overview"
article in Nexus Magazine that I will write for its next issue, due
out in March-April, the same time as the "UFO Hunters" show is due to
be broadcast. So more good luck and good timing with that exposure.

4. The chips finally seem to be falling our way, so let me mention
that we have only about 100 copies left of the hardback first edition
of "The Starchild Skull." If you don't yet have a copy of it, please
take this last opportunity to get one. When we have the result we
know we'll get from the DNA test, all things Starchild will have an
automatic increase in value, and this book will be no exception. To
book collectors it will be worth considerably more than its $30.00
cover price (shipping included), so this is an investment as much as
a book purchase, and it tells a heck of a good story. The producer of
"UFO Hunters" told me it's the best written of all the UFO books he's
ever read while doing his job. That's high praise indeed, so if
you're interested please order it at www.starchildproject.com or

5. If you go to the Starchild website you will notice that it has
been completely updated.

6. For those many of you who have asked when the revised version of
"Everything You Know Is Wrong" will be ready, I am 1/3 of the way
through it and trying hard to get to the end of it. I deeply regret
letting it lapse out of print last year, but I truly thought I'd be
finished with it by now. If you can stay patient, I will keep
plugging away at it and it should be available in 2010.

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season, and that the
economic meltdown has impacted you as lightly as possible. 10
trillion dollars seems to have gone somewhere, so I hope at least
some of it has found its way into your pockets.... ;-)

Last but not least, we've gone to a new system of mailing these
updates. If you've received this by accident and want to be removed
from the list, please use the links below. Thanks!

Lloyd Pye



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