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Saturday, March 24, 2012

RICHARD MUIRHEAD: Le dragon de Hong Kong

Today`s blog is about a comic/book I came across whilst doing a general Google search for Hong Kong mystery animals using Babel Fish. The comic is Le Dragon de Hong Kong and this is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

“Le Dragon de Hong Kong (The Dragon of Hong Kong ) is the 16th book from Yoko Tsuno comic book series written by Roger Leloup published in 1986 (ISBN 2-8001-1378-2)


While going to visit her Chinese cousin in Hong Kong, the junk Yoko travels on is suddenly attacked by a giant lizard. When Yoko investigates, she discovers that the `dragon` was actually a part of an ambitios movie project. Involved in the project is a little girl called Rosée du Matin (Morning Dew) Yoko becomes very fond of. She is the orphaned daughter of the biologists that created Dai Loon, and she is the only person able to tame the creature somewhat.

Suddenly a second, mechanized dragon appears and begins terrorizing Hong Kong Bay (1) .Through a bank involved with the movie`s budget, Yoko finds the second dragon`s creator Tung, but he takes her and Morning Dew hostage. Tung wants to demonstrate the abilities of his artificial dragon by wreaking havoc around Hong Kong Bay and turning the reports of the destruction into a movie. Yoko manages to fax a part of the script to Vic and Pol, who try to catch up with the robotic dragon. Eventually the robot is attacked and destroyed by Dai Loon, who wishes to free his little friend, but the giant lizard is killed when the robot explodes. During the story, Yoko attains guardianship over Morning Dew and decides to adopt her. (2)

1. As far as I know there is no “Hong Kong Bay” . The nearest I can think of is Victoria Harbour on the N. shore of Hong Kong island

2. Wikipedia Le Dragon de Hong Kong http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Dragon_de_Hong_Kong

HELP!: If you can read French, I`d appreciate your help in translating various crypto documents in that language. Thanks!

Mutations, Hybrids, Distortions, and Godless Monsters

First published in 1642, "Monstrorum Historia" is a 948-page manuscript detailing anomalies to the then-known animal kingdom. While many of the creatures discussed were indeed mythical, others were envisioned hybrids combining attributes from two or more species. Some explored variations of birth deformities, such as conjoined twins, while others outlined mutations of legendary monsters, such as a five-headed cyclops, as well as creatures from the Netherworld. Intended as a scientific discourse, the "gargantuan" tome was written in Latin by Ulissi Aldrovandi with numerous woodcut illustrations by Jean-Baptiste Coriolan


INAPPROPRIATE CORNER: Charles Manson and The Monkees

It was the rock and roll rumour that Jon has always wished that he'd started; the story that mass murderer Charles Manson had auditioned for the first and most succesful boy band. But is it true? Of course not, but who was it who first started the (oddly belevable) story?


HAUNTED SKIES: Sun (The) 19.10.66.jpg

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today


On this day in 1942 Richard O’Brien was born. O’Brien is most well known as the author and star of the Rocky Horror Show and as the host of the Crystal Maze (before that Tudor-Pole numpty ruined it).

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DALE DRINNON: Tracking belief in Bigfoot

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