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Sunday, July 29, 2012

DALE DRINNON: Vietnamese Batutut/Cedar and Willow

This just up at Frontiers of Zoology:

Blogger and Facebook are both giving me a lot of problems on Sunday, so I can't get as muvch done as I'd like. However I do have two new Cedar and Willow blog postings up:

Next up on Cedar And Willow: Something You Thought You Remembered But All Is NOT As It Seemed!


Newest on Cedar and Willow, a little excursion into regular reality:

Best Wishes, Dale D.

PS, Thanks to our GERMAN fans at Cedar and Willow, consistently the #3 national category of page visits since the beginning of the blog!

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HAUNTED SKIES: Daily Express 7.11.67.


Well, we are back at the ranch, and although it seems very strange without Mother, it is nice to be back in one's own bed. It is back to normal now, and we shall get on with the bloggybits. Life is rather compl;icated at the moment but then when wasn't it?

Veteran psychedelic and proggy keyboard player Tim Blake has undergone emergency surgery. For those not in the know, Tim has played with both Gong and Hawkwind, as well as being responsible for some rather spiffing (or considering the type of music, should that not be 'spliffing') solo records. Get well soon dude.

As you may or may not know, I have a day job as Director of the world's largest mystery animal research organisation. Therefore, any story which includes the mighty trio of words LOCH, NESS and MONSTER in it is bound to be of interest. There is a very much sought after Nessie-related record which is available through Gonzo. It was made by Alex Harvey 35 years ago, and - courtesy of those jolly nice people at Goodle News Alerts - here is a rather peculiar AH related rhyme..

Whilst on the subject of rhymes, my great inception of the Gonzo Daily conceptual folk club didn't really work yesterday because I didn't make the tune as well recogniseable as I should. So here it is...

Acid Mothers Temple are one of the more interesting neo-psychedelic bands currently in operation. They did a strange but very good collaboration with Gong mainfolk Daevid and Gilli some years ago and it was released by Gonzo. So there is every excuse to link to an interesting article about them.

Erik Norlander is a massively talented musician and composer and his new cd/dvd packages are well worth a listen. From what I can gather from the calibre of reviews we are getting in from around the world, there are a lot of people who agree with me.

And finally.I knew that the story about Hawkwind being banned from a gig at the National Forest because their fans were unsuitable people was too good to be true. Not only does it turn out that the story was never true in the first place, but the folk at the National Forest seem to have a remarkable sense of humour.

And that's it for today. We will get more and more on track throughout the week.

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today

On this day in 1818 Emily Bronte, author of Wuthering Heights was born.
And now the news:

Massive Bigfoot model on eBay
First Photo Evidence of Snub-Nosed Monkey Species ...
South Korea drops scientific whaling plan
New mammal species discovered in Indonesia
Crash cat found after two days in Everglades
Two new areas of marine protection along NI coastl...
Big horned rhinoceros beetles are healthiest
Big Butterfly Count 2012 - Worrying lack of butter...
Ten British species given new names
Room for one more? Baby ducks scramble take shelte...

A video of Kate Bush flopping about in a field:

CFZ CANADA: Snow snakes

Serpentius Niveus (Snow Snake) has been reported in NorthAmerica since before European settlers arrived. It is described as a white snake that lovesthe cold and has eyes that look like ice. When aggravated, the eyes are burning red. The size varies considerably,generally from 3 to 6 feet. It is saidto be covered in a shiny fur of white or pale yellow.

Read on...


One of the most unusual examples of the werewolf movie genre was the film 'Wolfen' (1981), based upon the novel The Wolfen (1978) by Whitley Strieber. Albert Finney starred as a Manhattan detective searching for a mysterious, elusive, and exceedingly intelligent species of highly-evolved humanoid wolf, which has been preying upon humans from the earliest times and is responsible for the werewolf legends but has never been revealed by science. Of course, wolfen are wholly fictional...aren't they?
Read on...

MATT SALUSBURY: Invasion of the Spanish Super Slugs


Invasion of the Spanish super-slugs - they cause car crashes and devaluehomes, etc etc Foreign slugs, they come over here, they take our jobs, etc.


Phantom black dog sightings are few and far between in these degenerate days. However, they do occur. We have chronicled a few in these pages, (including one seen by a female friend of Max's), one of my closest friends has also seen one, and over on the CFI blog, Gordon Rutter has discovered another one...