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Saturday, July 28, 2012

DALE DRINNON: Monster Sturgeon/Precolumbian Colonisation

Current Yahoo news item reposted at Frontiers of Zoology, and it gets a mention mostly because of the comment I have added at the endhttp://frontiersofzoology.blogspot.com/2012/07/monster-white-sturgen-caught-yahoo-news.html And

New at Frontiers of Anthropology, evidence for early colonizations of the Americas along both Ocean fronts from before 13 thousand BC:http://frontiers-of-anthropology.blogspot.com/2012/07/spearheads-and-dna-point-to-second.html

Best Wishes, Dale D.


(It is a Sunday, and - as always - I shall be presenting the daily notifications in rhyme. But there are a couple of differences. I am starting off today's venture in my mother-in-law's flat in Rutland, and will finish it off at a motorway services somewhere along either the M6 or the M42, and so I am inspired to do something different. Today's notifications are meant to be sung, but this is where we run into difficulties; I cannot remember the name of the tune. I know it as 'The Old Orange Flute' by The Wolfe Tones, and Corinna remembers it as a song about Bridget McPike from an old cowboy film. But what are little difficulties like that when you are amongst friends?)

So what have we got here to start off today?
Its the rock and roll Marquis who lives in LA
the songs make you dance, (or at least tap your feet)
and the name of the album is 'Carnably Street'
Too-ra-loo Too-ra-lee
We've got Michael Des Barres here in Gonzo Daily..

Rick Wakeman's a talented bloke if you please
and for many years he's tinkled the ivories,
on sessions for everyone that you could guess
and his solo albums, and also with Yes
Too-ra-loo Too-ra-lee
The 'Caped Crusader' is here in Gonzo Daily..

Chris Thompson used to sing with Manfred's Earth Band,
one of the best esembles in the land,
and he's done lots of solo suff and it all fits
on this lavish live album of his greatest hits
Too-ra-loo Too-ra-lee
Chris Thompson is also in Gonzo Daily..

Jon Anderson sitting upon his front porch
knocked off a fine ditty on the Olympic Torch
Its released as a si9ngle, and its doing fine,
I'm sure it will be first through that ol' finish line
Too-ra-loo Too-ra-lee
sings 'bout the Olympics on Gonzo Daily..

There's actually two stories about this song,
we've got a review here and it won't be long
before Dear old Jon Anderson's a household name
cos like the Gonzo Daily, he's top of his game
Too-ra-loo Too-ra-lee
all the best music news here on Gonzo Daily..


But one thing is missing, I choke back a tear,
there's no mention of Lizzy Lenten in here,
cos Indian Summer is a great CD
but without a story, its not here you see
Too-ra-loo Too-ra-lee
There's no mention of Auburn in Gonzo Daily..


Checking my emails after this woe of woes,
I found that Alanah's sent two videos
which make me feel proud, and make me feel tall
cos we've got a Lenten-story in after all
Too-ra-loo Too-ra-lee
We finally got Auburn in Gonzo Daily..

Now I'm sat in a Starbucks upon the M6
typing away furiously with my caffeine fix
knowing Ive nearly finished, these poems and then
I shall have got away with it all once again

See you tomorrow...

OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today

On this day in 2005 the discovery of the dwarf planet Eris was announced.

And now the news:
Falling lizards use tail for mid-air twist, inspir...
Mystery mass deaths of green turtles in Australia ...
Hundreds Of Turtles Run Away From Georgia Farm – v...
Unchallenged crimes of "rotten apple" palm oil com...
Bats, a Reservoir of Resurgent Viruses

A typical inhabitant of Eris:

DALE DRINNON: Cedar and Willow

Last and long delayed part of the Wonder Women, accounting for the non-Wonderwoman stretch when Artemis was WW, Artemis herself, Hippolyta's turn at being WW, and three or more changes on Wonder Girlshttp://cedar-and-willow.blogspot.com/2012/07/wonder-women-in-modern-age-part-5.html

Plus extended appendix section on time travel.Best Wishes, Dale D.

I DO HOPE THAT THIS IS A JOKE (PS I want a pet opposum soooo bad)

My cousin from Kingsville caught this baby Chupa trying to steal a chicken this morning. He said they migrated up to that area from Mexico about ten years ago. Cute little booger ain't he.



Hi Jon,

In an act of shameless self promotion I thought I would bring my nascent blog to your attention.

Over the years I have collected a number of odd and interesting photos (well interesting to me) and I have decided to start publishing them via a blog. The blog is not cryptozoological in nature, but does have some Fortean themes.

Hopefully it will be of passing interest to you!