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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hi Jon:

I stumbled across this article by accident. The article is about a creature found in Muncie, Indiana in 1891. But the newspaper is from Washington State. Please feel free to share it with your group. And if you provided a link to my website that would be extra swell! I do live in Sasquatch country and have drawn several comix about them. In the 1980s I was a fellow faculty at WSU with Grover Krantz and enjoyed talking with him. Keep up the good work!

Steve Willis



Defamation Bill Moves To Unmask Online Bullies And End The Rule Of The Trolls


The age of the troll could be over.

Websites might be forced to unmask people who post defamatory statements online. Under new government proposals in the Defamation Bill, victims of online bullying will gain the right to discover the identity of those posting "scurrilous rumour and allegations" on the internet.

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CFZ PEOPLE: Pam Goudge

Many thanks to Pam Goudge for her generous donation of $10 which will be used for equipment for our new caecilian breeding project. We have just managed to breed Rio Cauca Caecilians for the second year running, and we are very proud of ourselves...

LINK: Nessie on Land: Making an Impression

Moving on from our overview of Loch Ness Monster Land Sightings, we have an aspect of these cases which turns up now and again and is best exemplified by the one case ascribed to the late monster hunter, Ted Holiday in 1962. We take up the story in his own words from his book, "The Great Orm of Loch Ness" (p.11, 1st Edn).

Passing the stony beach I moved on to prospect the wooded shore beyond Inverfarigaig which is hard to reach and seldom visited. A black fir-wood led down to a tract of bracken which ended in a beach. It was narrow, steeply-angled and overgrown with saplings. I examined this beach for some distance in both directions but the only organic object discovered was the drowned carcass of a wildcat. However, at one spot there was a curious patch of bent and broken bushes several yards wide beside the water for which it was hard to think of an obvious explanation. Years later, I learned that local people do occasionally find these patches and they associate them with the Orm.

The "Orm" was Holiday's own name for Nessie. The maps below shows the houses of Inverfarigaig and the circle is where I think Ted Holiday's beach was (I take "beyond Inverfarigaig" to mean west towards the shore and not south on the road). Though it may not be the only candidate it certainly is out of the way of the main road and looks hard to get to. Some may think the locals were pulling Ted's leg but whatever you think of this story, it stands to reason that if the Loch Ness Monster takes to land then it is going to leave evidence of its journey.

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Another month, another article. Here’s the blog that has the link:


The Hexham Heads

Haunted Skies - a 1967 critique of the UFO flap


OLL LEWIS brings us Yesterday's News Today

Yesterday’s News Today

On this day in 1898 the artist M.C. Escher was born. Escher's sketches and paintings often depicted impossible buildings or objects that would play tricks on ones eyes using artistic perspective or use of tessellating shapes. If you want to see some examples click on the link after the news stories (see, you miss out if you don't click on it!)

And now the news:
As trailed in the intro:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kcc56fRtrKU