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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CRYPTOLINK: ‘Proof’ of Bigfoot? Group releases list of top 10 filmed encounters

A word about cryptolinks: We are not responsible for the content of cryptolinks, which are merely links to outside articles that we think are interesting, usually posted up without any comment whatsoever from me.  

What do Bigfoot and Facebook have in common? A lot of followers.

Yet despite decades of hunting, there’s little scientific evidence to support belief in the stories of a giant, hairy man creature that haunts the woods. Facebook/FindBigfoot aims to change that. Founded in 2010, it’s the first social network dedicated to collecting, curating and analyzing Bigfoot photos and videos.

Read on...


Graham here again, and wrestling with unstable internet connections to get the Gonzo and CFZ blogs done. Finally on the last lap now, and today's musical crop of stories is:



HELEN McCOOKERYBOOK mulls over drawing upside down elephants...

TUESDAY'S POEM from Thom is about Moon Midnight...

BLACK SABBATH - Life and Doom for 2013... and a new album and tour!

Cheers for now.


As regular readers will be aware, Graham is currently in charge of the CFZ and Gonzo Daily blogs, as I am off with Corinna and Mama-in-law doing family stuff in Oakham.

However it seems that our frustrating level of (non) internet access is continuing at home, and I (on BT Openworld and a knackered laptop that was fairly old when I was given it in 2004) have better internet access than he does.

So be aware that, although we will continue posting each day, some of the other things like Facebook and email notifications may be subject to delays...

Graham's mid-afternoon update....

Jon and I suspect that the office modem/router is defective, and so I'm going to replace it in a little while. All of today's Blog updates have now been done, though - via my own internet connection.

Anyway, if you're reading this, then presumably you found your way here without any notification help! 

DAVE BRAUND-PHILLIPS: CFZ's first-ever eBook goes on sale

Dave Braund-Phillips writes....

Today is a very important day for publishing at the CFZ: today is the day our very first ebook goes on sale. It is the start of almost the entire CFZ Press catalogue going digital. As we have done in this first book, we will do our best in all the books to include all the brilliantly illustrated pictures, drawings and text as if you were reading the paper copy.

And what a brilliant book to start with, our very first ebook is "Green, Unpleasant, Land" - a brilliant book of 18 short horror stories by our very own Director of Zoology Richard Freeman.

Currently the ebooks will be for sale all over the world via the Amazon Kindle store but this does not restrict the books to Kindle devices only; it can be viewed on any device allowing access to a Amazon Kindle account. Only this morning I was reading the book on my Motarola Xoom2. Expansion into the Android Play Store is imminent and you will certainly get a new post for me when that happens.

We have also given the ebooks a significant reduction in price. This first book, "Green, Unpleasant, Land," can be purchased in Kindle form from the link below for just £5.14 in the UK. We intended this size of book to be £4.99 - however, the frustrating powers that be have deemed that digital books deserve the addition of VAT, thanks guys!

Regardless of that, you can look forward in the next few months to seeing lots of your favourite CFZ Press books available in digital. I would like to think by this year's New and very Exciting Weird Weekend - http://www.weirdweekend.org/ you will not only have a chance to buy paper copies of the CFZ Press book collection but will also have access to many of those books in digital form.

I hope you're as excited as I am.


DAVEY CURTIS: Four-winged racing pigeon


Dear Jon.

This morning I witnessed history in the making. As Pigeon fancier Nobby Coxon released the first of his genetically modified 4 winged racing pigeons.

"That auld bugger Tommy Watson was always beating me, but not anymore. Plus there is nowt in the rule book to say how many wings a pigeon can have."said Nobby.

As the birds flew from their baskets and took to the cold January sky I could see Nobby's bird with its extra wings quickly take the lead.

It looks like Tommy Watson's trophy cabinet is going to look a bit empty this year if all of Nobby's birds are as fast as this one!

Pigeon racing will never be the same again.


Davey C

CRYPTOLINK: London Cryptozoology Club's mini-conference

The CFZ's very own zoological director, Richard Freeman, is one of the speakers on the bill at the forthcoming ‘There Be Beasts' mini-conference, the first such to be held by the London Cryptozoology Club.

Richard's topic will be “On the Track of Unknown Animals Worldwide.”

More details here...



OLL LEWIS: Yesterday's News Today

Yesterday’s News Today


On this day in 1849 the Raven by Edgar Alan Poe was first published.

And now the news:

  • Wildlife Crime Unit gets funding for another year
  • Concerns grow for Mali's elephants as war escalate...
  • Sea Turtles breathe new life (Sri Lanka) – via Her...
  • US Navy in deep water after ship hits World Herita...
  • Eleven live otters found in airport luggage in Ban...
  • Lady Liuwa update – Surviving lions have formed a ...
  • Rock solid proof of alien life? Scientists claim f...
  • Welsh Bristle-moss: New species found near Dryslwy...

  • Christopher Walken reads the Raven: