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Monday, May 10, 2010


Killarney lake

Dear Jon,

I am a student of English and History and am approaching my final year of third level education at the University of Limerick. I am composing this email in accordance to your video which claims to capture an unknown creature in Muckross lake.

I have many relatives in Killarney and the surrounding villages and I have spent many summers by the lakes fishing. The video which you have uploaded, as intriguing and entertaining as it is, I feel does not paint the true picture of the animals that dwell in the lake. I have seen them myself on several occasions in a much more secluded lake. The lake of which I am referring to is Lough Bran.

From what I have seen the animal is much like what you have described, its constitution is very similar to that of a large eel approximately 18 feet long. Its back is a dark muddy colour from its head to its tail and its underbelly is milky white. It has two short stumpy appendages sprouted from the top of its head. I do not believe that the Loch Ness monster still exists nor, if it did, it is a plesiosaur-like animal. I believe this creature is some form of large eel or snail that can travel over land from lake to river to lake as it pleases.

My relatives and I all agree that this animal me be dwindling away for a reason we do not know. I feel that if a major effort is not made to try to document these animals once and for all, then soon our chance will be gone. I hope that this email will be of some use to you. I am not sure if the footage of the Muckross lake shows one of these elusive animals or if is simply birds but I do know that they do live in the lakes and that they are still there, for how long more, I do not know.

Kind regards,


Happy hunting!


Dale Drinnon said...

The two appendages on the head still sound like the ears of the master-otter, and are diagnostic of the type.

I also do not "Believe in the Loch Ness Monster" but I am afraid our correspondant would fail to grasp the importance of what I mean by that statement. Plesiosaur-shaped creatures are indeed (rarely) reported there, and similar reports occur throughout recorded history and worldwide. There is no good reason to gainsay the entire category on a matter of "belief." There is also no reason to call any such a creature "The Loch Ness Monster" even if one should happen to be in Loch Ness any more than a large eel, seal or otter in that same lake should be called by that same name. Using the name gives the false impression that there is only a single underlying cause for all the reports, and that is a most decidely untrue assumption.

RuhRyan said...

I believe you.

RuhRyan said...

Also, if you don't mind, would you mind being more specific w. the location of Lough Bran