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Friday, September 11, 2009


I have always hated video games. As a boy I found them stupefying. I recall getting an old Philips video game console and games as a kid. My granny played with it more than me. Now more than ever I think they are rotting kids' brains. Children should be out with their friends playing and having fun or reading a good book instead of crouching before a bleeping, neon brain cell neutraliser.

My dislike of video games grew to the power of ten after an appalling game I saw the other day. I’d just been for a nice, bracing walk along the beach at Dawlish Warren with my girlfriend Lisa and her son Mitchell. I stopped to buy a bag of doughnuts (incidentally, the very worst I have ever tasted anywhere in the world) when Lisa spotted a game in a nearby arcade. Big Buck Safari, manufactured by Play Mecanix http://www.playmechanix.com/
has the shotgun-armed player graphically mowing down animals such as rhino, hippo, zebra, water buffalo and ostriches. Scantily clad girls in pith helmets advise the player on where best to shoot an animal for a kill and show you the scores at the end, wherein each animal’s bloody demise is shown in slow motion.

You can see a demonstration here


The spotty, disinterested youth who served me the vile-tasting doughnuts (and who reminded me of Jeremy Peterson, the spotty, squeaky-voiced youth from The Simpsons) told me that the brat currently playing the awful game was "great" and "much better than [me] cos he is here every day playing it." The nasty-looking proletarian child seemed to adore blowing the animals away with his gun. What kind of parents would let their kid play a game like that? The answer is estate trash chavs to whom society seems to pander in everything.

So video games now not only rot our kid’s minds they encourage the idea that it’s fine to kill animals for ‘sport’. If you are as appalled as me at this atrocity then e-mail the manufacturers and let them know what you think http://www.playmechanix.com/


Syd said...

Not wishing to be too blunt and offensive about this so called game, I will just that there are some really sick bastards out there.
A similar game should be created where the hunted creatures are chavs and the designers of Big Buck Safari.

G L Wilson said...

Richard, I am absolutely outraged. I have emailed the company and hope that others will too!

EVERYONE, don't just sit there - email this irresponsible compnay at: contact@playmechanix.com

Retrieverman said...

Here's a video game with a real conservation theme and one that "teaches you while you learn":


I highly recommend it.

Tabitca said...

"The answer is estate trash chavs to whom society seems to pander in everything." thats a bit judgemental Richard. Not everyone on estates is a chav nor a bad parent.Having taught community courses on sink estates I find the majority of people are good people and good parents and want to have a better life.
I agree with you about the game though.I think all fighting/ killing games are bad because it makes children think it is ok to behave like that .

Jon Downes said...

Of course not Lindsay. Some very good people do indeed live on these estates

G L Wilson said...

Emails to that stupid games company are bouncing back.

Very convenient.

Oll Lewis said...

I like the occasional violent game, like Resident Evil or Grand Theft Auto, these games are for the home console market and carry age ratings from the BBFC that carry the same legal weight as on movies, so there are controls in place to stop the vast majority of under aged kids playing them, apart from those with parents that just don't care or spoilt little rich kids whose parents give them everything they ask for (which are every bit as bad as the chav kids but people never mention them because their parents are harder for the gutter press to turn into hate figures).

The problem comes when an idiot company makes a game like this for an arcade, there is nothing to stop kids playing a game with such repugnant subject matter. I expect the reason that this game was released as an arcade machine, is because it simply wouldn't sell on a home console system, console and PC gameplayers have taste and do not tend to waste £40 of their money on crap like that.

gary said...

I guess tolerance for other culture's values extends only to those currently plitically correct, or perhaps you are just offended by the "proletariat".


Bisto said...

Jon – given the feeing here I hope you have been able to enjoy your recently obtained copy of Command and Conquer 2 - a game that encourages and glorifies warfare, an equally (if not more so) repugnant subject matter ;).

Perhaps Westwood Studios can be let off the hook for also creating a 3D dragon simulator -