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Monday, July 20, 2009


...for two reasons. Reason 1, cos it is my eldest stepdaughter's graduation today, (see left) and reason 2, because two years ago to the day, a young lady called Corinna James was stupid enough to marry me.

A few days before we got married I wrote this on my blog:

1. You let me keep amphibians in the kitchen
2. You wanted a broadsword for your bithday present
3. You rule over the ever-changing circus that is my life like a benevolent empress
4. When there are 23 people staying the night you don't bat an eyelid (I do, but you don't)
5. You understand chickens
6. You indulgently put up with my silliness
7. You (only two nights ago) drop the dinner plans and rush out with me after big cats
8. You think that hunting for a giant earwig is a jolly good idea
9. You have even more extreme tastes in music than mine (and you once saw Henry Cow)
10. You have a mind that can think of chickens dressed as plankton
11. You are a far better novelist than me
12. You like my friends
13. My friends like you
14. You understand my madness
15. After two and a half years you still never fail to surprise me (and I expect it will be the
same after 20)
16. You have given me a family
17. You were magnificent at my father's funeral
18. You uncomplainingly do what needs to be done, even when there is a crisis
19. You love me
20. I love you
21. We are getting married on saturday...

And apart from the dates, nothing has changed.

The last two years have been pretty horrible ones. We have been nearly killed, we have both had various illnesses, we have lost family members under horrific circumstances, we have had friends die slowly and unpleasantly, we have been ripped off by people we trusted, we have been screwed over appallingly by the powers that be, and we have both nearly worried and worked ourselves into an early grave. We have faced financial ruin, and grief and disaster.

But honey...

Still I know that marrying you was the best thing that I ever did, and thank you for marrying me....


stormwalkernz said...

may you both have as much happiness as my dear wife and I have had after 15 years of marriage.
Two stars shone and came together as one and the Universe sighed and said this is right, this is love.

Have a great Anniversary.

BlueDreadlock said...

congratulations! (by the way, the second anniversary is wood... so get some wood ;)

my wonderful husband is coming up on his four-year review this thursday, and i'm afraid he's still stuck with a life sentance
-love you sweetie

Syd said...

Congratulations too you both on your anniversary.
But especially to Corinna for coping with Jon and his crazy crew for two years.