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Monday, July 20, 2009



Back when I was a callow youth in my late twenties, I spent a lot of my time engaged in a pursuit very close ideologically to cryptozoology - the pursuit of music that was rumoured to exist. I was part of a shadowy band of brothers and sisters (though mostly brothers, and mostly with bad skin) who traded cassette tapes of obscure, and highly illegal (often stolen) recordings by famous rock stars. The best that I ever got were live recordings of two shows that Syd Barrett, Jack Monck and Twink played under the soubriquet of `Stars` back in (I think) 1971; however, we heard lots of things like the Led Zeppelin BBC session, and various unreleased Beatles songs well before they were officially released, and I like to think that it was because of the irksome activities of those like us that EMI et al finally relented and released such things.

However, as I get older, I have to admit that music isn't anywhere near as important to me as it used to be. It is important, yes, but no longer the all-encompassing passion that it once was. It is like I underwent a cultural menopause sometime in my early forties.

However, occasionally things come to light like this, which purports to be an unknown and unreleased take of The Beatles playing Revolution. I think that it is probably a fake, but am posting it for old times sake, and because there is an irresistible parallel between this sort of thing and large swathes of forteana....


Syd said...

What can one say - other than fake. If that has anything to do with the fab four, then I am a Mongolian death worm.

Felix Atagong said...

You wrote: "The best that I ever got were live recordings of two shows that Syd Barrett, Jack Monck and Twink played under the soubriquet of `Stars` back in (I think) 1971..."

Do you still have that and are willing to share? We know that the stars gigs were taped but as far as we know these tapes have been lost... (some may be hiding in a cupboard at the Pink Floyd offices, though)

Jon Downes said...

My dear nephew has just unearthed boxes and boxes of bootlegs from the loft of my old home in Exeter. My stepdaughter and her boyfriend live there now.

At some point I will be going through all my archive stuff, and will be having it digitised. If I still have the Syd Barrett tapes you are welcome to a copy, but I have to admit that they are fairly low on my priority list. (They were also pretty lousy if my memory serves me well)

Somewhere I also have outtakes from the Get Back sessions on video when Peter Sellars visited the set. Also horrible quality..

Felix Atagong said...

I will have to haunt you for the rest of your life then... 8-)))

Of course it could also be LIVE AT OLYMPIA 1970, the only solo gig Syd did (with a little help from David Gilmour and Jerry Shirley). But if this really is Stars (or perhaps the Last Minute Put-Together Boogie Band, see http://www.nsblog.co.uk/FraKcman/131/) this could be quite a find.

Corrado said...

That's very good news indeed.
Is there any chance that we can get a copy of these two Syd Barrett gigs?

Rockard said...

Any news regarding those syd barrett gigs? Would love to hear those, and also a lot of other syd fans I would guess.. =)

Psychedelicpiper said...

We'll get those Syd Barrett gigs out of you one way or another! ;) How much money do you want for them?