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Monday, February 02, 2015


'Bigfoot' filmed traipsing through swamp
'Bigfoot' filmed traipsing through swamp. Posted on Thursday, 29 January, 2015 | Comment icon 16 comments. The creature was lurking behind the 

Texas Photographer Snaps Picture of Bigfoot
Tag archives for Texas Photographer Snaps Picture of Bigfoot ... believes may have snaped a picture of Bigfoot after having rocks thrown at him

Bigfoot expert: 'Sasquatch' video 'too good to be true'
A leading Bigfoot expert says that video evidence of a Sasquatch skulking through Prospect Park on Tuesday morning was probably fabricated — but ...

The Courier

Bigfoot investigators have revealed a Fife man has broken a 10-year silence and reported seeing the mythical beast just off the Tay Road Bridge in ...

A lady in Oregon wanted to do something special with the dying fir tree in her front yard. The tree had stood on her property for over 100 years! So she ...

'My reports of seeing a monster were not taken seriously'
A Bigfoot hunter believes the mythical beast could still be roaming the Angus countryside. Charmaine Fraser, 41, claims to have seen a Bigfoot near a ...

Ohio Bigfoot Hunters to Conduct Workshop on Evidence Collection
At Annual Creature Weekend Conference, Local Ohio Bigfoot Group Conducts Workshop for people wishing to become Bigfoot Researchers. 

Arsene Wenger photobombs Arsenal photo shoot - manages to look like famous 'Bigfoot' picture
Sanchez unlikely to play this weekend. Whilst the mythical Bigfoot reputedly inhabits forests, Wenger was simply outside Arsenal's training centre.

A Search for Ohio Bigfoot
Bigfoot hunters/researches Doug Waller and Shawna Parks were deep into a remote wooded section of Salt Fork State Park when Waller was ...


Regardless of if the mythical creature has been sighted in Arkansas, a meeting is scheduled to take place in Charleston to discuss all things Bigfoot.

The RMSO checks out the location of a recent bigfoot sighting. It's mid-winter and the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization is still out there putting ...

Bigfoot family discovered? Texas woman leaves them 'buckets of food'
The family of Bigfoot creatures just had a baby, she shares on the air. She has seen where they live and she has known they've been living there since  

Enthralling footage: Is this proof that 'Bigfoot' exists?
NEW YORK -- A video that was recently uploaded to YouTube claims to show “Bigfoot” in a wooded area in Brooklyn, New York. According to Russell ...

This Manitoba Bigfoot Footage Has One Great Story Behind it
This interview is really impressive and captures every detail of the sighting. Could this be the elusive white Bigfoot, or something else? Check it out: ...

This Costume From Exists Is One of The Most Realistic Looking Costumes Ever
Exists, a filmed by Eduardo Sanchez showcases one of the most terrifying Bigfoot chases ever. This little featurette shows up what it takes to bring the ...

The Inquisitr

New Bigfoot Video Emerges From Florida: Does This Clip Show A Real Skunk Ape?
A new video has emerged, purporting to show a Bigfoot as it meanders through a Florida swamp, and though some have questioned its authenticity, ...

The Inquisitr

Man claims to have video of 'Bigfoot' walking through park in New York City
NEW YORK — A video recently posted to YouTube claims to show “Bigfoot” walking through a park in New York City. WPIX reported that Russell ...

Phil Breaks Down ThinkThunker's Bigfoot Stalking Buffalo Analysis
Here's ParaBreakdown conclusion on the "Bigfoot vs. Buffalo" video posted by ThinkerThunker. In this breakdown, Phil points out several problems ...

Theories for their demise range from natural disasters to a government or military cover up and even to an encounter with aliens or the Russian bigfoot ... 

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