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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Lincoln Journal Star

'Simply a mystery' -- Strange tracks in snow appear near Curtis
She also heard from a Nebraska-based bigfoot investigator, who asked her to look for trees pulled down into arches or tipi-type shapes -- telltale signs ...

New Bigfoot Sighting From Lettuce Lake Park Florida
New video footage of footage of Bigfoot From Lettuce Lake Park Florida.

Ohio Bigfoot Hunters to Conduct Workshop on Evidence Collection
Creature Weekend is proud to announce that the Ohio Bigfoot Hunters will be conducting an Evidence Collection Workshop at the Creature Weekend ...
Drones do have legitimate uses and could prove helpful to reporters
I think one equipped with a thermal imaging camera was used on the show “Finding Bigfoot.” They didn't find Bigfoot, but the same sort of system ... 
Breakdown: Bigfoot caught on Camera
The Paranormal Review: I could not find the original footage for this bigfoot sighting or sasquatch sighting, if you have the link please leave me a

Bigfoot In The Snow?
Damn. This one is quit blurry. The Paranormal Review just did a fresh breakdown of a video they found while scouring the net. This one is ...

Thomas Steenburg Talks About The Late Bigfoot Researcher Rene Dahinden
These interviews with Thomas Steenburg are great. In this one he speaks on the late Rene Dahinden, and his friendships with the legends of the ...

Bigfoot Of Stevens County Reports
Grassman58Sharing some of the stories and reports of bigfoot sightings we have been researching at the locations around Stevens County

Bigfoot's backyard? 'Sasquatch' sighted in Prospect Park
A Fort Greene videographer claims to have shot footage showing the legendary Sasquatch lumbering around a wooded area of Brooklyn's backyard ...

Bigfoot Footage from Lettuce Lake Park, FL
Check out video footage recently sent in to Bigfoot Evidence. The witness said he was canoeing in a swamp outside of Tampa, Florida, when he 
This Video Tells Where Bigfoot Is From, and It's Not Earth
With as many questions as there are about bigfoot, some people even speculate if they are from Earth at all. Some believe the squatches come from ...

Bigfoot - Todd Standing
This is a short comparison made by Phil Poling of a photo reported of a Sasquatch. It was presented by Todd Standing. Are they one in the same

Oregon Bigfoot Sightings 2015
Oregon Bigfoot sightings, recent bigfoot sightings There are currently 1406 published reports in the database. We are currently working on a backlog ...

Bigfoot in Brooklyn, Skunk Ape in Florida, Yeti in Boston
Three videos appear this week of a Bigfoot in Brooklyn, a Skunk Ape in Florida and a Yeti in Boston.

Bigfoot Track Find In Nebraska During The 1980's
Nebraska isn't exactly known for its thriving bigfoot population. According to the BFRO website, there has only been 14 reports filed for the state.

Bigfoot sighting in East Texas near Lufkin
Bigfoot Sightings: For several weeks I have heard strange noises in the woods. I've caught glimpses of a shadowy figure in the woods on my property

More Details on The Falcon Project
There's been a couple of people who've publicly announced their involvement with the Falcon Project, but details have been scared. Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Snowy sasquatch spotted in Newcomerstown
This six-foot solid concrete statue of Bigfoot draws more than just a lot of looks from passers-by along Main Street in Newcomerstown -- it gets many ...

Bringing in Bigfoot With a Blimp Gets a Boost
The Falcon Project, using a blimp to track and find Bigfoot, announced that Bigfoot expert Jeff Meldrum joined the team as scientific adviser.

Bigfoot's backyard? 'Sasquatch' sighted in Prospect Park
“I don't know what it is, but it looks like Bigfoot,” a man going by the name Russell Strark said. “I don't know what to say, man, I've never seen ...

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