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Tuesday, September 09, 2014


New! Family Accidentally Captures Bigfoot on Video
While out in the woods working on a school project with his grandchildren, a man says he accidentally captured video of a possible bigfoot watching ...

Friday, September 5, 2014
What is rarely mentioned, is the possibility that bigfoot witnesses, particular some of the more famous ones, could have been subjected to similar forms ...

Accidental shot of Bigfoot? - Enhancement
I have taken a short segment from a video uploaded by Biff Burk of a possible Bigfoot he filmed by accident. This should fall under the fair use laws.

White Bigfoot Caught at Night
ThinkerThunker: You think this is a guy wearing a mask? A simple artist's trick reveals it couldn't be. Breakdown: Bigfoot Sasquatch Sighting near ...

Bigfoot SHOCKER: Real Proof of Skunk Ape Finally Emerges
“A light rain was coming down and behind building 6, I saw something that made me freeze in my tracks. It was Bigfoot and he was doing something ...

Bigfoot Footage from East Texas
... DMCA & YouTube · Live Bigfoot Cam. Search for: Bigfoot Footage from East Texas. By Joejo Gun | bigfoot | 06 September 2014 | Add Comment ..

Bigfoot Arm Found In Florida?
This was found in an area with alot of bigfoot activity. We even found a trackway in the sand in april with 100+ tracks. We will keep you updated and .

Does Bigfoot Need Our Protection?
There's been a lot of talk lately in the Bigfoot world about whether or not Bigfoot needs our protection. There is even a petition to protect Sasquatch as .

This Is One of the Strangest Bigfoot Theories I've Ever Heard
Do bigfoot have chlorophyll in their blood, transparent hair fibers, and the ability to regenerate? Let's propose for a moment that Sasquatch have both .

Bigfoot Mystery: Evidence of Bigfoot Discovered in Vicksburg (Watch Video)
The mystery of the Bigfoot, a large hairy hominid-like creature that is believed to live in the forests, has intrigued people since forever. Every culture .

Bigfoot Screams At Driver?
Here's a fascinating report about a witness describing what the Bigfoot sounded like when it was screaming into his car. This took place in Redwoods, ...

This Bigfoot Sighting Location Near Klamath California Is Gorgeous
This latest sighting report is from one of the squatchiest locations in the world, Klamath California. This one is about a motorist who observed a Bigfoot

Are There Really 100000 Bigfoot Living in North America?
Bigfoot Evidence Matt K.
Since the Sykes DNA study was released, some bigfoot believers have abandoned the search. But not in Washington State. In fact Rhettman Mullis

Motorist Observes Bigfoot North of Klamath California
Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization: Bigfoot sighting in a region of California, RMSO considers a Bigfoot sighting hot spot with a very long history

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