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Friday, April 04, 2014


New York Daily News

Bigfoot hunter Rick Dyer admits he lied about killing the beast
The self-described "Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World" claimed the 8-foot-tall, 800-pound animal was being investigated at a lab at a college in ...

So That Wasn't Really Bigfoot? | Off Topic | Texas Fishing Forum
http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/....php?cmpid=hpbn. Dude from Australia quit the exhibit and returned home after finding out the body was 

Bigfoot Evidence: Bigfoot On Display At Amarillo Zoo!
With April Fool's Day upon us, we know the bigfoot stories will start flooding in. Surprisingly enough, our first one comes from the Amarillo Zoo. We're ...

It's curtains for 'Bigfoot killer' - KTRH - Houston's News, Weather & Traffic Station
It's curtains for 'Bigfoot killer'. It's curtains for 'Bigfoot killer'. Just last month, I spoke with Rick Dyer about his Bigfoot exhibit. Now THIS! Man's quest for

Bigfoot in Butler County? - Huskers Illustrated - 247Sports
Bigfoot buzz quiets, but question lingers after reported Nebraska sighting. Word spread around Butler County and beyond late last summer about

Newshour | Bigfoot Hunter Admits He Lied About Killing Beast
Bigfoot hunter admits he lied about killing beast. nydailynews (2 hr 46 min ago). Date. Stumbleupon. The Las Vegas man who proclaimed to have 

Bigfoot Evidence: Rick Dyer's Costume Maker Reveals His Secret, How Hank Was Made
Bigfoot Evidence Shawn
It's clear now that Dyer's main purpose for doing the hoax was to try generate income and fool the Facebook group, Facebook Find Bigfoot. Dyer was ...

Bigfoot tracker admits body is a hoax - Viral News 365
SAN ANTONIO â€' After a falling out with his Bigfoot crew, master tracker Rick Dyer, whose new title may be “con artist†, admitted that the 8-foot ... 

Bigfoot tracker admits body is a fake News Chron.com News - News.nom.co
After an apparent falling out of the Bigfoot crew, master tracker Rick Dyer admitted he was touring the country with a fake body., News from Chron.com 

Possible Bigfoot caught peeking, what do you see? | BigfootBlogger.Com
Brian Brushwood's Lecture on Bigfoot · Brian Brushwood's Lecture Bigfoot and Cryptozoology · Believers Only: Bigfoot On The Hill footage · Interview

Bigfoot Hunter's Latest Catch Proves To Be ANOTHER Hoax // Mr. Conservative
As if there wasn't enough controversy circling the self-acclaimed Bigfoot hunter, Rick Dyer, has come into the spotlight once again as a fraud and a liar 

Bigfoot News March 30, 2014 | Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay
Certainty that Morgan Matthews openly states in words in the screen in Shooting Bigfoot that MM believes that there were real Bigfoot(s) running about ...0

That Nebraska bigfoot sighting? A bust. | Doubtful News
Last September, we brought you the story of a teen who says he saw Bigfoot at 5:30 AM in Nebraska. Months later, the update is, there is no update

Bigfoot Evidence: Follow Up Nebraska Teen Bigfoot Sighting Hair Samples
In September of 2013 there was a hot bigfoot sighting report going around about a teenage driver who saw a bigfoot cross the road in front of his car 

Was it a bear or Bigfoot? - Supernatural UFO
Via Occult View Until now I never met someone who actually had a Bigfoot sighting. I always thought Bigfoot sightings were mostly the result of cranks,

Using a Drone to Search for Skunk Ape / Bigfoot - Believe It Tour
When it comes to research, having the latest in technology will always give you the upper-hand. With personal drones hitting the market that are ...

Bigfoot Body Shown In Katy Was A Hoax Says Event Organizer | Covering Katy
HOUSTON (News 92 FM) — A former publicist says the body of a dead Bigfoot now on national tour is a hoax. Andrew Clacy told NEWS 92 FM famed ...

Bigfoot Evidence: Fringe News: Best HD Bigfoot Video EVER! Newest Bigfoot Footage Unveiled
Join Rev. Jeff for the weekly Bigfoot breaking stories like Sylvanic HD Bigfoot video stills and the latest Bigfoot runs up a hill video. Watch the video for 

Bigfoot Evidence: Listen to this interview with Chris Russell, the toy maker who created Rick Dyer's ...
Bigfoot Evidence Shawn
The Bigfoot community has started an online petition to charge Dyer with internet fraud. There are now over 250 signatures: Petitioning United States ...

Bigfoot saga takes odd turn
Rick Dyer, a self-proclaimed “master tracker”, brought what he calls a Bigfoot to Alamo Drafthouse Park North on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014, to show

Olga Donskoya Reporting for Bigfoot News Today - Mulder's World
Olga Donskoya Reporting for Bigfoot News Today. Posted Tuesday, April 01, 2014 ... Bison Running for their lives · Bigfoot seen walking up a hill 

BREAKING NEWS: Long-sought DNA proof of Bigfoot is confirmed! | Doubtful News
It's THAT day again, where every headline and story must be doubted or you will end up looking like a fool. It's also the day we take off

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