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Saturday, April 05, 2014

BIGFOOT NEWS IN BRIEF EXTRA (trying to bring it up to date before the sheer amount of news gets overwhelming)

KPRC Houston

Big Foot a hoax, says man who claimed to kill it
The man who claims to have killed Big Foot says the body he's shown off across Texas is fake. Rick Dyer brought the spurious Sasquatch through ...

Olga Donskoya Reporting for Bigfoot News Today | BigfootBlogger.Com
Reporting for Bigfoot News Today is Russian reporter, Olga Donskoya. She delivers the news about Survivorman Les Stroud, Todd Standing, and ...

Bigfoot Evidence: Are Bigfoot the Descendants of Giants?
Interestingly in Peru, where elongated skulls were found of ancient origins, there is also a reported tribe of feral giants as reported on Bigfoot ...

News Feed - Tv Crew To Follow 'bigfoot Hunters' In Yellowstone This Summer - Yellowstone Gate ...
TV crew to follow 'Bigfoot hunters' in Yellowstone this summer. Yellowstone Gate As unlikely as it might sound, a four-person production crew is ...

Bigfoot got D.B. Cooper and went straight to video | Doubtful News
Doubtful News Sharon Hill
I recall a while back the moment I heard that maybe the D.B. Cooper mystery could be solved with another mystery - Bigfoot. And, here it is. Exclusive

Bigfoot Evidence: Are There Bigfoot in Pennsylvania?
Bigfoot Evidence Matt K.
Pennsylvania Bigfoot Investigations believes so. The group was recently featured in an article where they discussed their history and their research.

HPANWO Voice: Bigfoot Hoaxer Confesses
HPANWO Voice Ben Emlyn-Jones
Case in point: Rick Dyer, the so-called Bigfoot researcher. In 2008 Dyer and his friend Matthew Whitton make the explosive announcement, that they

Bigfoot Evidence: Watch: Squatchers Lounge Podcast with Guest Special Effects Artist Doug ...
... videos the have released so far. Find out just what has some of the biggest names in Bigfoot scrambling to work with them. 7pm PST 10PM EST 3am 

Bigfoot Evidence: Watch: After Hours with Rictor - Episode 21: Bigfoot Researcher Kathy Strain
When Rictor and his co-host Tammy Murray discussed Survivorman: Bigfoot last week with Bigfoot researcher, Kathy Strain, they were in for a big ...

Bigfoot Tracker News: More News From Andrew Clacy
According to Clacy, he honestly believed Rick had a real dead Bigfoot until Andrew was able to squeeze the foot in Daytona. It was at that time Andrew ...

Bigfoot North: Jeff Meldum and Todd Standing | BigfootBlogger.Com
Bigfoot North is a program that discusses the entire gambit on the reality of a species that is yet undiscovered by modern science. Each week a new 

Bigfoot Evidence: Are There Bigfoot in Pennsylvania?
Pennsylvania Bigfoot Investigations believes so. The group was recently featured in an article where they discussed their history and their research

Bigfoot Evidence: Is that actually Bigfoot sitting in the tree?
I don't know about anyone else, but I swear the "Bigfoot" in that tree just moved. Stewart Taylor, who sent in this video, writes, "I captured a video of a ...

NBC News: Rick Dyer's Bigfoot Hoax Revealed | BigfootBlogger.Com
Rick Dyer, the man who claims to have killed Bigfoot not once but twice, and has been traveling around the country with the Rubber suit in a trailer as

Bigfoot Evidence: Watch: After Hours with Rictor - Episode 21: Bigfoot Researcher Kathy Strain
Bigfoot Evidence Shawn
When Rictor and his co-host Tammy Murray discussed Survivorman: Bigfoot last week with Bigfoot researcher, Kathy Strain, they were in for a big 

Rick Dyer's Bigfoot Hank Hoax Netted Thousands In Cash From Victims | Hispanic News Network ...
Hank, Dyer's Bigfoot was just a fake stuff dummy made of polyfoam filled with latex and glued camel hair by prop artist maker Chris Russell from ...

Bigfoot hoax: Building the body
Russell said he heard rumors a few weeks later that Dyer was passing the 'prop' off as the body of an actual Bigfoot creature Dyer claimed to have 

Look at these Prints: East Tennessee Bigfoot Video #1 | BigfootBlogger.Com
Possible Bigfoot track in grass . Sighting less than 24 hrs old . Found less than 1 mile from the new Dyllis Springs School in Roane county Tennessee

Bigfoot hoaxer: 'Nothing wrong with what I'm doing' - Toledo News Now, Breaking News, Weather ...
The Georgia man spent the last two months traveling the southern U.S. with a Bigfoot 'body' made of latex and foam, hyping it as a sideshow attraction,

Group discusses Bigfoot sightings across state
The Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigations' Doug Waller answers audience members' questions Thursday evening regarding a Noble 

Calgary's Bigfoot believer on quest for beast's body
The Calgary man has long made it his business to convince anybody who will listen that Bigfoot is not a myth, but a species of primate that walks on ...

Bigfoot Evidence: This is the worst Bigfoot video I've seen in a while
The background story: "A yeti a sasquatch or some american bigfoot atttacks a child and his mother. See it right now ! You'll not believe yours eyes !

Operation Bigfoot - Spies among the Ranks | The Crypto Crew
The majority of people/researchers in the bigfoot community think that the government do know about Sasquatch and attempt to cover it up for various 

BIGFOOT SIGHTING IN IDAHO 2012 | Paranormal - Before It's News
This is only a recording of a few seconds of Bigfoot crossing the road directly in front of you, but until we get something in high-def, these are amusing 

News Feed - Calgary's Bigfoot Believer On Quest For Beast's Body - Calgary Herald - News ...
Calgary's Bigfoot believer on quest for beast's body. Calgary Herald Standing is now focused on his latest project, a feature documentary film with the ...

BIGFOOT: The Beast of Kentucky: 04/04/14
On April 2 2014 I Thomas Shay received a phone call from a gentleman who lives south of Milton Kentucky who's name he dose not wish to be known

You faked Bigfoot? Uh, we already knew that! - News - Bubblews
As some of you may or may not know, a man in the United States has been travelling around the country with a supposed body of Bigfoot. He told 

News Feed - Bigfoot Hoaxer: 'nothing Wrong With What I'm Doing' - Kpho Phoenix - News Articles ...
Bigfoot hoaxer: 'Nothing wrong with what I'm doing' KPHO Phoenix Rick Dyer has plenty of 'haters', as he calls them. And he loves it. The Georgia ...

Bigfoot Hunter Rick Dyer Confesses Again To Duping The Public
On the left is an early clay model of what would eventually become (at right) Hank the Bigfoot, claimed by hoaxer Rick Dyer to be a real Bigfoot, and

Bigfoot Evidence: Bigfoot Research Group Gives Presentation on Bigfoot Across Ohio
Ohio is a hotbed when it comes to bigfoot. Sightings come in all the time from across the state, and the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot 

Bigfoot Evidence: That Perfect Gift for a Bigfoot Nerd
Bigfoot Evidence Matt K.
Chances are that if you're reading this then you or someone you know is at least interested in the subject of bigfoot. There's also a good chance that 

Bigfoot hoax: Building the body - AmericaNowNews.com
The man who created the Bigfoot body explains how he did it, and why.

Guardian Liberty Voice
Only the saving grace of the Bigfoot-like creature will save them now. In the latest salvo fired by the young woman who accused Jameis Winston of ...  

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