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Thursday, November 29, 2012

ROB AYLING: Fear and Loathing on the way to Area 51

Well sports fans. Its hot hot HOT!! in the city and its also a three day weekend here in the US. I have one more meeting in Vegas before I hit the open road !!!

It's just me, a hire car, a vague map and then nothing, the abyss......

Where shall I go ? Visit the Aliens at Area 51 ? But its a holiday weekend they may have gone back to their home world ? Even Government employee's time off right ? But, sadly Area 51 the US Governments worst kept post cold war secret isn't on the map... Maybe the Feds actually still think no body knows about it ? So shhhhhhhhh you didn't hear here - right kids !!

Well, well, well... What do we have here ? "London Bridge" in red ink, with the map scale and the typography that makes London Bridge about 44 miles long... Hey, I don't need a map to find a bridge 44 miles long !! Or do I ? Maybe I will go there, but I am worried I may get arrested for laughing too much, that anyone would be stupid enough to;

A). Buy a bridge
B). Buy the wrong bridge.
C). My personal favourtie here, ship it to another continent, not just another country, but another FREAKING continent !!

I know I will keep that is reserve, pending me needing a good belly laugh !

Mmmmmm I see "Barstow" ..... "We where only 50 miles outside of Barstow, when the drugs really started to kick in....". Ahhhh Dr Thompson salute you. The American Dream needs you !!

The "Fiscal Cliff" draws closer and all of Wall Street have already bought their Hand Gliders but the man of the street hasn't a clue how its going to screw with him and it isn't his fault.

If the ordinary man has any responsibility for this fiscal head fuck. It lies in believing what our so called "leaders" told him. No one told him it was the Bankers telling our "leaders" what to say.

Well it looks like I need that "Belly Laugh" after all, it the 44 mile bridge for me. As an unexpected visit to Bat Country maybe a bit too much for this road warrior to take.

Until next time.................

Best Wishes,

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