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Saturday, September 08, 2012


Whilst the focus of the CFZ Mystery Cat study group is predominantly the search for proof of the British big cats, it would be unrealistic to forget that this is only part of a global mystery-cat phenomenon.

Here are a selection of mystery cat related stories from around the world.

Big cat 'hunt' derided
Weekly Times Now
"Given that the minister is continuously espousing the virtues of the Coalition Government's fox and wild dog bounty, I think it is only fitting that a bounty be introduced for Victoria's big cats," he said. Mr Helper also said the Government's desktop ...

Big cat and cubs wander in to S.W. Calgary community
MetroNews Canada
Police say they were called in to the southwest community of Lakeview Wednesday morning for reports of a cougar and two cubs wandering the streets. Duty Insp. Paul Stacey said the call came in around 7:30 a.m. when a woman spotted the big cat in the ...

Does Malawi need a study on big wild cats or it's much ado about nothing?
The Maravi Post
“Where the big wild cats existed and continue to exist, they have made very big contribution to the tourist attraction in Malawi's national parks and wildlife reserves such as Kasungu, Liwonde, Lengwe Nyika National Parks, Vwaza, Majete and Nkhotakota ...

The United States really is having problems now as the puma population expands into areas where it has not been seen for decades. What do they do? And how do they cope? Badly, I am afraid, is often (but not always) the case

Wildlife officials prepare to smooth path for panther into Central Florida
But no other state that has prime panther habitat has wanted to take the big cats, and federal and state officials have shied away from trying to relocate any into another part of Florida because of the potential controversy. Now the Florida Fish and ...

Winnetka on lookout for a wayward cougar
Chicago Tribune
But after the most recent sighting of a large cat on the North Shore — this time in Winnetka — a wildlife control specialist on Wednesday installed cameras throughout the community in hopes of confirming its existence. Authorities also sifted the ...

Cougar took down horse, owners say
Joanne Stanley believes a large cat of some kind is responsible for spooking her horses in the early hours of Aug. 26 and that the animal is directly linked to her having to put down her long-time equine companion Lily. “It was 1 a.m. I was in bed and ...

Mountain Lion Possibly Spotted in San Anselmo
One officer, who thought they spotted the big cat near the property, said it looked more like a bobcat or a feral cat, Khalili said. There haven't been many mountain lion sightings reported to the police recently in the Ross Valley, but commenters on ...

The United States should really take a leaf out of India's book. India has a much better record in dealing with their big cats, even those which have attacked people..

Tiger strays into forest area on city outskirts
Times of India
The big cat has killed three cattle belonging to the people living around. Asked if this striped animal has forayed into the jungles on the outskirts of the city from the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary, the official said they were not sure about it. "We ...

Rahmankheraaa 'stray' tiger in search of 'home' in Dudhwa
Times of India
To the extent, it has been an "aloof" existence, so far, for the big cat, wildlife officials said added that the tiger was radio-collared before being released in the wild, as it had ventured out of the forest and strayed into the city. "In such a case ...

Watch, learn, save the tiger
Times of India
In his Kannada documentary, 'Hsuli Suva Daari' (Truth About Tiger), filmmaker Shekhar Dattatri talks about the big cats disappearing at an alarming rate. As per government estimates in 2011, there were less than 1,700 tigers left in the country. The 40 ...

Van Vihar awaits nod for tigress from Jaipur
Times of India
BHOPAL: Van Vihar National Park cum zoo authorities is waiting for green signal from the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) to bring a tigress from Jaipur to revive big cat population in the sanctuary here. "Under animal exchange programme we have plan to ...

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