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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Minne Lake Monster 1
Minne the lake monster from Minneapolis, Minn.

This is one lake monster that knows a thing or two about self-promotion -- it uses Twitter and Facebook to let people know where it's going to show up.

Say hello to Minne, the Minneapolis version of the Loch Ness Monster. Sort of.

With summer not too far off, a yearly phenomenon is rearing its long slimy neck out of several Minneapolis area lakes. And it looks remarkably like a famous 1934 photo of what is said to be Scotland's legendary Loch Ness Monster.

But Minne -- sorry to deflate all true monster believers everywhere -- is, in fact, a work of art that made its first appearance in Lake Harriet back in 2009, according to WCCO-TV.

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Anonymous said...

Jon: I grew up across the street from one of the lakes this Minne monster has appeared in -- as the motto of Minneapolis is the "city of lakes" and there is a chain of lakes right in the city.

O.K. but here's the skinny -- I took to fishing everyday on my own as a kid on this lake. My mom told me that a monster did live in the lake -- I think she called it Walter based on the Golden Pond movie fish monster. Anyway I would go into fish trance -- well too young to know what it was. We had lots of critters at that time -- crawdads, a real monster snapping turtle that had a reward if anyone captured it, muskrats, etc.

So then when the go-go 80s kicked in a la Reagan's corporate-state welfare fascism, gradually I saw the lake ecology whither and die to be taken over by a massive killer weed explosion. So bad did this eutrophication kill the ecology that a monster weed wacker machine traveled the lake to cut up the weeds. No more turtles, crayfish or muskrats. Also I had eaten the fish as a kid but now realized anyone getting into the water got some crazy rash and the fish were advised against eating.

O.K. around this time my mom said the future would be environmental activism and through Sting I learn how the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed and then I go deep into radical environmental activism for the rest of my life. So ironically the city of Minneapolis and the state decide to put a highway expansion with light rail transit through the last "Big Woods" original maple-basswood forest.

O.K. here's where things get strange -- in 1995 I attended qigong master Effie P. Chow's amazing electromagnetic healing presentation. She blew the fuse in the room behind us at the University -- and then in 1996 I went to San Francisco where she lived -- to get more qigong details. Anyway in 1995 I was an Earth First! activist with the FBI tapping my phone and I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream more real and vivid than my waking vision!! I dreamt of my Earth First friends standing with Native Americans on the roof of a house, holding a banner to protect a wooded area.

So I wrote my dream down and wrote that I thought the dream would come true! Then three years later is when the city announced it was going to cut down the last Big Woods remnant in an area sacred to the Native Americans. My friends created an encampment called the Minnehaha Free State that was then raided by the largest militarized cop raid in Minnesota history. Anyway I saw a photo from the newspaper of my friends on the roof of a house with Native American activists holding a banner to protect the wooded area. Suddenly I got a strange feeling and found my old journal and realized my dream from three years earlier had come true in specific detail.

There is a monster in Minneapolis because then the city decided to spend $50 million to restore the ecology of the city lakes. Now since as a kid I grew up knowing better than anyone else the ecology -- I was there everyday in a trance fishing -- I saw how their yuppie war money planting native trees and wetlands still did not return the crawfish, muskrat and turtles. haha. But clearcutting a sacred forest is still considered progress. Amazingly the monster is "synthetic ecology" promoted at Oxford by Richard Dawkins, and the ecofascists in Minnesota like Cargill destroying the Amazon - Cargill is the world's largest private corporation controlling the food supply in 100 countries through massive CIA satellite collaboration and tax welfare.

Ah but Minneapolis prides itself on its quaint yuppie image called "Minnesota Nice." That's eco-fascism and eco-porn. Minnie the monster definitely lurks in Minneapolis.

fulllotus said...

Jon -- I posted my comment on my blog with hyper-text links. http://fulllotusqigong.blogspot.com/2012/04/my-fortean-take-on-minnie-minneapolis.html