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Thursday, April 12, 2012


In a report filed last April with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Association, a man says he doesn’t know what he saw but that it shouldn’t have been there. “I have never told my story due to I feel people will not believe me,” he wrote. While spring turkey hunting back in 2007, he set up on roosted birds as any turkey hunter might. One bird gobbled and he heard something off in the distance:

It continued to get louder. I soon realized the sound I was hearing was coming from up the valley in the direction I could not see. The turkeys in their roost next to me stopped gobbling and remained silent. A few moments later the forest was becoming fairly bright and I could see most everything around me. All of the birds roosted in the tree flew down and hit the forest floor running . . .

As soon as the birds were out of sight the noise began again . . .

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1 comment:

Dan said...

Look at this report from the point of view of the Bigfoot. There it is, mooching along in the middle of nowhere and thinking perhaps of a nice turkey for breakfast, when it gets the strangest feeling of being watched. It looks up the hill, and there's another of these weird not-bigfoot animals it occasionally encounters.

These things are weird; truly, amazingly strange and alien. They either smell weirdly wrong, or they don't smell at all. They seem to change appearances very very fast indeed, so even if you're certain that you're seeing the same one twice, they don't look the same. They don't act right, they ignore all the social niceties and despite being small enough to be juveniles they have absolutely no respect for their elders and betters (generally in ape society, bigger is higher status).

This one has one of the strange stick-like tool these weird not-bigfoot things use. This is extremely bad news, since this particular bigfoot and others have encountered these things before. They can kill invisibly at a long distance and they make very loud, frightening noises. The not-bigfoot things aren't shy at using them, either, which makes these animals really, really bad news if you're a bigfoot.

Just as well these not-bigfoot animals seem half-blind with lousy hearing, a non-existent sense of smell and altogether terrible stealth. Most of the time, this particular bigfoot can hear these animals coming and get clear, but every so often, like now, he slips up. One thing is for certain; he'll be staying off the turkeys for a while.