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Friday, September 02, 2011

DALE DRINNON: Tarantulas and Atlantis

Three new postings for the second of the month:

A news story just posted at the Frontiers of Zoology group just made it onto the blog:

I have finally decided to go ahead and run the English translation of Gunther Bischoff's comments on the Northern Atlantis theory of Jurgen Spanuth:

(even though it is not especially polished, it is mostly readable)
And I have posted a note on my own views, comments and amendments on Bischoff's articles in an appended note of my own, just to make my stance on the subject clear:

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1 comment:

Dale Drinnon said...

jon, you are not really conveying the import of my blogs when you say "Dale is writing about Atlantis" when Dale is dealing with the Northern Bronze Age Theory of Jurgen Spanuth, which sitates Atlantis at the bottom of the Noth Sea during the Bronze Age and ending because of the impact of a celestial body remembered in mythology as the Wild Ride of Phaethon. There are sebveral things I am trying to determine and demonstrate here, among them are: Yes, Phaethon was a legitimate event and can be connected to records of forest fires and intense heat in Northern Europe at the time: yes, the Peoples of the Sea seem to have been dislodged from Megalithic Europe by the Phaethon Incident and yes they were a multinational alliance out of ALL of Megalthic Europe (so Tartessos and Megalithic Ireland were inhabited by "Atlanteans" at this time and were also part of this same movement, the Irish populations being named also as the Tuatha DeDanaan); And NO, this international brotherhood or "Ten Kingdoms of Atlantis" according to Spanuth and Bischoff WAS NOT the same as the Atlantis of Plato, but was the remnant of their descendants or "Empire of Atlantis" if you will. The matter seems clear enough to me, I just need to lay the groundwork to show how that scenario can come out of the same data.
Colin Wilson had said that Atlantis was "A real possibility as the original home to the Megalithic culture and where they developed their skills"

An earlier blog you also said was "About Atlantis" was entitled as "Megalithic Rememberances of the Flood" and was chiefly concerned with evidence of the "Clovis Comet" and the Carolina bays. The INITIAL piece of evidence in that was a small standing stone which was interpreted at another site as a map of the North Atlantic and an illustration of a comet falling into it. That is a completely different scenario and deals with a completely different set of evidence for a completely different event. It has something to do with Andrew Collins insytead. And, be it known, I also intend to deal with the evidenc that a fall of large meteorites into the Western Indian Ocean is associated with flooding in Mesopotamia at about 2800-3000 BC and the origin of yet another set of Flood myths which will also be quite a diffent thing. I DO also consider that together these three events are the best-represented and most easily defensible instances of cometary collision in the last several thousand years.(None of these events lines up specifically with any of Velikovsky's dates or projected catastrophes, either)

So you see there are a lot of subjects being covered in these posts and all you say is "Dale is writing about Atlantis again" which is about analogous to say of my Fronteirs of Zoology postings "Dale is writing about some kind of fish or another, ho-hum"

Thank you for posting my links, it does do me a lot of good. But it just seems to me that you're not really paying me any attention out here. Best Wishes, Dale D.